Thursday, February 7, 2013

Don't Blame Guns, Blame what we Teach our Kids

The Media is a BIG BIG part of the Problem.They know nothing at all about Guns or gun Owners, (.17, .22, .223. 30/06, .308. 10 gauge, 410 gauge, .44, .45, .50, 3 inch 50, Center fire, Rim fire????), they don't know the difference, they spread misinformation and Leftist Propaganda at the drop of a hat. They don't know muzzle velocity from a muzzle on a pit bull. If you ask them which would make a bigger hole, a Bushmaster, like was in the trunk in Newtown, or a British Musket from the Revolutionary War they would get it wrong every time. They couldn't begin to tell you how the .75 Caliber British Musket was loaded with a .69 Caliber ball or why. Neither could they tell you about modern jacketed ammo, target loads, hollow points and so on. They know guns shoot bullets; so the scary looking ones shoot bigger and badder in their little minds. Never mind why kids grow up without a basic moral understanding of the value of human life, and why they think pointing a gun is the same as pointing with a joy stick in a video game. Never mind that the Christian teaching of the Bible in Every School in America once prevented the shooting mindset we see today. The Big Cities back East taught the Bible and the kids grew up Civilized. Out West where less kids went to School we had the resulting Wild West, and Billy the Kid types. Today it is reversed. Chicago and New York City crank out Al Capones, and Machine Gun Kelleys, and street names like Murder, and Bodysnatcher, and 50 Cent cause that's all a human life is worth Muthah. We need Gun education, but we need American History and the Bible taught a lot worse.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Obama's Progressing Socialist Insurgency

      Democrats, (Excuse me Socialists), are happily rolling along thinking they are about to successfully expunge our U.S. Constitution and take over America, without a shot, and without the People knowing what is going on. They are doing a pretty good job as frankly, even with the Conservative Blogs screaming at the top of their Internet lungs, a full 90% of the populace is sound asleep at the wheel of Freedom, and nearing an abrupt crash with a reality they won't enjoy: Waking up in the United Socialist States of Obama, broke, helpless and hopeless. How is that for Change my blind Liberal friends?
      David Limbaugh said it well today, "President Barack Obama is not just a radical leftist; he is obviously so ensconced in his ideology that he believes — or wants you to believe — that anyone who opposes him must have sinister motives..."
David is right.
      Mark Twain once spoke of being ensconced (nestled, hidden, concealed) in the protection of three giant elm trees. Obama's trees are Marxism, Islam, and his own blinded vision of his own huge Ego. Obama is so deeply ensconced, that he doesn't even realize it has never really been his own self pulling the strings. No, Obama has always been a professional puppet, owned outright by the Chicago Mafia, groomed by them, even his Harvard schooling paid for by them and Saudi Arabia, personally chosen to usher in a new American Order willing to march in step to the UN's chosen tune and their Mission to bring on that final New World Order.
       Obama long ago became a talking stooge, reciting Marxist rhetoric he had heard from birth, he loved the rebel limelight it provided him, he gloried in it, breathed it, drank it, lived it, and grappled for more. No matter what the words meant, just so the audience cheered for more. It was all a game after all. Why study men's words? Affirmative Action was all a young International Student needed to advance, who cares what the words say, let the fools study, bring on the choom gang and lets have some fun.
      So Obama did advance, did as he was told so he could keep playing, and he played his roll well, organizing, making speeches, building a following of mindless followers. As he did his job Chicago did theirs. Political foes were quickly assassinated by a political hit man named Axelrod, they disappeared as fast as they appeared, and Obama ran, suddenly unopposed, on to political stardom. A few mistakes along the way like the election brochure openly stating he was foreign born, forgetting all real citizens had to register for the draft, forgetting his Social Security Number was stolen and traceable to a dead man; just a few random mistakes here and there, but onward and upward the make believe political star kept rising.

Political favors paid off, were covered up and paid back, and soon the chosen but unvetted Marxist son was a somewhat less than bona fied President, but President none the less.
      Now here we are; wonder of wonders, and no one more surprised than Obama himself, a second term has been bought, if not quite paid for. Unions and former ACCORN workers bussed in loads of fake voters, from district to district, with little index card identities in case the carefully chosen poll workers messed up and actually checked for residency. Computer nerds typed in the preset codes to hack into voter machine software and gave the command for GOP votes to register as Democrat, and suddenly Obama had 100% of the vote count in key swing State precincts. Heck he had 130%, 140% in some of them, but never mind that, the media is covering for us anyway. And of course loyal Democrat voters, as usual many of them long dead, voted in as many different districts as they could afford to travel to. Black Panther and Union thugs stood by at polling stations to intimidate mor honest voters. All things unethical were set into motion to accomplish the unfathomable; an Obama second term.
      Next step? Gun Control? No, perhaps more economic instability and chaos first, after all too many genuine Patriots are out there, and they have more guns than we do. Just use the sure to be found crises' involving guns to get the foolish to turn in all their guns, and change the laws all we can to even up the odds before we round up the guns. We can work behind the scenes to dry up supplies of ammo too, and stock up on our own.|
      Sound like fiction. Sadly it is based all too much on absolute truth. The truth is that the ideology of Obama is as dangerous as was that of Hitler. He that hath an ear, let him hear.
"and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority."

Rev 13:2