Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Shadow of Turning

      It is one of the greatest things about the Wonderful God we serve; He has no Shadow of Turning. They've even written songs about it. But, although we were created in His Image, we humans have a tendency to veer off course in our trek to Righteousness. Not God, He never even thinks of turning.
      It has been a couple of weeks since I have written, but this morning the words Shadow of Turning came to mind.

James 1:17-18 (ASV) 17  
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom can be no variation, neither shadow that is cast by turning. 18  Of his own will he brought us forth by the word of truth, that we should be a kind of first fruits of his creatures. 

      Turning toward Sin makes a Dark, Ugly Shadow; one we may think no one sees, but one that is usually all too visible to those around us. Sin leaves three types of trails: Paper trails, in these days digital trails, and Spiritual Trails. Those trails are something no sinner likes to revisit, but the thing about trails; there is always some hungry hound dog sniffing around.
      As I think about Sin in the Church, nothing comes to mind more destructive to the Church than Gossip. Nothing can tear a Congregation apart any quicker, nor deeply. Even murder does not compare to the evil of Gossip. Yet, most of us are not only willing but eager to share it, usually with the one most likely to further spread it.
      Say we had someone sneaking out to bars and drinking within our Congregation; it is not the person doing the drinking that causes division, though a brother or sister would do well to bring it to the sinners personal attention, no, it is the Gossip that spreads the nasty rumor through the Church to injure the confidence of the weaker vessels in the Body that does the damage. Whispers turn to even worse exaggerations of the situation. Soon a sinner who could have repented and been reconciled is shamed out of the same Church that should have Loved him or her and brought them back to a closer Walk with the Lord.
      It seems we humans have too good of peripheral Vision where lust and sin are involved. When Manna was falling from the sky for the Israelites, out of their peripheral vision, they saw visions of leeks and garlic, and imagined how good it would taste, just for a little added seasoning. The same in today's Church; a member of the Congregation who is in a perfectly happy Marriage, looks down the pew for a little extra seasoning. Then the gossips get involved, and you know the rest of the story. The shadow cast leads to a split Church and broken lives.
      We have to remember we are in a Spiritual Battle. We are on a daily Battlefield for the Lord or we are not doing our job. There is a line from a song that says: "Yes, I'm on the Battlefield for my Lord". We all need to sing that line every time our peripheral vision starts to get the best of us. We need to remember the Tactics of our foe.
      An old farmer once said, "Satan sure knows what I like in my soup". We have to remember that Demonic Forces have checked us out and researched our weak points. Satan knows just the trick to get your mind off your morning devotional and off track in lustful thinking. That is how fortune tellers know so much about you, Demons have done their research on you and how to trip you up.

      So, eyes front, Christian. Set your course straight ahead. No variation, no shadow of turning. The Bible is your charted course, read it, believe it, trust it, share it daily.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Will God Forgive Your Sins?

      What do you see when you look at the David Dukes of #Charlottesville? When you look at the Hooded and Helmeted KKK and White Supremacists? When you look at the black-hooded Black Lives Matter racists and Antifa hoodlums on the other side of the Police Line. Both were hateful, both were unruly and mean, both were crossing the line of anything we would call Peaceful or Loving.
      Who was the worst and most hateful person of all time? Let's say just for the purpose of illustration we pick Hitler. Can you forgive Hitler for his atrocities? Can you? Can God? Yes, God was waiting, ready and able to forgive Hitler. It may be hard to focus hard enough on God's Character and Grace, but He in his Omnipotence was capable of Total Forgiveness even of Hitler.
      Now Hitler would have been responsible for Repentance and asking for Forgiveness. He would have had to ask and be willing to repent. I seriously doubt he did that; but God was there Waiting and Willing to Forgive. Yes, that's hard for us, as mere humans, to understand, but for God it is quite reasonable. God takes our offenses, (if we ask Forgiveness), and places them so far behind His back, that He actually forgets what we did. When Jesus died and shed His Blood for our sins, we who have accepted what He did and asked His Forgiveness are covered with that shed Blood. When God the Father looks at a Believer, all He can see is the Blood of His Son. His Love and Forgiveness is all that is reflected to His eyes. He can no longer see our sin.
      This of course is a Godly trait that we humans don't possess. We have to try a lot harder to even approximate God's Grace. But even as humans we have a God Commanded Responsibility to forgive all others. All others. The David Dukes, the child molesters, the murderers, the liars, the thieves, the drug dealers, the pimps, the terrorists, the rapists, the thugs. All others, no matter what the offence. If we want our own sins forgiven we have to be willing to forgive the offences of others. A scary proposition.

