Thursday, May 28, 2015

Islamic infiltration by the Obama Administration and the United Nations is Rampant like an Ugly Skin Cancer on Honest Society. Not only is this an active Invasion of our Sacred Soil, it is an assault on morality, and everything our Country Stands for, and an open attack on Christianity and the One True God. Satan formed Islam out of the most often uttered lies from Hell and he helped Mohammed write them down in his Evil Quran which is now being taught by Obama's Teacher's Unions via Common Core Curriculum. Our children are being forced to read that the moon god Allah is the only god. America is in dire straights and harm's way.…

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Truth and Marxism cannot coexist. Truth and communism cannot coexist. Nor can Truth and Islam, or truth and homosexuality, or truth and Abortion which is really Premeditated Murder. Truth and Obama cannot coexist that is why he and Kerry want the United Nations to take over and censor the Internet. Truth and Tyranny cannot coexist. Truth and the anti-gun movement cannot coexist. Truth and the Democrat Party which boos God and supports murdering babies cannot coexist. We never hear the whole truth from Liberals, Communists, Islam, or the Democrat Party because like Satan they only use enough truth to make their lies seem reasonable to the uninformed public. Absolute Truth is a reality and the Bible is its source. The Bible is God's message to a lost and dying world so deceived and buffeted by Satan's lies and those of his minions like Obama, the United Nations, George Soros and corrupt media like MSNBC. Take time to open your Bible this week. Every verse is a refreshing burst of Truth.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Understanding the Bible

     There is an all too common misconception in Academia, as well as in the general public, that so called Bible Scholars understand more about the Bible than do believers. Well, it ain’t necessarily so Professor. Often it is not the case at all. The Bible is not just another book. The Bible is alive. It is the Living Word of Jesus, our Creator, Lord, and Savior. Only a believer with the indwelling presence of The Holy Spirit can understand what Paul rightly called the mysteries of the Gospel.
     Take the shortest verse in the Bible. Jesus wept. Most Bible Scholars would scoff and say the two words explain all that is needed, all by themselves.  That would be nonsense. First one has to answer the question “who is Jesus?” Just saying He is God or God’s son is far from sufficient. Maybe John Hagee, or say Billy or Franklin Graham, or perhaps the late Adrian Rogers could say it concisely in 15 or 20 words, but even as well as my own mind has a grasp on it, I doubt I could explain it in 20 paragraphs. John said it best:
 “And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not
contain the books that should be written. Amen.” John 21:25 (KJV)
     Next one would have to answer, why would the all-powerful God, the Master and Creator of all universes, the omnipresent, the omnipotent Lord of all, sob and cry? Both questions are so complex a non-believer, even a non-believing Bible Scholar, would be totally incapable of a reasonably complete answer.
     For example; what kind of a Military Scholar would a man or woman be who had never shot a weapon or been shot at; never sought cover in a bunker or foxhole? Would you seek out a Legal Scholar who had never been to court? Many, (far too many), of our Seminary Deans and Professors are unsaved, yes, as lost as a goose in the Sahara. They have never had the indwelling Holy Spirit enlighten their studies, because they have never accepted Jesus as their Personal Savior.
     How could a Professor expound on a Bible concept like Faith if they have never experienced victory in a seemingly hopeless situation as a believer? Make no mistake; God’s Word will still “never return void”, at least not in the Student’s case, and God may even chose to show even non-believers a truth or two. But often the Student of a non-believing Professor learns as much from the Scripture itself and the Professor’s obvious ignorance on the subject, as he does from the misinformation the Professor spits out, and after all the believing student has the indwelling guidance of the Holy Spirit.
     One of the reasons we have hundreds of differing denominations instead of one unified Church is the tares, (false teachers, non-believing Seminary Professors, and so called Bible Scholars who never accepted Christ), pumping out misinformation. Tares are planted in strategic places of authority by Satan and his demons, and Satan’s oldest trick after all is; Yea? hath God Said? (Questioning and misquoting/misinterpreting the Bible).
     So keep your chin up Believers. Pray for the Holy Spirit to enlighten your Bible studies. Your Spiritual eyes and ears will be opened. Compare what your Pastor teaches with the Scriptures. A good Pastor will tell you so and not let his ego get in the way. And next time you hear unsound doctrine, don’t doubt what you read in the Bible, and doubt instead the understanding and or Salvation of the one spouting it.