Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Importance of God's Family Plan

     A kid needs a family. A boy needs a dad for so many reasons: To show him how to use a pocket knife, to find night crawlers for fish bait, and yes to handle a gun safely.
     I got a 22 cal. rifle for my 11th birthday. I had to prove I could use it safely for a year before I got my next gun, a J.C. Higgins, 12 gauge pump with an adjustable compensator choke and ventilated rib from Sears. Wow what a gun for a 12 year old. I had to prove again I could load and unload it safely, knew how to carry it and cross fences safely, and if I accidentally pointed it at someone, I either missed that week's hunting trip, or worse I had to carry everybody else's gear and leave my gun at home. Believe me, I knew gun safety.
     A boy needs to know things; how to drive a nail, how to catch a baseball thrown low left, or high right. If you hold your glove wrong you'll muff the catch; how to swing a bat, throw a curve ball, and how to spiral a sweet pass with a football, (my dad missed that one with me).
     A girl needs a dad too, lots of times for the same reasons, because sometimes a girl just wants to hang out with her dad and learn the things that boys like. How to bat so she doesn't look so much like a girl, where the oil and antifreeze belong so you don't put oil in the radiator, and all the family needs to learn how to change a flat.
     Girls need a mom too, perhaps one of the most important relationships in all mankind. They need to learn how to sew, knit, and even cook, ( what a novel idea for today's society); not microwaving a hot dog, but real cooking and baking.
     There are however more important things a girl must learn, namely how to become a woman, go through the scary process of a first menstrual period, and most important how to date, plan a marriage, a family, and how not to get pregnant and ruin chances of having a long happy chance at one's dating years.
     Boys need moms too. My own best friend Dennis, lost his mother on the operating table to a drunk doctor when he was born. He never saw his mother, and as a boy of 5-7 rarely a day went by when he didn't mention that doctor and what he was going to do to him when he got old enough to punish him for killing his mom. Not having a mom traumatized Dennis for his entire childhood.
     As a very young boy I learned how to bake and cook. I stood on a stool next to mom's flour bin and watched every move she made in the kitchen; how to make cakes from scratch, whip egg whites, cook 7 minute frosting, make sugar cookies, fried pies, and cook dry beans in a pressure cooker. There were no mixes in those early years, no cake mixes or instant potatoes. I really learned how to cook. Oddly my sister didn't have as much an interest in the process and had to learn many of those skills later as a teen, but 20 years later I still remembered what spices went in a spice cake.
     Some things you learn through a blending influence of both parents; things like how to fight or not fight a bully. When to punch him in the nose or not, when to run, when to fight, and how to treat a black eye with raw meat when you did; or perhaps not. There was a difference in the advice you received from mom and dad, yet both were important to how you handled tense situations later in life. Dad demonstrated wrestling holds, mom emphasized more peaceful ways to exit a conflict. Both were important at times.
     So what happened to the Family? Today it is the girls that throw left hooks on the school bus. Boys carry pellet guns or worse to school to scare the bullies. Principals don't have big paddles anymore and the school discipline, (or rather lack of it), proves it. Bibles aren't allowed in schools anymore, so the precepts aren't taught there anymore, only Political Correctness, and tolerance, (neither those words or the concepts found anywhere in the Bible). No wonder there are School Shootings.
     The stats are in and dysfunctional families raise unhappy, unstable children. Two daddies or two mommies doesn't work, not ever. Whether it is the absent father, in the majority of black homes, or the homosexual sin that robs a child of a mother or father; the data proves children of these dysfunctional families suffer.
     Girls and boys need both parents, to find out what functions a Mom plays or a Dad plays in a home. If they don't fully understand the functions, guess what? It creates a dysfunctional home. It isn't rocket science but it is solid fact just the same.
     If the Family isn't able to teach these concepts and Biblical precepts, who will? The schools with corrupted Common Core Textbooks are teaching just the opposite. Worse the Churches aren't fulfilling this purpose either. The vast majority of Pastors don't preach anything useful anymore. The pasteurized, politically filtered, watered down mush from most Pastors is useless, boring, and the Bible hardly ever even quoted.
     Satan has succeeded in replacing God's Plan for the Family with his corrupted version, at home, at Church, and at school. So kids carry condoms instead of Gideon New Testaments, cell phones instead of slide rules, (heck they don't even know what a slide rule is). Cursive is gone from the classroom so they can't even read the signatures on the Declaration of Independence. Spelling is out the window because of texting abbreviations, and only one out of 3 children has had the experience of having both parents in their home for their entire life. The norm is dysfunction.
     Most dangerous of all, a danger to civilization itself, is Satan's false concept