Matthew 6:14-15 (KJV) In Jesus' own Words14  For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: 15  But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

  It isn't easy to forgive the bad guys, but it is our Responsibility. It probably wasn't easy for God the first time He did it either. But He has progressed to a level of Forgiveness and Grace we must strive to attain. I hate what the KKK and white supremacists stand for. But I must learn to forgive them, pray for their Salvation, and try my best to Love them anyway. I have to feel sorry for their Lost Condition. After all these mean Evil men were once some sweet Mother's suckling child. They were once cute little kids playing with their kittens and puppies. Their Momma's nursed and loved them, prayed for them, and tried to teach them right from wrong.
      For me it is just as hard to forgive Racial Hatred on one side as on the other. I see racial hatred on both sides, the white supremacists and the Black Lives Matter. Sure not all on the BLM side are hardened in their hatred of the white race, but many are. Is their Hate any less sinful from that on the other side? I think not. Both sides need God's Forgiveness just like I certainly do for other offences that I must own.

      Donald J. Trump is right. There are in Fact, Two Sides at Fault. Two Armies of Hatred to blame. It is my understanding that the very first act of aggression in #Charlottesville was the throwing of open bottles of urine by either the BLM or Antifa counter-protesters toward the KKK. Whoever started the fighting, both sides were swinging clubs, shouting obscenities, and spewing hate. Both sides were wrong in what they were doing. Neither was completely Peaceful and Lawful in their respective assemblies. There is nothing at all wrong in President Trump pointing that out. One must identify all sides of a problem to solve it.
      Both sides need our understanding and God's Forgiveness. We can't solve this problem until we admit where we went wrong. The President has a head start on the Media Pundits and the Newspapers. He is at least being Honest about where blame lies. Now we all have to admit part of the blame lies within us all. We have to Love and Forgive each other as God has taught us.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Meaning of your Flag


      When you see a Flag displayed at a Protest or a Rally it means something. A Mexican Flag is an Anti-United States Statement. A Communist Flag is an Anti-American, Anti-Constitution Statement. An ISIS Flag is an Evil Anti-American, Anti-Christian, Anti-Civilization, Anti-everything Statement of Hate; likewise, with a Nazi-Flag it is based only on Hate and Destruction, and we must remember that in WWII Islam and the Nazis’ fought side by side against everything good.       We see other Flags at today’s Rallies and Protests. We see a Flag with the symbols of Antifa. Supposedly meaning Anti-Fascist, it in all actuality is a Pro-Fascism banner. The groups Antifa includes in its gunsight like the Trump Administration are as far from Fascist as one can demonstrate. Fascism is a Leftist leaning movement just like Communism, Socialism, Progressivism, and Yes, Nazism. Hitler was after all a Socialist and a stated Anti-Capitalist. He used Socialist and Anti-Capitalist rhetoric in all his speeches to build his Socialist following. His Speeches could be played back at Bernie Sanders rallies and the Bernie fanatics would all believe it was Bernie talking. Hitler deceived the Propagandized Masses just like Bernie, Warren, Hillary, and the DNC are deceiving the Democrat Party and its affiliated minions, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, and Antifa.   
      The BLM Flags and Banners are another Leftist group that I kind of feel sorry for; after all they have very little idea of what they themselves believe or stand for. Mostly poorly Educated, they stand against everything the GOP and Conservatives are trying to do to support Black Communities not realizing that the Republican Party is the one that has fought Democrat Bigots tooth and nail to give them the Civil Rights they now enjoy. The Democrat Party is the Party that formed the KKK, wrote all the Jim Crow Laws and fought the Civil Rights Amendment. Not one Democrat voted to free slaves or let them vote. Yet who do BLM members vote for? The Party that held them down. Any time you see a BLM symbol, you see a confused victim of DNC policy and the feckless 8 years of the Obama Administration, which set Civil Rights back 40 years or more. Obama didn’t understand the Black Community or their needs. Obama was raised as a privileged, and communist young white, by white Grandparents and a white mother.   
      The Flag of LGBTQ is a Stolen Flag from the Bible. The Rainbow is God’s Symbol. God’s Throne sits against the backdrop of the Rainbow,
Revelation 4:3 (KJV)
3  And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald.
he set the Rainbow in our skies as a symbol that He would never again punish men for their sins by universal flood. Oh, how ironic that this Sinful Community would use the Rainbow to taunt God for His Righteousness and Goodness. LGBTQ worships Satan. They promote his filthy agenda. They wave their flag in God’s face in rebellion. That rebellion applies as well to everything America Stands for.       Our Constitution Guarantees the Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Free Speech. Waving flags has sometimes been supported as Constitutional by the Courts. Even Burning the U.S. Flag has received some protection as a form of Free Speech, but how far will this slur on genuine Patriotism be allowed to metastasize. What depth of depravity will be allowed.
      I say, if you are about to be a part of a so-called Peaceful Protest and you decide to stop and put on a mask or a helmet to hide your identity, carry an axe handle and pepper spray, or such manner of preparation, then I say, your intentions are not Peaceful and you have forfeited your own Constitutional Rights. Axe handles, mace, and bricks are not Peaceful. Throwing open bottles of urine, bags of feces, and setting garbage cans on fire, is not Peaceful. Foul Language and levels of nudity may be broadly considered Free Speech, but are they Logical, rational ways to productively influence the other side of the issue.       We have lost our ability to communicate with each other. We yell and scream obscenities instead of reasoning with each other. We don’t bother to study History or try to learn from it, so we are guaranteed Failure through repeating our mistakes. Waving a flag is never a substitute for understanding all the issues. We have more than enough Flag Wavers. What we desperately need are Problem Solvers.       There is one more Flag, that sadly, almost no one is waving. It is the Christian Flag. If we took its Pledge faithfully and fully there would be no more need for demonstrations, protests and the like. Jesus really is the Answer to all our need, wants, and desires. He is waiting to show us how to Forgive our Brothers and Sisters. Oh, for a day when we quit calling each other bad names and truly Loved each other as the Bible waits to teach us. If you want to stop things like the tragedy at Charlottesville, open your Bible and read it this week.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

