Monday, December 30, 2013

Resolution for American Security 2014

 Resolution for American Security 2014
                                            Larry Clifford ©2014

While most American News Services are blindly focused on “Plus-sized Barbies” this morning, and the New York Times shamefully publishing a cover up article to whitewash al Qaeda’s (and I believe Barack Hussein Obama’s) obvious direct involvement in the well planned Attack on Benghazi and the Kidnapping of Ambassador Stevens, (before it wrecks Democrats election hopes in 2014); Radical Islamic Terrorists are, this very morning,  well organized and actively planning more harm in every State in the United States, in every Major City in the Country, in every Mosque, and this treachery is actively being executed on a daily basis.
     What should we be doing? The answer is easy, but the resolve completely missing by our cowardly press, sold out Congress, treacherous Muslim President, mindless liberals, and otherwise sleeping general public. All of these solutions are extremely reasonable and totally just considering recent Islamic activity in the world.  What should we do?:

1.  Close every Mosque in the United States, and (at least temporarily) confiscate all Bank Accounts (remember 1/8
th of all monies collected by Muslims, including innocent sounding Charities, is by Islamic Law required to be spent on Jihadist Terrorism), safes, computers, disks, jump drives, cell phones, records, files, recordings, tapes, photos, and handwritten notes for examination by the CIA and FBI. (Not TSA, DHS, FEMA or any other Obama corrupted Agency). All monies from the sale of Mosque Property and funds in any way suspect to be applied toward directly reducing the Nation Debt or to further reduce Islamic Terrorism directed toward U.S. Citizens. Every person named in association with any form of Jihad should be immediately deported or if warranted jailed for planning such crimes.
2.  Stop all entry of Islamic peoples from all Countries of origin into the United States or any of its territories, with the exception of only certified ambassadors of State for specific and pre-certified and arranged,( including traffic routes and departure dates), meetings with U.S. Officials. It must be remembered that 100% of those responsible for the Terrorist Attacks on 9/11 were clearly Islamic in name and culture, so all entry into the United States henceforth should be profiled specifically to prevent Islamic entries into our Country.  Islamic traffic from the U.S. would be one way, unless return trip is Pre-approved for humanitarian reasons approved by a Court or by the State Department with a reasonable period of time for Public comment being required before any reentry.  Any Islamic person wishing to remain in the U.S. would be lovingly subject to the Strictest Form of investigative vetting, even where marriage and family relationships are involved. Islam is not, and has never been,  a Religion but rather a Cultic Political Movement to Control the world and destroy Freedom of Religion wherever it is found. Members of this Political Movement are uniformly sworn and required to vow their allegiance to the destruction of America, so none can be trusted without intensely thorough verification. Some of course are in this country as refugees of this evil false religion and its ruthless persecution of exiled leaders and/ or defectors and should be seriously and lovingly considered for humanitarian relief. Those who have publically Confessed conversion to Christianity (or other religious faiths) should be given special consideration to prevent their beheading, crucifixion, stoning or other persecutions for leaving Islam’s terrors.
3.  Burkas should be immediately banned for travel of any sort, or entry into any crowded venue. Burkas are potential instruments of Terrorism, hiding even the sex of the individual contained therein. These lose fitting garments are easily used to conceal identity of the wearer (even felons and wanted terrorists) as well as weaponry, bombs, contraband,  documents of war, stolen data on recording devices, and messages to foreign enemies. All garments worn by Muslims, male or female, traveling or entering public venues should be small enough to prohibit weapons or bombs being carried, with the head fully visible for instant facial identification.
2.  Immediately suspend any and all Foreign Aid, Military and Economic, to all Islamic Countries. If they wish to engage in war with the U.S. let them do so with their own monies. This includes Iran for which sanctions should be strictly increased and reinforced including confiscation of all Iranian designated bank funds for application to our own National Debt. Make no mistake, these countries are to a greater or lesser degree all at War with the United States whether we wish to admit it or not. Islam is an Evil we must acknowledge and stamp out in any free country. Europe is finding this out the hard way, and we must if we are to survive as a free Republic.  
     That is my opinion of the ideal New Year’s Resolution for America in 2014.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

 The Difference in our Heads and God’s                                                            by
                                          Larry Clifford ©2013

My Dad Tom used to tell me, “Son, as long as you fall on your head, you’ll be alright.” What he was telling me was that I was hard headed. He was right of course. Like all other men and women I was born with a head requiring all Logic, Reason, and Common Sense be hammered in, not merely absorbed the first time I read or broached a subject.
     So what is the difference between God’s big head, and our little one? Let’s start with our head, because we can understand that a lot easier. Let’s take the average man, he knows:
1.  What he thinks.
2.  What he thinks his friends and family may or may not think.
3.  What he recalls of what he has read and seen.
4.  What he has studied in schools, colleges, seminars, and personal studies.
5.  What he has understood from the News, Commentators on TV, and so on.

