Tuesday, January 16, 2018

What is Morally and Politically Correct

I have tried all day to find something good, positive, or useful about Democrats and Liberals. The only thing I can figure out is it is a good thing for America there are not more of them.
The Democrat Party pretty much invented Racism. They fought tooth and nail, kicking, screaming and cursing while only Republicans fought for Civil Rights for Blacks. Not one single Democrat voted to end segregation and discrimination. When LBJ was forced to concede that the Republican Congress had the votes to change the tide of discrimination he turned the issue around to make it look like it was his idea. He said, (and this is a quote), : I'll have those Niggers voting for Democrats for decades". (LBJ's Words).
What else can I say? Democrats in their very Platform say they want to Murder as many babies as possible. This started as an effort by KKK member Margaret Sanger, (the founder of Planned Parenthood), to, "wipe out the Black Race via abortion centers". No wonder they have tried during several conventions of late to erase all mention of God out of their Platform, to the point of God actually being Booed and Shouted down on TV during convention activities. When the Jim Crow Laws, Segregation, and KKK tactics became embarrassing, they went undercover and got even more nasty in their tactics. We have Blue Dog Democrats, Yellow Dog Democrats, Dead Dog Democrats and whinnying, whining, stubborn, crybaby Mules resisting any effort to Make America Great. Now we have the Pro-Communist Thug Organization Antifa and millions of individual Snowflakes Protesting everything our President is doing to improve out Country.
They have a buzz word Tolerance, but never in all history has a bunch of political idiots been less tolerant of Christian Values, Ethics, Morals, Values, and Qualities like Hard Work and Patriotism.
Not just the Democrat National Committee, but the heads of many Government Departments have willingly made themselves part of an Obama-led Shadow Coup Group in a direct effort to overthrow our Republic and destroy our Constitution. The National Leftist Media is also involved as are dozens of Left Wing Radical Federal Judges Appointed by Obama. No Lie has been to large or heinous. No dirty trick too dirty or too nasty for this group. When you are void of Morals and Ethics and when you have erased all things Godly from your mind and heart; in other words when you have sold out to Satan anything goes.
No Leader in America has ever been more divisive than has been Obama; No Party more than this evil Democrat one; No Media more than this one now actively complicit in The DNC's and Obama's attempted Coup of our Great Country.
You ought to be Mad my fellow Patriots. You ought to be very Mad. We must stamp out this Mental Disorder of Liberalism.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Do You Ever Walk With God?

          God the Father is a Spirit the Bible tells us and as a Spirit we can’t see Him walking beside us. But the Bible also says God is a Triune God: God the Father, God the Son (walking talking Son), and God the Holy Spirit. God the Father sits on His Throne; God the Son was and is the Creator who spoke a Word and flung the stars into existence and created any and/or all Universes that may be and all the galaxies many of which we may not even see with our most advanced telescopes; God the Holy Spirit, the Power that once Resurrected Jesus from the tomb, is now poured out giving power to individual Christians through the methodology of indwelling them Spiritually, (coming into our hearts). You as a Christian have a little piece of the Old Testament Shakina Glory and Power living inside you as part of your New Testament Covenant.
          God longs to walk and talk to us on an individual basis. How do I know this? The Bible says so several times in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament. God walked with Adam in the cool of the evening. He was disappointed to find he and Eve hiding in the bushes feeling naked. Modern-day Christian hide too; in the bushes, in their pews, at their jobs, even in their Mission Fields. It is easier to hide than admit our shortcomings and come out and walk and talk beside him.

          We make fun of Christians who say they talk with God one on one like Jessie Duplantis. Jessie has found out Who God Is, What He Is about, and What He expects, at least of Jessie himself. We make fun of the Christians who Preach on street corners, raise their hands, shout, and presume to talk in foreign tongues. We make fun of Christians who sacrifice things like time at the lake summer weekends to spend their own money on Mission Trips to do Dental Work or Build Wells in dusty villages in foreign countries. We want the easy kind of Christianity. We want to go to Church on Sunday where our favorite parking spot is waiting, be greeted by our favorite (and only our favorite) friends, and heaven forbid anyone is sitting in our favorite pew. We want the song leader to select our favorite hymns, and the Preacher to finish speaking in time to be first in line at our favorite restaurant. But is that walking with God? Isn’t that just going through the motions? Just an act?

          How do you know people are supposed to Walk With God Larry? Again, the Bible says so, over and over.

Genesis 5:22-24
22  and Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and begat sons and daughters:
23  and all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years:
24  and Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.

