Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Good Guys vs. the Bad Guys

Just a brief comparison between Liberals and Conservatives. I grew up at a time when we watched Western Movies. The good guys wore White Hats. Everyone who wore a Black Hat and/or a MASK was a Bad Guy with the exception of the Lone Ranger.
I have received dozens and dozens of Compliments on my red Make America Great Again Hat. I wear it Proudly, I fly the American Flag, I actually still move my lips and help recite the Pledge of Allegiance, I remove my hat and place my hand over my heart when our Flag is presented. I am a Peaceful Citizen. My Point? I say Conservatives are Patriotic and Respectful.
On the contrary, Liberals are wearing black hoodies, masks, clown faces, and bandanas; too ASHAMED of their Actions to show their Faces, Law Breakers hiding from the Police, out to do Evil not Good. There is a long history of wearing Masks in the Democrat Party, the KKK was their first Terrorist Organization. The Democrats fought tooth and nail against Racial Equality, against Black Voting rights, they wrote the Jim Crow Laws, our own Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus was one of the most Racist Figures in American History; yet the Left wants to lay the name "Racist", on the right where it has never belonged. Hooded BLM thugs are the most Racist Citizenry in America today, leaders like Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan are equally at fault. At Berkley Pampered little babies who have never had to get out and work wear the Black Hoodies. They cover their baby faces with black masks and bandanas, pull their hoods over their heads, start fires, throw bricks through windows, and why? To violate the Constitution and Prevent someone's free speech. Why? Because they are cowards, afraid to hear the Truth. They need a Safe Zone where their ears will not be subject to anything True or Logical or God Forbid, Spiritual and Edifying.
Our Leftist Society puts letters together in sometimes clever acronyms; we had Occupy Wall Street, OWS, for a while to Protest making money. Yes to fight people making it in the Business World, creating Jobs for others, and boosting the entire Economy. We've had the ACLU protecting everything from Pornography to outright Murder for years now. If the ACLU is for it, it has to be wrong and Bad for America. The Right had to initiate its own organization ACLJ, American Center for Law and Justice, to counter the Injustice of the ACLU.
Now Obama and 32,000 or so disgruntled, seditionists and Traitors have formed the OFA "Dark Shadow Government" with the sole intended purpose of Destroying our Constitution and thus our Republic, and more specifically disrupting anything good they see being done by the Legitimate Trump Administration. Obama still has the same Chief of Staff, Iranian Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett moved right in to the same walled and fortified house as our Tyrannical Ex President. With a $40 Million annual budget ant tied to Former Nazi George Soros and his Evil Slush Fund they are Openly Out to Get Donald Trump and take over the Country in the Bargain.
There is a big difference in the Peaceful well meaning Conservatives and the Hate-Filled, vitriol-spewing, anti-American Leftists. it is time for the Left to Repent and Reform. Time to think for a change, Time to change. Get yourself a Trump hat or your own White Hat if you don't yet endorse Trump,(You'll proudly endorse him after his 8 years in office, Fly the Flag Proudly, reassert the Pledge of Allegiance, say a little Prayer for America, Pray that Congress will wake up, get together, and all work to Make America Great Again.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Americans, Americans, Americans

