Sunday, February 16, 2014

What are they Teaching my Kids?

Most kids today don't know who Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn even were. They don't even know Moby Dick was a whale or that Big Red, Old Yeller, and Rin Tin Tin were dogs. Same for George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Paul Revere. Heck, Kids have never even heard of Paul Revere and the Raiders much less that the first Revere was a Patriot. Patriot is a dirty word in today's schools. Our NEA Union Schools teach something else. It's Not just the EVIL of Common Core Curriculum either, they have stopped teaching Cursive, meaning children won't be able to read the Founding Fathers documents, or WWII letters home from Europe or the Philippines, or the back of Photos of their ancestors in an old trunk, or a bill of sale for a mule, or a fro, or a slave. Heaven forbid they would ever know there were white slaves too. How will they understand history if they can't read it firsthand? They are being assigned new kinds of Literature with not so well hidden plots involving tolerance, Political Correctness, and acceptance of things like Abortion, Homosexual Marriage, and everything will soon be taught with a bias against Christian Values, in fact everything Christian is dare I say Demonized. They are given more information on Condoms than on Napoleon or Hitler. Buy your kids some books, a whole shelf full and in full view. Buy them Rush Revere and His Wonder Horse Liberty by Rush Limbaugh, buy them a Study Bible in the King James Version, Mark Twain's whole series, Genghis Kahn, Lassie, Big Red, Bambi, Little Women, Moby Dick, Robin Hood, Robinson Crusoe, and a full range of other children's classics, a good Dictionary, and some good pre 1970 American History books. Mike Huckabee also has some great American History DVD's that won't help kids reading skills but can counteract some false History in their revisionist textbooks so they can know (from you that Mike's DVD's are right and their teacher is wrong. Help teach your kids because they sure won't learn the truth about our Country in school. They are instead being quietly indoctrinated and Propagandized into Socialist Doctrines. It isn't our local teachers fault. They are being forced to teach from texts they probably don't approve of and Government approved worksheets written to indoctrinate. Much fault locally goes to our School boards who fail to read and review textbooks themselves, relying on slick salesmen's presentations.