          God took him? The walk and the talk were going so good that Jesus let Enoch walk right into the Throne Room with Him. Neither Enoch nor God wanted to stop walking and talking together. They just kept on Walking and Talking. Enoch was enjoying Jesus’ company enough that he walked off and left his Family, Jesus was enjoying Enoch’s company so much that he forgave the curse for Adam’s sin and allowed Enoch to escape (at least temporarily) his earthly death. Many believe Enoch will be one of the two Prophets spoken of in Revelation. If so the entire world will see Enoch die on a live broadcast on every cell phone, TV, video screen, and computer. That technology has never been possible until this very generation. Jesus’ Second Coming could be any day now. Now the entire world can witness the two Prophets dying and coming to life again simultaneously on all the news channels and their own cell phones.
Revelation 11:7-12
7 And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that cometh up out of the abyss shall make war with them, and overcome them, and kill them.
8 And their dead bodies lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified.
9 And from among the peoples and tribes and tongues and nations do men look upon their dead bodies three days and a half, and suffer not their dead bodies to be laid in a tomb.
10 And they that dwell on the earth rejoice over them, and make merry; and they shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwell on the earth.
11 And after the three days and a half the breath of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them that beheld them.
12 And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they went up into heaven in the cloud; and their enemies beheld them.

          Enoch knows Jesus well. He will be an effective Witness for God’s Purposes in those very last days. He has walked and talked with the Lord all these years getting ready. Are you Ready?

Friday, December 22, 2017

Air Force One

      I watched Air Force One take off this morning carrying Our President Donald J. Trump to Mara logo, Florida after the signing of the new Tax Bill. As I watched the plane climb, I began to pray for this Great President and thank God for giving him to America. Donald J. Trump is truly the greatest President America has been privileged to elect since Abraham Lincoln. Even the loudest naysayers will soon realize what a Godsend President Trump is to all the People. Soon we will all see the effects of Making America Greater than she has ever been before. We will see the respect of other World Leaders despite the angry, anti-sematic, and ungodly United Nations Resolution. We knew the U.N. was not our friend and the vote was no surprise. All the U.N wants from America is for us to supply rent free Offices, do all the work and planning defending Europe, and pay all the U.N. Bills no one else is willing to man up for.
      Yes, God has once again Blessed America with a truly Great and Caring President. He has remained humble, even though deeply hurt, by all the Lies and Fake News he has had to endure from the biased Lame Stream Media. He is obviously the hardest working President in many, many years. No Presidency has been more troubled and difficult to manage since the Trumann Administration ending WWII. No President has done more and received so little credit for it as did Trump in the first 11 months of his Administration. Morals and Ethics have also been restored to the Whitehouse after a complete 8-year void. We went from a feckless, inept, dishonest, and lazy leader, to a tireless Statesman and true World Leader. Thank You Lord for Donald J. Trump and may You continue to Bless America with more like him.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Liberal Media Hit Pieces and Fake Polls

     I get so angry when I see the Liberal Media Lying and trying to skew their readers Opinion of Donald J. Trump. Clearly President Trump is the most Presidential occupant of the Oval Office in many decades. Clearly President Trump is getting more done, more changes made, more results than any President since Lincoln. Yet ABC News this morning had a Hit Piece by their “Hot Shot” director of Polling Gary Langer, (remember that name), Langer. The Gary Langer of Langer Associates.
     Now Journalists, Responsible Journalists anyway, don’t use their own research to emphasize a point. Journalists are taught to go out and find independent Research whether it reflects well on their private opinions or not, and report only on the data. Not skew the data to add support to their Opinion.
      This was not Mr. Langer’s methodology. There was nothing Journalist, Objective, Balanced or Fair about Mr. Langer’s Hit Piece on Donald J. Trump. Clearly not reporting the issues or the facts, Mr. Langer skewed the facts to blatantly machine gun the President in the Back with carefully manipulated Fake Polls; Polls intentionally devised with carefully designed Questions to make said polls come out in the worst possible light against the President. He sent his associates out to create Poll figures to make Donald J. Trump look bad.
      If one can read the entire article without throwing up their breakfast; the Poll turns out to be only 1,025 “randomly selected people”. Careful wording to be certain. “selected” to reflect the purposes of the Author of the Hit Piece. “selected” to reflect the Opinion Mr. Langer wanted to leave his audience with. These 1,025 people have been polled many times. They are well known to Mr. Langer’s, Langer Associates. First the Poll, as always was heavily weighted to make sure more democrats and liberal leaning independents by far were represented than those of any GOP or Conservative leaning participants that might be allowed to express their opinion. Then the questions were carefully worded so anyone answering the Poll would inadvertently respond negatively toward their opinion of Mr. Trump.

