Monday, January 14, 2013

Obama's Contrived News Conference

Obama was Dead Wrong again today in his contrived "News Conference". Dead Wrong on every issue he addressed, alluded to, or circumvented the truth on. First thing I will note as did Rush Limbaugh today, the Republicans per say are not the town deadbeats. I'll grant there are still RHINOs that New Era Teaparty Republicans have not gotten rid of YET, and they are part of our spending problem. But the main deadbeats in town are Obama himself and the leading Democrats, Pelosi, Reid, etc. who won't quit spending, won't look at budget cuts in any Department Budget, (heck they won't even submit a legitimate budget); all they do is threaten to cut or delay VA and Soc. Sec. checks to scare the public and force increases in the Debt Limit. Sure America pays its bills Barry, but sensible, responsible, wise and caring leaders, stop spending when the wallet is empty. Your outrageous war gifts to Muslim Terrorists alone, amount to more than all the Tax increases on the rich you insisted on. Your foolish overspending is the deadbeat root of our problem.