All Racism denotes a lack of Intelligence and Education

      White supremacy is stupid, it is of course racist, and it denotes an education via Fascist Propaganda as opposed to Historical Correctness. Black Lives Matter likewise is based on Leftist Propaganda and requires a certain ignorance of Historical Fact. Both sides are angry, unhappy, people with a certain lack of Christian Love in their miserable lives. You cannot call yourself a Christian and be racist. It won’t work.
      I have never understood, as a white man, what fuels White Supremacy. I have never once felt superior to any fellow man even where he or she is clearly confused by a false religion, a cult, or a racist ideology. If they are involved in false teaching or a cult, I simply feel sorry for them. I don’t hate any group of people no matter how badly I may hate their foolish and destructive behavior. I simply realize they can’t possibly have Jesus leading their lives to be involved it racist behavior.
      Going to Church or belonging to a Denomination, or a Cult, never makes you a Christian. Only a personal relationship with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can do that, and no other Religion can give you the Peace and Joy and Security that having Jesus as you Friend and Brother can do. Buddhists can feel good but that is not joy. Hindus can know a lot of false gods and idols but none have Salvation Power. Muslims don’t even know that Allah doesn’t exist, they are perhaps the most hopeless of all lost souls. They have neither a peaceful religion or sound theology to fall back on, and if they really read and believe the Evil Koran they become radicalized terrorists by nature. Only Christians have a Savior, Absolute truth, and Joy on their side. Only they have the Power of The Holy Spirit and the Wisdom of the Creator. Only they have true Peace.
      I as a white man of course have no idea or comprehension of what it feels like to grow up and live like a black man or woman. Black men however have no direct knowledge of what I, as a white man, am thinking. I have never owned a slave or wanted to. I have picked very little cotton, but neither have the vast majority of black men. I have never entertained a racist thought. A Black man can’t look at me and know that, but I know it, and it is a principal I have lived by. I am sure and know personally many blacks of the same character. What precious time we waste by not sharing our knowledge of racial peace with the masses.
      I honestly feel that most people in the Charlottesville Protests today have no understanding of how easy it is for different races to get along. We all need to help them with that understanding. The Place to Start is Jesus. There is no Racial Bigotry in the Christian Church Body. Not the actual Body, and we need to get the tares who do exhibit bigotry in any form out of our fellowship until they wise up.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

                   Desk known as Resolute, made from the wreckage of the Warship
           Resolute, being removed from the Oval Office for Office renovation this week.