      Americans, WE have to Unite Again into The United States. As a Fiscal Conservative and a Fundamentalist Christian I try every day to Educate the Left. I Love all People, and I know they have been schooled by Politicians, Union Leaders, well-meaning Environmental Groups, Socialists, and even Communists, and Millennials have had their Education Corrupted by Common Core which is in face Communist Indoctrination. They have been misled by the Lamestream Media and George Soros funded Media Matters. They actually believe in their Anti-Capitalist rhetoric propaganda, not understanding it was Capitalism that built the Railroads, Ford, Chrysler, GM, GE, the Airline Industry, ATT, ah yes, and Cell Phones, they are a product of Capitalism. Pure old greedy Capitalism where a smart, hard working investor can build a product and produce his own individual fortune, and every time he spends money, we all benefit. It doesn't trickle down, that is a misnomer, it floods down prosperity. Prosperity is what we are building today via the Trump Administration. Good Old Fashioned Capitalism is making a come back, and every American Citizen will benefit. Bernie Sanders is DEAD WRONG about Everything he believes. He complains about Rich People getting rich, yet he has amassed his fortune, (yes he is rich enough to be considered rich by his own standards), off the backs of American Taxpayers and through under the table bribes from Lobbyists. He is playing you if you are a Leftist who believes in him.
      I make some people, a few, angry because I tell the Truth as I understand it about Politics, Economics, yes and even the Church and Christianity. I studied Biology and I know this Global Warming Garbage is a bunch of Bunk, and re-doctored-doctored Data by sold out compromising "Scientists" who are void of ethics. I studied Journalism and I know 90% of Journalism is worse than Fake, worse because it is Evil, Contriving, lying, deceptive, and prejudiced against Trump. Not because he is doing anything at all wrong, much less illegal, ( that would be Journalism), no they write and say these things because they are angry The Conservative Silent Majority came out and took away the Democrats Golden Goose.(lobbying, graft, bribery, and dirty backroom deals). They are so misinformed they don't want to Make America Great Again, they want food stamps instead of Jobs. Think America, support our President, he is doing a Hell of a Good Job in every area. He wakes up every morning looking for something Big to do for you and I. Relish it, enjoy it, we are fortunate to have he and Mike Pence.
       I studied the Bible, and I know our Creator expects better from us than this. We need to love, (and educate) our Brothers and Sisters. Both facets are covered throughout the Bible and specifically in Jesus's Teachings and Paul's in the New Testament. We Owe it to the One who Died for Our Sins to do better than this.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

What Kind of Bozo?

      Fellow Americans, What kind of Bozo doesn’t want to “Make America Great Again”? This is a Question which Every Single American surely needs to ask his or herself. What in Heaven’s Name can be wrong with improving the Economy, creating more Jobs, Bringing Thousands of Manufacturing back to America, having a secure Border and making sure immigrants are top notch workers with expert skills that are actually needed in our workforce?

      Everybody seems to agree that America was great until the Bust in 2006-2007. The United States housing bubble was a real estate bubble affecting over half of the U.S. states. Housing prices peaked in early 2006, started to decline in 2006 and 2007, and reached new lows in 2012. What caused the Bubble? Bill Clinton did. While the Economic Collapse is commonly attributed to Bush, because it was on his watch as President, Bush had very little to do with or very negligible effect on what was inevitably going to happen anyway.       Bill Clinton had a vision where even the poor could own their own housing, nothing wrong with that except somebody eventually has to pay for the home. Clinton pushed through legislation that forced Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Banks to Loan money for homes, even to people that clearly had no way to pay for them. A really DUMB idea because it was a Bubble Bound to Burst Sooner rather than later. The Bubble Burst on Bush’s watch, not Bush’s fault at all, it wasn’t his Bubble just his Problem.       Then along comes Barack Hussein Obama. He did a lot of complaining about the mess he had been dealt. Again, he was dealt it by his fellow Democrats; but Democrats were quick to shift the blame to Bush. Obama did NOTHING but make the situation worse. He played Golf (very poorly by the way) and bailed out the Banks (the ones at fault) which had shuffled loans they knew would never be paid off, and traded them to other Banks in Bundles of Dynamite Debt they knew were worthless.       Then Obama Bailed Out the Auto Industry, the Auto Industry that was building cars no one wanted, because the out of control Obama EPA was dictating small cars when the Public was obviously still wanting big gas guzzlers. So, who bought the huge overstocked inventory of funny little EPA dictated cars? The Taxpayers did. The Taxpayers shouldered all the burden. Not the at fault Banks, not the at fault Auto Makers. Obama let Chrysler sell out to European Manufacturers and we lost a third of another industry overseas; Ford, bless their hearts, at least turned down the bailout and cinched up their own belt like they should have, but the American Taxpayer bailed out General Motors and a host of Crooked Bankers. All Bush’s fault if you listened to the callus Democrats stuffing more dollars in their own vest pockets. All the while Obama’s Golf game never improved though the costs for his Family Vacations put a strain on the National Debt all on their own.        We had what effectively amounted to Zero Job Growth all eight years of the Obama Administration, Obamacare added to the dismal nightly news with Business after Business cutting hours below the legal full time threshold so they would no longer have to provide Employer Health Insurance. Obamacare created thousands of part time jobs with Zero Benefits, and less job security. People having to work 3 jobs to make do helped Obama’s Job Creation Data by being counted 3 times for what would have been 1 Forty Hour a Week Job under the Bush Administration. Job Data was falsified beyond any semblance of being truthful data. The Unemployment Rate was touted to be 4.7% when the Real Unemployment Rate was clearly over 12%, perhaps as high as 15%. Black Unemployment remained at around 22% throughout Obama’s 2 terms.