     That is pretty much it. Some may even have Photographic Memories and actually be able to recall all these things, but not many. Now let’s consider God’s Head, God knows:
1.  What he thinks.
2.  Every single thought of every single man and woman ever to live, whether openly expressed or retained without verbal expression. Oh, and every single thought of the Millions of Angels He created also.
3.  All the physical, mathematical, and what we call natural Laws of the Universe.
4.  Every step, flutter of feather, or flip of fin of every animal ever to walk, fly, slither, or swim on the face of the earth, (or any other planet).
5.  To illustrate my next point God also knows the climate and geophysical data of every solar body in every Universe, down to the exact millisecond of every Century since creation and what that data will be in the future.

     Man has Questions. God has no Questions, not a single one. Man can argue about any subject. Not God, he has already worked out all the details of every conceivable question long ago, within His Mind alone He worked out all the possible tangents, twists and turns of every possible variation of outcome, and said, “Yep, that is how it will be.”
      Take man’s issue of Global Warming, a foolish issue if ever there was one. False Science based on man’s manufactured and most often lied about data, manipulated and twisted to fit Al Gore and the United Nation’s corrupted plans. Now God knows the earth isn’t warming right now. It hasn’t for about 15 years now. God has all the climate and sea level data, for every port elevation, for every port, every rock on every point, every creek outlet into every cove, down to that exact millisecond we talked about. God has no Questions. God deals only in Facts.
     God knew in real time what your Grandmother was thinking on any given day in your memory. You don’t; but God has it in Perfect and instant recall. God in his Omnipresent Mind is reading my thoughts as and even before I type, and at the same time is guiding the stone that just left David’s sling headed toward Goliath; at the very same time, He is parting the Red Sea, attending some little girl’s piano recital, and watching little Billy reluctantly brush his teeth. He just comforted a male bluebird as its mate was hit by a Studebaker Convertible in 1954; He just watched the sweat pop out on Harry Truman’s brow as he ordered the Atomic Bomb strike on Japan; His mind is everywhere, as at the same time, He just watched the last breath of every victim of the Titanic. God’s head is so enormous in content and capability that we little humans can’t begin to comprehend his unlimited knowledge. Why oh why, do we even try to figure God out, when we can’t even figure ourselves out.
     And what is the most wonderful thing about God’s Mind? The most Amazing thought God ever had was that in all his perfect Logic and Reason, He took time out of His busy schedule, to devise a way to Forgive man and woman for all their many sins. He, the Creator, named Yeshua (which we pronounce Jesus), decided that the walking, talking part of His Triune Godhead would come to earth, born as a baby laid in a feed trough, and die as a sacrificial lamb for all the sins of mankind. What an amazing Mind. Now if only man would use his limited mind to accept that wonderful Gift without questioning why God decided to do it that way, and not some other. But then………. our heads are harder than God’s Head.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


                                                      by  Larry Clifford ©2013 Quote but Please Share

Twas the night before CHRISTmas,
and all through our house,
we were waiting for CHRIST’s Birthday!
even one mouse.
Grandpa took down the Bible,
and sat in his chair,
all the family was gathered,
for the Gospel he’d soon share.
It wasn’t the tree, or the tensile, or trim,
no Santa in our house, it’s not about him.
This day is for Jesus, the King of all Kings,
and all of the wonderful Blessings He Brings.
Grandpa read of His Birth,
How Angels Sang of His Worth,
and Reminded us Wise Men still Seek Him.
The only tree that matters,
is the Cross where Jesus bore,
your sins, and my sins, and more we don’t know;
And Conquered Death and hell’s fires below.
Happy Birthday Dear Jesus, On Your Throne way Above,
We Praise You, and send You All of our Love!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Yea, I Got a Little Carried Away Happy, Happy, Happy!

