Thursday, May 31, 2012

Never Ever Ever Ever Trust the Liberal Media; & Analysis of FOX News From a Christian Perspective

      As I absently-mindedly tried to work on some writing projects, through the distraction of the local Morning News this morning, I couldn't help focusing on the mindless fluff ABC, in this case, had substituted for news. Where, I thought, among all the dancing weathermen, dancing bears and dogs in dresses; where amid the recipes, juggling clowns, sign-waving vacationers, and would-be or washed-up recording artists; where was the news? Why was I watching more previews of the new prime time network schedule, when no ABC series or talk show is morally fit for human viewing anymore; just where was any trace of breaking news?
      News after all is what I tuned in to hear. Which brings me to the Question: Where can one find real, straight off the old wire news, without the political spin, and without censorship, left or right?
      It has become quite obvious of late, especially since the formation of the so-called Obama 'Truth' Team (who dispense anything but Truth), and the associated Media interference from Leftist Propaganda outlet Media Matters
which has long ago deleted all reference to truth from its data banks; that what we once called the Mainstream Media has been taken over by the liberal/progressive/Socialist/Communist/Chicago Mob Propaganda machine. Intimidation in all forms, mild to the harshest, threat of job security, to yes even threat of assassination, or better yet bribed with promise of advancement; hosts not even closely passing for true Journalists, mindlessly, word for word, read from the Media Matters approved daily Obama reelection tip sheet or script. Each news story carefully rewritten, and Media Matters approved, to favor the left and Obama's reelection campaign.
      Who is guilty of giving in to this Media intimidation? Almost every single member of the "mainstream" networks; anchors, producers, writers, foreign corespondents, even cameramen and roving reporters. Not only Network but Local News Desks are given orders to present news stories exactly as the Media Matters Propaganda Script comes written.
      Not only news but almost all new programming is deliberately and carefully skewed to influence, indoctrinate, and mind wash the hapless viewer. Most networks now require at least one homosexual be included in every show, series, or special presentation so that the innocent minds of viewers will be bombarded with images of an unnatural sinful lifestyle until their minds are calloused to the sin. Witches, Warlocks, Astrologers, Zombies, Gore, Blood and Guts, Adultery, Divorce, Bisexuality, Abortion, Promiscuity, living together before marriage, Gambling, Body Mutilation, Drunkenness, Drugs, and of course making fun of Christianity are all part of the daily Network indoctrination.
      Who is guilty? Well as I said ABC brought this to my attention this morning. As far as regular programming their new prime time schedule is so disgustingly unfit for viewing I dismiss it outright. Ellen is another program
that should be monitored so children are never exposed to the homosexual indoctrination. ABC news is more subtle than some in delivery of the Media Matters Script, NBC and MSNBC not so much to the point that some call MSNBC 'Obama Campaign Headquarters'. CBS falls in line like a good little soldier. Cable Networks are also guilty. Discovery and like networks are sold out to the Leftist Environmentalists who really wouldn't know the difference in an Eastern Narrow-Mouthed Toad and a Polar Bear. The History Channel is so bent on destroying Christianity and the Bible that they have lost all creditability. Even when they include a few seconds of interview with an occasional real Bible authority they take the words so out of context as to totally skew the interview. They misquote Scripture, misrepresent accepted views of Biblical Cannon, and leave the viewer with open ended implications and a screen shot to reinforce the errant point they were trying to present. CNN hungry for viewers of any sort, is more likely to present a somewhat more balanced view so as not to exclude the left or right. This brings us to FOX.

Analysis of FOX News Network from a Christian Perspective:

      Fox is indeed far more fair and balanced. Only the ignorant really argue that point. Fox always at least invites comment from the left when a news story regarding left/right issues is being discussed. Usually a panel is involved where often heated discussions develop. Indeed I, as a die hard conservative, am often irritated and disgusted by some of the far less than Conservative hosts like Geraldo Rivera.
      Another issue I have with Fox, as a Christian, is their continual reliance on Catholic guest commentators for questions regarding moral issues. No offence intended (please believe me), but Catholic Priests and Bishops are rarely if ever Bible Scholars. I often think of the several times a young Catholic Nephew of mine came to me with Bible questions from the Local Catholic Father (eg. where certain subjects were referenced in the Old Testament). He would relate to the priest things I had commented on and the Priest didn't know how to go to the Scriptures and find it on his own, he would send the young man back requesting Chapter and verse. I know it is hard to get most Pastors of any denomination to speak out boldly. Only a few like John Hagee do so with any frequency, but I wish Fox would invite more like him.
      My recommendation rely on Fox for the facts, watch other networks briefly to see what Media Matters and leftist commentators are plotting, and then go back to Fox for facts on how to counter the plot, Pray, and Read Your Bible. If you select what you view based on the Bible and Vote the Bible you will always be right with God and your conscience.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Sheep are still Stupid

       As I reflected on the recent Primary Elections here in Arkansas, the conclusion came to me that people are Stupid. Yes I know, it is not a particularly original thought, but is reinforced by the cold hard fact that the masses, blinded by the lusts, and confusions, and Satanic propaganda of our day, tend to vote for the very things that will bring about their own extinction. Not just physical extinction but worse; the death of moral conviction, truth, justice, law, ethics, compasion, Love, Freedom, independant thought, Christianity and yes even Hope. Starving poor vote for Casinos and Lotteries instead of Job Creation, the socialially rejected and disillusioned vote for Socialist leaders who will ignore them and enslave them, dreamers vote for the very things that will destroy their dreams.
       Has Mankind lost their ablility to reason, or is this just a continuation of age old inability to focus on truth and experience? I think the latter. Lessons learned yesterday seldom influence our stupidity of today until we have lived and relived the stupid act in question multiple times. We do the same stupid things, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, until we are so sick of seeing the negative outcome that a small percentage of wiser people, lets call them Conservative Visionaries, actually sit down and think for a change.
       The Truth is there waiting for us, where it has been for ages past. Not just in our God-given Conscience, but there written down for us. In the writings of Mark Twain, Ben Franklin, in the Music of Hank Williams, in the great works of art, in our Nation's Declaration of Independance, and in that Greatest Source of all time God's Holy Word, the Bible. God Himself wrote down all the rules, with sample illustrations of those who did it wrong as well as those who did it right. Writings to the point, simple to understand, proven through the ages, God's Absolute Truth and the Key to solving all our problems, Jesus, is not only our Key but our Savior and Redeemer for every stupid mistake we have ever made.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Obama Wrong Again, this time Challenging God

            I get tired of speaking about this subject, but "President" Obama who is already masquerading as POTUS without being a natural born citizen, came out after last night's dismal primary results Desparate for homosexual votes (or any kind of votes) and endorsed Homosexual Marriage.
          @ All the immoral (or too silly to understand) people who don't support the Bible and God's abhorance of what He calls the Abomination (or rotten stench) of Homosexuality, you are arguing, as Obama is, with your Creator, not mere public opinion. What homosexuals do and what they believe is between them and the same God who destroyed Sodom, but it is certainly not wise. Jesus said of marriage between a man and a woman, "let not man put assunder, that which God hath joined together", in a foolish comment one poster on MSN's page earlier today wrongly said, "Jesus would endorse his gay neighbor". That is simply not what the Bible proves and clearly teaches. It was specifically The Angel of the LORD (preincarnate Jesus) who personally destroyed Sodom and Gomorah for the specific sin of Homosexuality. The book of Daniel also tells us that the Anti-Christ himself will be a homosexual. Satan always trys to pervert God's way of Living and perverting wholesome and natural marriage between a man and a woman is a perfect example of Satan's work here on earth. Wake up America. Jesus Destroyed Sodom for the same thing America is becoming, a den of homosexual depravity!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Articles: What Dan Savage Doesn't Know about the Bible and Slavery

Please Pray for Homosexual Activist Dan Savage. Dan Savage is an anti-spirtual IDIOT who knows nothing about the Bible. He is a poor lost and badly perverted soul who needs prayer as badly as any man since Hitler. He is deeply lost in homosexual perversion and takes out his guilt on society by ranting anti-Christian retoric and foul language.

Articles: What Dan Savage Doesn't Know about the Bible and Slavery