      Then The Silent Majority, mostly Christians who hadn’t voted for 8 or 10 years, fed up with Feckless Politics stepped up to the plate in the Voting Booth and Elected Donald J. Trump. In Donald J. Trumps first 100 days we have already had a dramatic turn around. Companies are fighting to see who can bring the most manufacturing jobs back to America. Companies like Boeing, Caterpillar, U.S. Steel, Alcoa, Arconic, Nucor, Intel, John Deere ……., the list goes on, are surging in the Stock Market since Trump’s election. The Stock Surge has earned the Title “the Trump Effect”. The Promise of less invasive EPA Regulation, lower Taxes, Tax Reform, and overhaul of the Disastrous Obamacare Nightmare continue to spur Economic Growth and Excitement.

      Today I watched President Trump Make by far the single Greatest Compact with Muslim Leaders in the Middle East since the end of WWII. Truly the History of the World was changed for the better in One Single Trip to Saudi Arabia. No more of the Wimpy Apology Tour Politics of the Obama Administration. We saw a Truly Presidential Figure greeted with Grandeur and Respect by every Islamic Leader of the Region with the exception of Iran’s Henchmen. They slapped ISIS in the Face and called for their very souls to be damned. No imaginary Red Line there.

      Patriots, we are Making America Great again. It is happening as I speak, it is getting better every single day. What a Great President we have elected. Happy Days will soon be here again if you look for them and ignore the Fake News Media Nay Sayers whose sole objective is to derail the Speeding Trump Train with lies and rumors. There is Power in Media Journalism these days, and all too many of the Mainstream Clowns care nothing about Journalistic Principles and Ethics as long as their Story is First and Biggest. I watch Fox Business and Fox and Friends; Eric Boling is good, so is Sean Hannity but watch out for Chris Wallace and some of the other Commentators on Fox some are Liberals working for the Gotcha Squad whose only interest is to cast doubt on Trump. Never trust a Liberal. Liberalism is a Brain Disorder.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Larry's Online Jail Ministry: Christians Don't Call themselves Democrats

Larry's Online Jail Ministry: Christians Don't Call themselves Democrats:       Now that I am Disabled, my wife Vera has to lay out my shirts. I can no longer reach up from my wheelchair into the closet or the top ...