Yes, I have got a little Carried Away Supporting a Certain American Hero named Phil Robertson. More of us should. Phil Robertson may be the one man alive today who can awaken the sleeping Giant Body of Real Deal Christian Conservatives in America, nay. the World Today. Phil DID NOT make a mistake. Phil has a Masters Degree in Education, so don't let his Cajunesque dialect fool you, he knew Exactly what he was sayin, and I believe he was led by the Holy spirit to say exactly what he said to exactly who he said it to. Phil Quoted from the Old Testament book of Leviticus, (which I personally believe is the 'Pre-incarnate' Jesus dictating the words to Moses, and the reason I believe they are Jesus' Words, "walking through the camp at night", in another verse). In Chapter 18:22-23, which are actually one sentence in the original Hebrew, Jesus puts both Bestiality and Homosexuality in the same sentence. Then Phil goes on to almost perfectly Quote by heart 1st Corinthians: 6:9-11 a somewhat lengthy section where Paul lists several sins including homosexuality and adultery in almost the exact manner as Paul under his inspiration of The Holy spirit used them. Few 'Namby Pamby' Preachers Today use them in such an inspired manner as did Brother Paul and Brother Phil Robertson, a Preacher in his own right, who has lead many a sinner to the Lord. Yes Phil is an Evangelist and preaches Quite Often. His You-Tube Videos behind the Pulpit make some, including me, cry, and no doubt, have saved some men and women right over the Internet. Yes I got carried away and for good reason; A Great man of God, Spoke God's Word in a Mighty Way that caused Satan's Army to cry out using Satan's own and oldest weapon, "Yea hath God said"? Well Yes, God did say, Exactly what Phil said He said, and it has been a long time since a Preacher got as much international Attention saying it; maybe never before in History if you count the Mass Media and Social Media. Phil is The Man, standing tall, standing in the gap, and Serving The GOD Faithfully.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

What a Perverted Bakwards World we Live In

It is a Perverted/Backwards World we live in. Satan has convinced the Left that we need to be Tolerant of Sin. Tolerant is a word not found in God's Word. God doesn't want us to be Tolerant of any level of Sin. Homosexuality is sin. It is that Simple. Twerking half naked is sin, especially when your a gawky green kid, with no talent, and a body that hasn't filled out enough to interest even a lustful man anyway. Like Righteous Lot trapped in Wicked Sodom, we Christians in America are Vexed with the Filthy animalistic, and Satanic conversation/behavior of the Homosexual Community, the welfare sloths, and of course the druggies/choom gangs, and Death Cult false religions like Islam. Fortunately Phil and we Born Again are just aliens in this world as it waxes worse and worse each day. I thank the Lord Daily that Christ's Return could be any day now and we will be taken away before the Tribulation. Phil Robertson is Preaching a wonderful Sermon this week. It is a great Awakening in America these past two days. People in general, even Bill O'Rielly and a bevy of so-called Christian Commentators haven't figured out that Phil exactly quoted the Bible and perfectly stated God's all knowing opinion of Homosexuality, Bestiality and Same Sex Marriage. God said all three are the same sin to Him and an Abomination, (translated foul stench in His Nostrils). In the original Hebrew there is no "period" between Homosexuality and Bestiality. Leviticus 18:22-23 is really all one sentence translated properly. Phil interpreted God's Word Perfectly and Exactly, also Quoting 1st Corinthians 6:9-11 in perfect Cajun. Phil's position and opinion is nothing short of Exactly what God's Word says. The Truth. Absolute as only God's Word can be. Good Going Phil, I know you are at perfect Peace today and I wish the Robertson Family and all their Millions of Fans a very Merry Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Every News Story this morning can be summed up in one word: STUPIDITY
Stupidity in Spending for Congress and "OSpendama". For instance, Russia/Ukraine makes headlines for a $15 billion Bailout, while our Stupid media hides an almost $18 Trillion Debt amounting to literal Bankruptcy for the U.S. Congress is spending, Stupidly, more than ever while Cutting Pay for the most important Government sector, our Brave Military. A woman using Facebook on her cell phone Stupidly walks off a pier, she can't swim yet she, Stupidly, while Drowning holds her beloved Cell Phone above water placing its value above that of her own life. And then Health Care/Obamacare gets Stupider than ever with a call to include $100,000.00+ sex change operations for PERVERTS in Health Plans? Now that is STUPID! Meanwhile FACEBOOK Stupidly persecutes/blocks Conservative users, violates the 1st Amendment, and irritates younger (really all) users with ads that will drive even more young people and the aforementioned Conservatives to other Social Media outlets. Liberals of course continue to grow in Stupidity with Barbara Walters thinking little Barry Obama is the Messiah, Rachel Maddow thinks the Nuclear Option makes the Democrat led Senate less Obstructionist ignoring the King of Obstruction Dingy Harry Reid, Anti-2nd Amendment Nuts continue to miss the Obvious that every shooting of late has occurred in a "gun free zone", and of course the Anti-Christian crowd continue to not understand that Christmas is named for Jesus "The" Christ and has nothing to do with the Fiction of manmade Santa and his flying reindeer and pagan elves. Can it get any Stupider? Yes! As long as there are Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Marxists, Communists and Cults like Islam; it can.