      Even though the Stock Market is surging with Confidence in President Trump’s Policies, Even though the world is resetting their thinking in regard to World Politics based on the new Strength and Resolve seen in American Leadership under Trump, Even though Economies all over the Globe are thriving in the results of Trump’s Leadership Style and Class, Even though Pundits on both sides of the isle are touting Trump’s Positive Accomplishments, Even though all these positive results are visible to world leaders, the poll comes out saying exactly the opposite.
      I have been saying for months that Journalism, as I studied it at least, is dead and gone. My old Professor Dr. Plunkett is tossing and turning in his grave, wondering what happened to the Journalistic Principles and Precepts he carefully pounded into his Students heads. Mr. Langer either never studied Journalism, or deliberately tossed all Journalistic Precepts aside in the heap of debris including any perceived objectivity.
      If you get your news from ABC, may God have Pity on your Poor Perception of Facts. You may not have a single fact at your disposal based on their reporting alone. Everything you have heard from ABC since the Election has been totally biased and skewed. Fake News indeed.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

  Make no Mistake, Jihadism is Insanity

      Yes, Jihadism is a form of Insanity. Always has been. It is the result of a Pagan, False Religion founded by a proven Madman and Pedophile. Mohammed was a Slave Trader, a Murderer, a Child Rapist (both male and female children were victimized), both women and adolescent men were kept as Sex Slaves for rape and/or Sodomy, while even Animal Sex was allowed in this man’s Evil Life of Crime. Mohammed was a man totally void of any moral character, a man with no ethical values, a man out to get his every wish with no regard to any other person’s wishes or good will or personal intentions.
      Islam’s founding document itself is a Lie, from cover to cover. There is no Allah. God had nothing to do with the Evil Koran, and God’s Name has never been Allah. Allah is a pagan name for a Bedouin/Canaanite Moon God worshiped by Mohammed’s own Father and for centuries before Mohammed took and further corrupted the cult’s name. The Koran is a book to fulfil its author’s Hate and multiple sins, and make Mohammed’s Sin sound somehow more “Logical” to the reader, even though most cult followers have never read the contents, relying on a slightly more literate Imam to interpret the Evil Contents at a Mosque created to indoctrinate illiterate converts herded into their allegiance to the Terrorist Cult Lifestyle.

      No, Mohammed was indeed a Madman not a Prophet of any God save Satan. He was most probably, even by his own supposed quotes, possessed by Evil Demons, perhaps at times indwelled by Satan Himself. Mohammed knew it seems he was Possessed by Demons. It was his Wife who told him, nay convinced him, it was a Bedouin “god” talking in his mind, and not just the Demonic Rambling and guttural foolishness of a Madman. For Power and Selfishness, the two seized on creating a mythical Bedouin “god” to command others to follow orders no sane man or woman could fathom. Giving them Power to command a new Nation, a Nation Satan could use to destroy any community wishing to follow and Worship the One True God YHWH. Insanity indeed! The insanity of the Devil Himself, funneled through an unprincipled man intent on conquering the entire World as he knew it. This is the true foundation of Islam. Power for Satan to Destroy his foe, the one True God YHWH. Power for Lucifer, cast out of Heaven, to regain Heavenly Authority, and destroy Judaism and Christianity. To keep the world from Following a path to the One True God by installing a Fake, an Imposter.

      Let me interject something here for the person beginning to be converted to this Insanity called Jihadism. You cannot go to Heaven by worshiping the False god Allah. You don’t get 72 Virgins; no one does; you don’t even get one virgin. When you die for Allah, you Die to all your dreams and what you have hoped for. You die, condemned to a Satan’s Hell. You gain only Eternal Torment, pain, loneliness, emptiness, and separation from the One True God for all eternity. Complete, total, abject, Failure and emptiness.  There is not one benefit from a life devoted to Allah because Allah does not exist. You have wasted away your entire life.
      Satan wants you to waste your life. Fooling you is the only way Satan has conjured up to spoil God’s Plan for Mankind. God wants you to be free, free to find Salvation, free to benefit from God’s Salvation Plan, free to gain entry to the Real Heaven.  Not with selfish goals like 72 virgins, but with something much better, sinless perfection and a Personal Relationship with the Creator Himself. Yes, Eternal Fellowship with God Himself.       You don’t have to be fooled by Jihadism. It is all a Lie. But God has a better plan. You can be Grafted in to God’s Family. Yes, you, even you can become a Child of the Living God, Child an heir to all God’s Blessings. The Creator can become closer than your own earthly Brother, He wants to be your Father, Your Brother, and Your Best Friend Ever. Once you accept Him, He will never leave you, Every Promise in the Bible is yours. Heaven and Eternal Life is yours. It is all that simple. Just believe and allow Jesus to become your Personal Savior and Lord of your Life. A Life based on Love, not the Hate of Jihadism. The Love of a Creator who Loved His Creation enough to Die on a Cross so all men could be drawn unto Him, Who’s Blood washed each Believer White as Snow.
      So Chose Today. Chose the Hate and Evil of Islam, or Chose the Love and New Beginning of Salvation through Jesus. Jesus is not just a Prophet and a Good Man, Jesus is the Creator, the Savion, the Prince of Peace, and the Everlasting Father who found a way to Come to Earth as a Man and offer Himself an everlasting Sacrifice for you and me so we wouldn’t have to Suffer Hell with Satan and his fallen angels.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