Christians Don't Call themselves Democrats

      Now that I am Disabled, my wife Vera has to lay out my shirts. I can no longer reach up from my wheelchair into the closet or the top drawer of a dresser. I am reliant on her to pick out a pair of slacks and a shirt that will match.
      All too many self-proclaimed Christians are disabled Spiritually. Sure they attend a Church on Sunday Morning; some even attend Sunday Evening and a few go to Pray on Wednesday Evening. But they can't reach the top shelf in their Bible and lay out their own clothing; pick out their Spiritual Tie; they can't match their shoes for their Daily Life without a Sermon from their Pastor to tide them over to the next Sunday Morning. I too often call them Pew Sitters. Except for Sunday Morning Sermons they have no Christian direction in Life.
 9 .... seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds; 10  And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him: Colossians 3:9-10 (KJV) 

      One of the most important duties of a True Christian is to support Godly Politicians, (Oh! How rare a Flower!), in the Ballot Box. Do you think when you vote? Yes, "What would Jesus do?", is a good question, but if you are relying on the Sermon Last Sunday to remind you, you may not be prepared to check the right box on the Ballot. Do you study on your own? Not just reading the Newspaper and watching the Leftist skewed Quasi Journalists on TV; but getting into the issues and checking with Christian Organizations to see how they Grade Politicians on Christian issues. And when is the last time you actually picked up your Bible an studied God's Word on your own? Do you have to hunt for your Bible so you won't be late for Church at the last minute on Sunday? If so what good is your Bible doing you. I guarantee the reader, if you pick up that Bible, say a little prayer for guidance, and open it up, God via The Holy Spirit will reward you with Spiritual Enlightenment beyond your wildest dreams.
Psalm 18:28 (KJV) 28  For thou wilt light my candle: the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness.

      No True Christian can affiliate Himself or Herself with the Democrat Party, Leftism, Communism, Progressivism, Socialism or most other isms. The Democrat Party Platform is one of the most Evil Documents ever written. It permits the Premeditated Murder by Abortion of Living Babies. Just like the Canaanites laid their infants on the Molten Red Hot Arms of the Idol Moloch in false worship, Modern Day Dems blindly lay Our Infants on the Molten Hot Arms of the Idol of Abortion to worship Satan. There is so little difference it is sickening. For a few minutes of indiscretion and lust, an innocent young child is Sacrificed for Convenience. This is not Birth Control, Birth Control works before the sex act. This is Premeditated Murder to solve a man/woman made inconvenience where Birth Control was not considered.
       This Evil Democrat Platform also calls for the abolishment of the God Ordained Institution of Covenant Marriage between a Man and Woman and their God. It cheapens Marriage through unsavory, unnatural unions identified as "same sex". Something God has repeatedly called Abomination, (literally a stench in God's Nostrils). It calls for Perverted Men to be allowed in little girl's Restrooms where they can slobber over and molest little girls with their eyes (at the very least).

      The Democrat Platform is openly a Socialist/Communist Document calling for the diminishment of any Religious test for Legislation. We know that Communism promotes Atheism and Abolishment of the Worship of any God. We know that in 2012 Democrat Delegates at their Convention took great pride in Booing God, ( an obvious acknowledgment of their hatred of Our Creator and Lord).
      Of Late the DNC has become an Organized Source of Hatred toward our Elected President Donald J. Trump. They call themselves the Resistance. Resistance to what? To making America Great Again! To correcting the Damage to our Constitution, Economy, Security and Prosperity fostered by the Feckless, misguided, corrupt governance of the Obama Administration. How can they Question the Job Enhancing, Business Strengthening, Economy Growing changes so far by the Trump Administration? The Economy which had barely grown at 1% the entire two terms of Obama is Thriving under Trump, a testament to the job killing disaster that will be the Obama Legacy.
      Right now the DNC is Colluding with the Leftist Mainstream Media; twisting and skewing everything the Trump Administration says and does from something wonderful into the Craziest Kind of Nonsense. Journalism as I studied it is Dead at the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, even half of the Hosts on FOX News Network are Leftist Plants. I have begun watching Fox Business Network for Honest News; Fox and Friends early morning is also Fair and Balanced as they say.
      Christians Overwhelmingly Elected Donald Trump. In 2008 and 2012 Christians sat on their pews and stayed home from the voting booth. But this election year they were fed up with sin in higher places of Government. They got off their pews and voted for Donald Trump. A lot of this is do to Pastors like John and Matthew Haggee, and Franklin Graham, and Organizations Like CUFI (Christians United for Israel), a block of over 3,000,000 voters by itself who got the vote out. The Silent Majority voted again.
      Please don't call yourself a Christian if you are going to vote for the Evil Democrat Platform or any of their candidates. Christians don't vote for Murder by Abortion. And Please be a True Patriot and Support the Donald J. Trump Administration. If you Love America Support Her and Her President. He is the Hardest Working President Since Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman. He is working diligently for you, to Make Your America Great Again, to correct the wrongs of the Evil Obama Administration, to end Islamic Terror, to make our Economy Roar with the Spinning Gears of Healthy Capitalism that Created Our Great Country in it's Heyday. He can do it if we support him.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Forgotten 44

