Saturday, December 15, 2012

There is an Answer to What Causes Shootings

      Why did the School shooting happen? We don't have a gun problem we have a culture problem. Mike Huckabee said it well this morning, he said, " When I was a boy we had gun racks in our trucks. We had guns in them. At school. We went hunting before school and we went hunting after school. We had a different culture and didn't have to worry about shootings." I remember exactly what Huck was talking about, the trucks weren't even locked. No one worried about someone getting one out and shooting another person, it was a different culture. There are two primary reasons our culture today creates such events.
      One, our Department of Education and government in general have miserably, yes fatally, failed every child that grew up in the last 50 years. We failed at teaching morals, and ethics, and love for fellow man.
      We did not teach American History, and what was taught by that name was skewed and terribly revisionist propaganda of the left. We took the Bible, and Prayer, and the Ten Commandments out of our schools and put dumbed down political correctness and tolerance for the abnormal and the lie in their place.
      We quit producing teachers intent on preparing children to face the world and conquer it, and instead we trained our teachers in herd mentality, to push out little half baked Twinkies on an educational conveyor belt; not young men and women who know what they want to be, but indecisive little college freshmen who will maybe figure it out after a few drunken spring breaks in total drugged stupor and debauchery.
      No, America we failed those kids in the first and second grades. They never had a chance because we forgot how to educate with goodness and purity and patriotism in mind. Those kids never knew they were supposed to have a work ethic, a moral standard, a mission and vision for their lives. My teachers in the fifties taught me those things and they can teach them again if we search out those types of teachers and again encourage that kind of teaching.
      The second death blow to our culture is what has happened to our kids via TV, Movies, and Video Games. It is disgusting and in many cases CRIMINAL. We don't produce wholesome family TV anymore on our major networks. It is all about being loud and rude, and lewd, and racy. No more Leave it to Beaver, Lucy, or Father Knows Best. We only have Mayberry reruns to remind us of purity in family programming.
      Of late we do have a refreshing program on cable, and I highly recommend Duck Dynasty. In it a real family patriarch leads the entire family in prayer, at a family table, as they thank their Heavenly Father for the most basic of daily blessings. In the Robertson family we see how basic ethics, values, and morals fit into our daily lives, and how to live with others and appreciate our differences, and even learn how to teach our children about guns.
       No, Huck's story and the Robertsons prove it; We don't have a gun problem, we have a culture problem. Our kids play video games where an imaginary but realistic looking array of humans, zombies, monsters or even babies are mowed down with atom smashers and sprayed with flashing bullets without a thought of mercy or humanity. Souls become cartoons, and cartoon people's rudeness and fake personalities become those of our children, as their minds become a media directed mush instead of thinking, and reasoning intellects.
      What do we do. Easy. Put the Ten Commandments back on the wall at school and at home, Put the Christian Flag and the American Flag back in their respective corners in our classrooms. Say Our Pledge of Allegiance, Pray for God's Blessings on our daily studies ( In Jesus' Name), and teach our kids the principles on which our Constitutional Republic was founded. Lets get our Culture back America!