      The Fake News this weekend is focused on lying media efforts to make Donald J. Trump look feckless and lazy; traits that should have been emblazoned forever upon Barack Hussein Obama’s traitorous forehead.       Donald J. Trump is the Hardest Working President Since WWII. He makes Obama look like Garfield the Cat on his laziest day, and that is being far overly gracious to Barry. Trump gets more done before Breakfast than Obama did in a week.       Leftist bots are lying and saying that Trump takes more Vacations than Obama. It would be laughable were it not so disingenuous and mean. Nobody in Presidential History ever wasted more money and time on unneeded Vacations than Barack Hussein Obama and his wife, “the Mooch”. They flew so many hairdressers, maids, assistants, and dog walkers to Vacations on Air Force One, the poor Pilots had to make several separate trips back and forth to Washington to pick up the family dogs. Yes, hundreds of thousands of dollars for a trip to haul Labradoodles.  Never was an Administration more wasteful and callus.       The reason for the Trump Working Vacation this month is that the Oval Office is being renovated. It had really been allowed to run down during the 8 years under the Obama’s. Anyway, the Trumps have plenty of places of their own to stay while renovations go on, with zero cost to American Taxpayers. We’d have been paying lavishly for a temporary pad for the Obama’s. But no mention of why Trump volunteered for a Working Vacation from the conniving Leftist Media. They see this just as another chance to make Trump look bad.       The Newsweek Cover this month was a sad epitaph for the once proud magazine; now a tabloid rag. Trying to make our Hard-Working President look like Al Bundy is only funny to a fool. I doubt Donald has ever slouched in a recliner with a bag of chips. He prefers hamburgers, fries and ice cream in his working lunches.  Obama officials said, “never waste a crisis.”  Trump’s motto is, “never waste time eating lunch, when there is work that can be hashed out.”

Thursday, August 3, 2017

A View on Journalism by a Trained Journalist

      The entire Washington Post Editorial Staff, Ditto the NY Times, and in fact the whole Washington Press Corp needs to take a Remedial Journalism Course immediately. The WAPO publication of illegally obtained transcripts of our Presidents Conversations was not only illegal, it broke every basic rule of objective Journalism. Journalism does not include Kamikaze Attacks on a President. Journalism is Honest and Fair, Objective, reporting of the Who, What, Where, Why, When, How, and maybe How Much of a new...s story. When you cross the line, and print and illegally obtained transcript of a private conversation, you violate the most basic rule of decency, the privacy every American espouses, and our Constitutional Rights.
       Opinion Articles belong on the Opinion Page and News Headlines are on a different page because of very Basic Journalistic Principles. When News Headlines become Op-eds news is no longer news but indoctrination. Americans are hungry for unbiased news sources. Even, (maybe I should say especially) our Local Evening News on TV has completely lost this objectivity. Our Region 8 News is reading verbatim propaganda Edited and Produced by Media Matter's the George Soros funded Media-Checker off the news wire. The stories are all twisted and worded to make the Trump Administration look bad. The America Public deserves better. Region 8 Viewers deserve better, Honesty in reporting is not too much to ask. Just give us the story and let we viewers decide which Congressmen, Lawyers, Businessmen, Actors, Bankers, and Manufacturers are telling the truth. Of course that won't be very many of the Congressmen, but let us make that differentiation.
      Fake Skewed Polls are just as bad. All the Polls seem heavily weighted with Democrats and Left-leaning Independents, and only carefully selected moderate Republicans. The few Polls I have been contacted by, didn't like my answers, asking questions over and over, and one hung up to get a better respondent for their purposes.
Romans 1:25 (KJV) 25  Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the
Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Folks this is not a Reality Show!

