Friday, November 9, 2012

My Post Election Thoughts

Friends, We didn't lose the Election. We gave it away. We stayed home and didn't Vote. The Democrats got out the vote, OK, sure,  lots of it was Unions bussing in illegal voters over county lines to vote two or three times, and dead voters, and even Mickey voted more than a few times, but Conservatives, esp. Christians stayed home in droves, Santorum fans didn't vote, Gingrich fans didn't vote, lots, (millions) of Ron Paul fans didn't vote or wasted their vote on Johnson. (I only say wasted because it was impossible for him to even get a single electorial college vote). Even Roseanne Barr got out her vote, over 49,000 were stupid enough to vote for her. Am I cryin? No! Well maybe a little. But we will all regret it while we try to even survive as a Nation for the next 4 years. Hard times are coming and we'll have a whole lot of new conservative voters in 4 years, and it is a good thing when liberals finally grow up and mature into conservatives, because we have far too many pew sitters in church and in the GOP.

It is Obvious the rest of the world Questions or marvels at what we did Nov. 6th, one day America as a whole will say: "What were we thinking?" The Smart ones already know we made a huge mistake. I think even Obama knows it. He obviously was suprised he won, and he obviously knows he is not qualified to run anything larger than a hot dog stand. He may actually try this time to live up (what little he can lacking any skills) to making this a better country. If he had any reason and logic in his ideologies it would help. Let's just hope and pray he has a little common sense. I haven't seen it anywhere yet, but maybe in his desparation it will come out.

Hillary is leaving as fast as she can run. She and Bill have her lawyered up, and she has all the E-mails and documentaion she can carry, ready to lower the boom on Benghazi-Gate and Obama and Valorie Jarrett/Chicago.
Patreaus' CIA job was a result of Obama's unability to understand Military Strategy, and the Joint Chief's inability to get the Whitehouse support, troop numbers, and resources needed to "WIN" the War. Patreaus was removed from command so Obama could force his pacifist ideology on the remaining field commanders and he was given the CIA Job, and his wife a nice Agency Position regarding Veterans Affairs, to get him to go along with the Presidents incompetent decisions in the War. A General is never happy deserting his troops for a desk job even one in the CIA, and he never felt good about never standing up to the POTUS like a Patton or a MacAuthur. The last straw came when Hundreds of Military Generals and Admirals came out in Support of Romney and in direct oposition to Obama's incopetence as a Commander in Chief. His affair was just a convienient excuse for getting out of a lousy sitiutaion. He was ashamed of giving in to the President on Benghazi too. I am NOT accusing the General of selling out but rather a gradual giving in to a series of bad decisions of the Commander in Chief, in which out of a strong feel of Military loyalty to your commander David went along.

So we live and Learn, Learn how to pray harder, and get ready for the Economic and Social bad times sure to come, and pray extra hard for Israel who has really been abandoned now, and that we won't see a drastic increase in terrorism here in the U. S. or there in Israel as they face Iran with only God's help. That is a funny thought to me as I recall the many battle stories of the Bible.
The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob can handle Iran with a few little wasp hives, He can certainly guide a bunker buster to it's proper target, disrupt Iran's communications networks, and he will "will" the right thing done at the right time.
But next time Please Vote!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Real Men Rise to the Occasion

Real Men, Wise Men, Brave Men (and Women) Rise to the Occasion. Mayor Bloomberg is a small small man. Barrack Hussein Obama is a small small man. Bloomberg (or some are saying Doomberg) has two huge Generators that would power two large neighborhoods, and get a gas station or two or three pumping. He wanted instead to pull Police, EMTs, and other emergency workers and equipment away from the Hurricane Sandy Relief effort for a single sporting event, of minor, very minor, importance compared to the freezing cold, hungry, homeless, jobless, stranded and vehicle starved storm refugees. The New York Marathon is a big deal I guess as marathons go, but there is a time and a place, and now is not the time, and New York is not the Place at this time. Bloomberg's arrogance, shortsightedness, thoughtlessness, selfishness, and foolishness will not be forgotten by the grieving, hurting, and now forgotten storm victims he has abandoned. Vote him out New York. He is Unworthy of the stature of Mayor. His is much to small a man for a city that towers, and the populace that built it, and rises above any crisis. Thank goodness you raised your voice and made the little man cancel the marathon. Don't stop. Get rid of the little man with little ideas and his one achievement, little drink cups.
Obama is another very small man. He could have been a great President, but he chose not to be that President. He chose not to lead. He chose not to build but to spend and waste resources. He chose not to drill and limited America to 1/10th or less of its natural resources. He talked of transparency but has covered up hidden agendas at every turn. He talked of bipartisanship, but refused to cooperate with conservatives who were merely trying to reel in the debt ceiling. He reveled in the two legislative bodies divisions and used them to falsely justify illegal "Executive Orders" and end runs around clear precepts of Our Constitution, literally tearing out the lines of that precious Document wherever and whenever those sacred writings got in the way of his Socialist agenda. He spent and he spend, he appointed Czars instead of the Cabinet the Constitution outlines and dictates. He appointed communists, and radicals, and devotees of Islam instead of Christians. He loaded the Czar positions with those opposed to capitalism and entrepreneurship, the ideals that built America and instead told us "you didn't build that".
Then the final straw burst into flames. 9/11 came and Obama; basking in the unearned fame of killing Bin Laden, wasn't ready. To save money for his green and social justice projects, the little man Barry had gutted the defenses of the CIA Outpost and the Lybian Embassy. He said, al Qeada was dead, but a company of 150 well armed with US Weaponry foolishly funnelled to terrorist henchmen used to help liberate the country with no thought of who would have weapons after Qaddafi was gone, attacked the Embassy and the CIA Annex Building. Brave Navy Seals fought off 150 trained al Qeada. They laser lit the targets and waited 7 hours of pure hell for the Air Strike they called in. But Obama, the little man, the little coward, instead gave a Stand Down order and let them die. The little man went off to bed, he had to get sleep for his trip to Vegas. The little man had a party to attend tomorrow, and it was too big for Navy Seal Heroes and Ambassadors dying in the night. We have another little man to vote out of office.