      If you didn't think all this time that Russia was eager to influence BOTH SIDES of the 2016 Elections as well as elections in Europe; welcome to the 21st Century. The Question is NOT who did the Russians try to influence, the question is which Candidates were willing to listen. Clearly @HillaryClinton and the Clinton Foundation were out for every Dollar they could get. Hungry for Pay to Play, eager to sell out America, Greedy for every penny they could generate, hook or crook ...did not matter, only ruthless greed.
       Not Trump. He ran despite all the money it cost him. He ran because he didn't see a Candidate who was willing and able to Drain the Swamp, end corruption in Washington, D.C., change the way crooked politics was taking our Republic.
       I know the average American can't see Trump's Logic, much less his Patriotism and Extreme Love for America and the Capitalist System that built our Great Country. Trump is a much more simple man than even he wants to admit. His motives are worn proudly on his shirt sleeves. He has rolled up those sleeves to save America and the American Dream.
No Russia tried successfully to influence Hillary, but they were unsuccessful with Donald J. Trump. But Hillary did not lose because of the Russians, she lost because of prayer, and the Silent Christian Majority getting up off their pews and into the voting booths across America. Satan doesn't like it. LGTBQ groups don't like it. Communists don't like it, but Hillary lost because she was a corrupt old drunk, a person not to be trusted, a greedy money hole, and a totally unqualified hack.
       And Trump didn't win because the Russians backed him, he won because the American People did. The Media is not to be trusted. Journalism as I studied it is dead. Dead and gone. The National Media is too corrupt to be trusted, they sold out just like Hillary did, now they are trying to cover their tracks and look holy and just when they are anything but. Yes we need Russia exposed, but we also need the Evil Democrat party and the Media exposed, all three are working for Satan.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lord Help Me Jesus

      If you are one of those people who say they don't need Jesus or the Church, then you probably need Jesus more than anyone I'll talk to today. We all need a closer relationship with the Creator. The trouble is most Church Members don't really know who Jesus is. Many still think Jesus was a little baby born in Bethlehem; without ever realizing He is the Everlasting Father, Isaiah 9:6 (KJV) 6  For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. 
 and the Creator, John 1:1-3 (KJV) 1
 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2  The same was in the beginning with God. 3  All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
      These Baby Christians sit in a pew for years and years, never understanding the depth of what Jesus did for them on the Cross, or the level of Sacrifice needed from The Mighty God it took to devise this Plan of Salvation, a plan that not only Saved the Entire World, but me as an individual. They sing, "oh how I Love Jesus", but never understand what His Redeeming Love entailed.
      A Song came to mind this morning: Lord Help me Jesus, by Kris Kristofferson, it goes:

Why me Lord
What have I ever done
To deserve even one
Of the blessings I've known
Why me Lord
What did I ever do
That was worth love from you
And the kindness you've shown

Lord help me, Jesus
I've wasted it so
Help me, Jesus
I know what I am
Now that I know
That I've needed you so
Help me, Jesus
My soul's in your hand

Try me Lord
If you think there's a way
That I can repay
What I've taken from you
Maybe Lord
I can show someone else
What I've

Try me Lord
If you think there's a way
That I can repay
What I've taken from you
Maybe Lord
I can show someone else
What I've been through myself
On my way back to you

Lord help me, Jesus
I've wasted it so
Help me, Jesus
I know what I am
Now that I know
That I've needed you so
Help me, Jesus
My soul's in your hand
My soul's in your hand

This song is a prayer! You can use it to Know Who Jesus Is, what He can do in your Life, how you can have a Personal Relationship with the Creator. Sing it, believe it, use it as your Personal Prayer.