    Folks this is no Reality Show! America is engaged in a Bloody Life and Death Battle between the Patriotic forces typified by Donald J. Trump - and the Dark Satanic Forces; Barrack Hussein Obama with his legion of Muslim Brotherhood, Communist, and Spy Appointees in every Major Department, the DNC Socialist Communist Front, Hollywood Clowns and Leftist TV Clowns like “The View”, Traitor RINO Liars Like John McCain and Susan Collins bought and paid for by Liberal Lobbyists, straight out Communist Money Thugs like George Soros, Liberal Propagandist Media (ABC (Yes including our Local Region 8 Evening News), NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, Rolling Stone, New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Cosmopolitan, Media Matters, ….. and the list goes on and on. All fighting as hard as they can to Limit the Donald J. Trump Administration from fulfilling his Promises to the Silent Conservative and Christian Minorities who elected him.    
These beasts don’t want the Washington D.C. Swamp to be drained, they don’t want Progress in its genuine definition, they don’t want jobs or infrastructure, or Manufacturing brought back from overseas, they want continued stagnation and dependence on corrupt Government Programs that feed the pockets of the Swamp Creatures who in turn pay off and feed the lower level slime, sluggards, and maggots.
If you want Genuine Health Care Reform as most intelligent people surely do, you have to help President Trump open the valves of Sanity that will drain this putrid D.C. Swamp. We must get a new Governor here in Arkansas where our own Swamp is just as bad as D.C. Frankly we are losing the War because Voters are sound asleep to the genuine issues. We all want our piece of the pie, regardless of how many empty calories and hidden, poisons, pesticides, and noxious chemicals are hidden within. We bite right in and to Hell with the other guy.
Responsibly we should all have our own Personal Health Care Savings Accounts years before we need them. We should demand it. No more should we be forced to purchase an Insurance Policy we neither want or require. Yes, novel idea, if we want Erectile Dysfunction Medications we need to pay for them ourselves. We should be able to check off on a list the kinds of treatments we do not wish our Insurance Policy to cover, if we want an insurance policy at all. Catastrophic Policies should be exactly that, and paid for by those in the Catastrophic Pool. We should shop for Insurance and FORCE Insurance Companies to compete for our purchase of their Services. They must be forced to provide those services or they will go on doing what they have been doing these last 20 years; stockpiling consumer money for their own rainy day, not that of the Policy Holder.
We need to promote health living. Not giving in to the Illicit Drug Industry, including cigarettes, e-cigs, Marijuana, Alcohol, and designer drugs. Moderation needs to be the mindset, not I’ll try anything. Drug Highs are always temporary, the ride coming down is always a runaway rollercoaster with no brakes and no soft-landing spot. 90% of all Drug use is unneeded and unwise including Prescription Drugs. We need healthy eating, prudent exercise, early and frequent checkups, healthy water resources, responsible clean air. We need to quit listening to the egghead food experts, and eat some eggs, butter, milk, peanut butter, Corn Oil, Olive Oil, and real cheese not rubber made from hydrocarbons. We need to get our Corn out of our Gas Tanks, and Non-GMO Kernels in hungry bellies. We need to severely limit pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, nematicides, and Companies like Dupont, and Monsanto that produce them. Roundup should be forever banned and Monsanto required to collect it and dispose of it safely.
Five Percent of Health Care Patients soak up 50% of all Health Care Payouts. It is easy to see in that Statistic, the waste and inefficiency of our Current system. Fully 30% of that Sickly Five are themselves responsible by their own very unhealthy living habits. Under our present system Doctors can’t be paid, they can’t refer patients, they spend their time at a computer screen trying to protect themselves from lawsuits instead of time spent with the patient in examination and question and answer sessions. We need to free our Doctors to do their jobs.
We need to free our Teachers to teach American History, Math, Shop, English, and Civics and not force them and our Children into endless but meaningless Multiple-Choice Tests to feed the Political Machine of the Left. We need kids graduating to become Plumbers, and craftsmen, and salesmen for great American Products. There is only so much room in the job market for Philosophy Majors. Not everyone goes to Hollywood. There is no shame in working for a living at an honest profession. We need more Community Colleges teaching kids’ professions, and less Multi-Million Dollar Universities making their millions off Student Loans and fake studies for Chemical Companies to promote their products. All such studies do is torture rats, monkeys, and beagles to make unneeded products look good.
What can the little guy like us do? Get serious about Voting, get serious about Studying the Bible and revisiting our Great Constitution, get involved in local politics (not the showy kind, the do something kind). Churches need to get their parishioners off their padded pews and get them active in the voter’s booths. And while we are at it we need to get quality voting inspections overseen by both/all parties, and go back to paper ballots that can’t be manipulated remotely by hackers. In 2008, it is estimated 5.7 Million illegal votes were cast for Barack Hussein Obama. (dead, multiple votes often in multiple states often bussed in by Union drivers, and Illegal aliens). At the same time, some 60,000 to 150,000 fake or bot Twitter and Facebook Accounts spouted propaganda and fake polls many over our own Whitehouse Web Page. No wonder millennials are so poorly informed. They graduate unable to read any more than perhaps a marijuana rolling paper or a lottery ticket, with totally zero exposure to an American History Course, while being deeply steeped in Communist and Socialist Propaganda, bound to fail, certain to implode.
Help us dear God! We cannot make this Constitutional Republic work again without Your Devine Providence! May You give Donald J. Trump, the few Statesmen we have left, our Police, our Teachers and our Local Leaders Your Godspeed! And ever-present help. Amen! and Amen!