of a homosexual marriage. An act of sin cannot be allowed to become the foundation of a marriage covenant. A once and sometimes still illegal act of sodomy cannot become an accepted function by a thinking court. The problem is our courts and justices are not thinking logically but rather "acting" in their own best interests, out of their own lusts and lewd behaviors. Laying down decisions to cover their own sins, instead of rightly dividing the Law. Media outlets and Hollywood too are infected with this same moral disease. The Bible is the answer. It is clear on all these issues. In the Bible as Phil Robertson accurately taught America, God equates Homosexuality with Bestiality:
Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. 23 Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion. 24 Defile not ye yourselves in any of these things: for in all these the nations are defiled which I cast out before you:
Lev 18:22-24

Friday, January 23, 2015

Systemic Damage to our Country

     Changes come. Changes happen. Changes can go unnoticed or they can cripple and be very noticeable. Recently my own body has undergone a somewhat losing battle to MS and severe Diabetic Neuropathy. A little over a year ago, I was pushing a wheelbarrow and building a new patio and koi pond, today I am being pushed around in a wheelchair from one VA Doctor to another, and hopefully soon to a Private Neurologist who can do some good prescribing treatment for my MS.
     Quite a change. My body went from skipping and strolling through the garden, to struggling with a simple trip to microwave a cup of instant coffee.
     The same is true of our once proud Country, and every bit as systemic. The United States, founded on the Gospel of Jesus the Christ, is now groveling in its sin, attacked by Satan on 9/11; yet unrepentant, we elected a Muslim Traitor intent on furthering Islam's indecencies and severing the head of Freedom, our very Constitution. Barack Hussein Obama or whatever his real name is, is confidently, arrogantly, haughtily, signing illegal Executive Order after another in direct contradiction to every principle extant in our Constitution, with nary a whimper from our Congress as a body. Sure a lone Senator or Congressman or Woman cries out, a FOX News Commentator calls foul, or a brave Sherriff from a County in the heartland stands up to defend his people; but for the most part, our elected officials cower behind political correctness, and just plain personal greed.
     You and I watch the George Soros infected, Media Matters dictated, version of the evening "news", and wonder what in the world ever happened to the Country we love? Where are the Christian principles once so deeply imbedded in our Constitution that daily operation of Government was reflective of God's Glory?

     We watch babies murdered, sacrificed to the present day's god Molech with precision and premeditation, by gunslingers for hire, in Abortion Mills owned by Satan's own spawn. Millions of defiled dollars made by spilling the innocent blood of babes who thought themselves to be swimming in the safety of the womb.
     We watch sickening video of men kissing men as they are illegally "married" on the defiled steps of the County Courthouse, (Satan's Picture of God's defiled Ordinance), for his laughing pleasure. What happened? Sin has infected our Country. No one cried out from the Church. Our pew-sitters were silent. No one prayed, or if they did it was only one. No one voted, or if they did it was only one. No Preacher sounded the alarm on the wall, or if they did it was only one.
     What do we do? We wake up! We Pray! We unite behind Preachers who sound the alarm. We heed that alarm and put on the armor of the Lord! We tell the truth! We Vote the Bible! And read it again in our Schools as the very first Congress of the United States intended. We get out the old History Books and follow the old paths, teach the truth again and reeducate our masses as to the Christian Foundation of The United States of America. That is what we do, we impeach this imposter President and try him for the High Crimes, misdemeanors, and Treasons he has openly committed; and we elect a Christian leader again. That Country is what we do.
 "Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein Also I set watchmen over you, saying, Hearken to the sound of the trumpet. But they said, We will not hearken."
Jer 6:16-17