      It is amazing how quickly most People have completely forgotten Barack Hussein Obama. The only people who have not forgotten are his very few Thousand #OFA/ paid and organized, Propagandized Agitator Zombie Protesters. In most ways it is a good thing to forget his Feckless, inept Administration. One thing is not good. We need to remember that Obama needs to be Prosecuted for Treason and all his many other Crimes, not to mention a Thousand or more Misdemeanors.
      It must be remembered that Obama was never a legitimate President. He is, from all I can research, still a citizen of Indonesia. (he never filed the paper work to reinstate his U.S. citizenship, if he ever was a citizen to begin with). That is probably why his records are still sealed. He has a lot to hide. Not just his bad grades and shady past. Not just a Homosexual Marriage in Pakistan, nor losing his Law License. Not just illegally obtaining and distributing Marijuana and Cocaine to his Choom Gang and homosexual buddies. Not just his Stolen Social Security Card or the Photo shopped, Fake Birth Certificate he tried to palm off on American Citizens.
      It will take decades to undo all the Damage of the Obama Administration. Every paper he signed was illegal; besides being a mistake someone will have to fix. His Presidency did only one constructive thing: It finally got the Christian Silent Majority up off their comfortable pews to undo the damage they had done by failing to vote the past eight years. American finally has a President again in Donald J. Trump. The silent Majority finally spoke again.
      So why are what looks like a bunch of people foolishly protesting? Simple; they are being organized and often paid for their dirty shenaginians by OFA,, and several Nazi George Soros funded organizations like Black Lives Matter. OFA has published guide books for Agitators, showing them how to disrupt GOP events and Town Halls, block streets, and generally make fools out of themselves. It gets a lot of Press attention, so the Leftist Media can claim there is chaos on the streets. Yes, the Leftist Media is in on the game.
      Lazy Broadcasters and Newspapers that went out of their way to avoid any Article where Obama was genuinely at fault, (to overlook even the 4 deaths at Benghazi), are all too happy to jump on any hint or whisper of President Trump saying the tiniest thing the wrong way. I studied Journalism at Arkansas State University. I had an old Grizzled Journalism Professor named Tex Plunket. He hammered it into our heads to publish only facts; who, what, where, when, why, and how but NOT our Opinion. Opinions are formed by the reader when they observe your carefully presented facts. If you have your own Opinion it goes on the Opinion Page not in a Headline. That is Basic Journalism. You cannot call yourself a Journalist and violate that principle. Yet violation of that rule is the norm today is what is known as "the Mainstream Media". The New York Times, and Washington Post are prime examples of Newspapers who have sold themselves out to the Left and are no longer objective or even truthful with their coverage of the President. They have declared war on Donald Trump and thus are at war with not only the Truth but the American People and our Government itself. Magazines like the Huffington Post, and Rolling Stone have joined the fray; as have TV's
ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC, and CNN. Media Matters bleaches the AP news feed, filters it, rewrites it, and redistributes it to the Networks for your Evening News Broadcast. No matter which station you watch you get the same Media Matters Pablum, hand picked to make Conservatives look bad and Dimwitted Democrats look good.
      Brainless Hollywood Clowns who work from scripts for a living and haven't had a genuine brain wave pattern of their own in years are eager to jump in for attention. Why they wanted to support on old washed out and failed politician like Hillary is a mystery for Sherlock Holmes. But she represented their party and its line of Propaganda and they are used to reading scripts. Never mind Hillary was a brain dead old drunk, they work with lots of braindead old drunks and druggies in every movie. Being braindead and a druggie is the norm in Hollywood.
      So the Election is over. We have a real President again for the first time in eight long years. The Stock Market is roaring, small businesses are hiring again, factories are refurbishing plants and hiring American Workers. As soon as we get our tax system reformed and Obamacare repealed and replaced with real Health Care Options we need to get busy prosecuting, Obama, Hillary, George Soros, and the CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood Operatives/Spies who worked for Obama. We owe it to the American People who have suffered these last 8 years to see these villains in Prison where they belong.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Latest on Fake News Stories

