Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Dream not Transferred to America’s Black (and White) Youth

A Dream not Transferred to America’s Black (and White) Youth
The Forgotten Parts of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Message

Larry Clifford, Copyright 2013


     When white Republicans joined in Martin Luther King, Jr.’s call for an end to discrimination based on race, (still violently opposed at that time by white Democrats), and, “sat down at the table”, in political fellowship with Dr. King’s Dream, some very integral things of Dr. King’s dream were missed. At the time, most of what was missed was missed by the Blacks involved in the Social Justice movement.  Mostly forgotten was the fact that MLK Jr. was first and foremost a Christian Pastor. All if his dream can be attributed directly to his vision of Jesus and the work ethic taught by Jesus and exhibited by both Jesus and Dr. King in the way they carried their selfsame message to this sinful world.

     It is extremely hard work, and dangerous, to Preach when nobody wants to hear the truth. Both Jesus and D. King found this out in their daily activity. The message of Work Ethic was very clearly there when one looks back. Grueling marches, long, long hours, sleepless travel between stops, unanswered pleas for help, endless setbacks; many less devoted followers dropped out on both Jesus and Dr. King. But MLK kept working, kept marching; no worry about the cost, no wages but sweat and tears. Others who stayed with Dr. King saw how hard he worked and copied it in their own steps and tears. Jesus spoke of earning one’s way in life, the faithful steward working the Master’s Fields, and so did Dr. King. MLK Jr. never talked about handouts, never mentioned entitlements, never once said, ‘the white man owes us’, never once said he any such thing. Dr. King only called for basic Justice, Just a chance, just an opportunity, just an opening, to live and work and prosper just like any other man. That was the message I and Republican and Independents my age remember hearing. Republicans joined Dr. King and after his sad assassination, by a racist Democrat, they overrode Democrats objection and passed racial reforms.

     It is extremely hard work, grueling work, and sometimes, in today’s Society, Politically Dangerous, to get out and get an education and work for a Job. Granted it may be especially hard for a poor black kid being raised in a Fatherless household. But who I ask in positions of Leadership is telling out this part, the work ethic part, of Dr. King’s Message? It was his Message and Courage that secured the Dream. Is Barack Hussein Obama telling America’s Youth to quit partying and work harder to advance in the Capitalistic realm and not only succeed but prosper and get rich? No. He is not! He sends out teams to sign them up for food stamps. Is Rev. Jessie Jackson? No. He too calls only for handouts. Only Bill Cosby and a handful of Conservative Republicans are carrying that message to America’s Youth. Sadly the other message, the party, choom, and get all you can get from the Government handouts message, has spilled over to white youth via Hollywood, and Liberal left-Wing Media, and Education-Free, street gang Rappers with their monotonous work-free message.

     Yes, Dr. King was first and foremost a Preacher. If he could bring again today his message, (the forgotten part), it would be the same; ‘work hard, study hard, think hard, learn hard, work hard some more’. He would say, “You have your chance, you have your opportunity, you have your opening, we have, ‘sat down at the same table’ with our white brothers and sisters”. “Now”, he would say, “Now, it is our turn, Now we have our opening, Work, Study, Grow, Learn Job Skills, Learn Teaching Skills, Learn Communication skills, Learn how to talk like a successful business man, or President, Learn how to ask a question without using the word ‘Axe’, show us you can walk in a room the same as anyone else, not expecting a handout but rather to help someone else up off the floor”. I think that is exactly what Martin Luther King, Jr. would say today if he were here to say it.

     He would tell us we missed the work ethic part of his message, but just as important we missed the Brotherly Love portion, and the Family portion, where Marriage IS between one man and one woman for Life and that God Himself is part of that Covenant Relationship, and that Daddy doesn’t go off somewhere so mamma can get more food stamps. He would tell us to Read our Bibles and take that Family to Church regularly, help our kids with their homework, encourage them to read and learn good English Skills, do chores so they knew how to work at a regular job, Not to depend on sports but rather good education and hard work, to respect their elders, to Love people who were different than ourselves, to help our neighbors even before they asked for help. He would tell us to believe in America, and in the Constitution and to enjoy all the success that Capitalism gives us a chance to experience, and he would tell us to shun Socialism, Communism, and yes the Evil False Religion of Islam. MLK Jr. would say so, in all these things, because God says so in His Holy Word and MLK was and is a Man of God.