      The big story this week is not that Michael T. Flynn had to resign as National Security Advisor. No that is not the big story. The Story is not what Flynn said to the Russians. No that is not the big news. The story is not what he said to Pence, or Spicer, or to Trump, or what he failed to say, or how or when he said it. The big story is not even the Lack of Trust between President Trump and Security Advisor Flynn outlined by Press Secretary Spicer on Tuesday.
      No the Big Story is WHO leaked the wiretapped Phone Conversation to the Washington Post to begin with, and WHO authorized the Wiretap? What Moles were involved? What form of Shadow Government is working to obstruct, undermine, and Sabotage the Trump Administration? There are literal Spies at work here! Spies, Moles, Enemy Operatives. Agents of Illegal Collusion.

      Even "if" the FBI has legitimate reason to investigate money paid to Flynn by the Russian Government; why was that information Leaked illegally to the Press and Who Illegally Authorized the Wiretap much less the Leak? Was a Judge legally involved in a Warrant for a Wiretap? I can answer the why very easily; to purposely hurt President Trump!, and for nothing more than dirty Political reasons. But I repeat the Leak itself was 100% illegal and just as deliberate.
     The Democrat Party is rabidly, frothing mad they lost the election; and they are going after the Trump Administration with every evil tool they have in their arsenal; (all cheap, crooked, and dirty) Political Tricks are what Democrats do best. They have no Logic, actual truth of any misdoings, or sound reason on their side. This is not the only leaked phone call. There is an active campaign of old fashioned, cloak and dagger, dastardly deed, spying going on.
      I said last week, when the 3 Muslim Brotherhood Spy/Operatives were fired for releasing documents, that the Russians were not to blame for the DNC Leaks as reported by our own CIA and FBI; No, it was the Obama Administration's own Muslim Brotherhood Spies involved. (Oh! Didn't you see that on the Evening News?) That is why the Justice Department and CIA Reports had to be delayed. The truth was beginning to come out. There are many more that 3 Spies involved here. Obama Appointed literally 100's of Muslim Brotherhood Operatives, none of which are to be counted in the very least trustworthy. Non were actually qualified for the jobs to which they were appointed, their sole purpose was to increase the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood for the desired, eventual Islamic takeover of the U.S. Government.
      Not just Islamic spies; there has been open collusion between active Government Employees of the CIA, FBI, Justice Department and both the Media, individual Democrat Congressmen, and the DNC as a whole. I say again illegal collusion. Deliberate Leaks which put National Security at risk. These are Leaks that need to be Prosecuted; Congressmen and women who need to be censured at the very least, or better Impeached if not Jailed. Identify these Sold out Journalists, void of Journalistic Ethic, who need to be prosecuted. Here is your story! Stop the presses! Here is the headline! "Leftist Spy Network putting U.S. National Security at Risk Exposed!"