Sunday, September 13, 2015

Oh Liberty of which we once did sing,

Oh Liberty, of which we once did sing,

                                              Larry Clifford, Sr. © 9/11/2015

Oh Liberty, of which we once did sing,

Oh Liberty, once special thing.
We trade thee now so easily,
for things not nearly sacred.

The Left paints political correctness with wide brush strokes,
in the colors of Sodom and Gomorrah.
While the Right sleeps on padded, air-conditioned pews;
too quiet and comfortable to even flutter the fans of The Gospel.
Talking of Revival since 1964;
But never once calling on The Gospel of Christ.
Never leaving the security of that favorite pew to vote,
forgetting the lost souls they are neglecting,
forgetting Liberty, and Truth, and God’s Justice;
content in man-made reality.
Content in the Marxist Doctrine of Common Core as it is shoveled down the throats of own Grandchildren.

Oh Liberty, where did thou go,
while this Obama organized this strange, un-American community?
This pacifist community of fools, so easily placated with free gifts.
They know not the value of a day’s work.
so much less the value of Truth, Justice, and the once proud American Way.

Oh Liberty, where have you been,
while this Traitor was elected once again?
23,000,000 Christians sat, glued to pews,
and never witnessed, nor even voted.
Yes, one or two brave preachers cried,
while the masses allowed the Church to die.
Jesus still cries Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem.
How many times I would have gathered you under my wings as a mother hen; but you would not.
You did not call, “Baruch Haba Bachem Adonai”.
You did not pray,
you did not preach,
failing to even fight Satan’s Plot.

Have we learned so little in 6,000 years?
That we must seek out the same mistakes which doomed the man of old?
A single set of footprints lead from Jesus to Heaven.
Yet, millions follow a single layer of filthy tissue as their course.
Frail tissue alone hides the land mines beneath our path to destruction.
We know each step is disaster, yet we step on and on,
triggering the Wrath of God and acknowledging it not.
Great, corrupt Senators step up to the podium.
They cough like men to gain attention,
and then spew the Devil’s Doctrine and Lies, like unto the next.
Frivolous, busy women line up beside them in Congress;
too haughty to cook, or sew, or run a house.
They lift up their stiff necks and vote for that which none has read.
Unable to run their own house,
they poison our Legislature,
Voting for the ungodly.
Killing babies with a chainsaw should seem barbaric;
yet these encourage murder in the name of health.

Oh Liberty, come back to me.
Light up the path to freedom.
Shine fast on Truth at last,
and lead quickly the road to Victory.
Cast out this Politically Correct nonsense and give us Moral Values.
Let fly again the red and blue,
that is the song of our Republic Proud;
let us sing it, all, and loud.
Let us preach it once again,
beside the Gospel, Freedom’s closest friend;
while Revival pours down our streets again.
Rise from your pews Oh Christian Throng,
and March and Sing the Victors Song.
Liberty can come back once more,
as can the Church of the Living God.

Jesus can fill hearts again,
as our Constitution once more fills our minds;
as our Republic once again stands,
and America is Great Again!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

I Almosf Died This Past Week

     Yea, I literally almost died this past week. I had been feeling rough, breathing, for a little over a week. I had a foot care appointment with the Veteran's Administration where as a 100% Service Connected Vet, I get all my treatment. I wasn't breathing well so just prior to leaving for my Appointment I told the wife we'd stop off at Urgent Care on the way out to make sure I wasn't coming down with Pneumonia.
     I was looking and feeling quite bad, they gave me a breathing treatment, then two, and told me they better put me in the Hospital and in fact did have Pneumonia. Before the evening was over I was on Oxygen and my kidneys were not working as they were supposed to. Next day my kidneys were worse instead of better and my breathing much worse.
     Things really got bad after a wrong turn trying to urge my kidneys to function. Lasix didn't work so they tried hydrating my body. Trouble was my body from the chest down was already saturated and more fluids made my breathing even worse. I was scared, then I had a full blown panic attack.
     A Doctor and 2 Nurses came in and I told them I simply could not breath. They called the Paramedics to transfer me to the nearest place for emergency Dialysis. One of the nurses , a social worker, was trying to help me breath properly.
     She tried to tell me something about a quiet, still lagoon and it was the very last thing I wanted to hear. I was as irritated as I was scared, and man was I scared, but this woman wasn't helping much and the main problem was that I didn't know if she had enough Faith to Pray with me and for me. Surprisingly at the very time I feared death the most I was worried about this stranger's Salvation. I sat forward with all the strength I could muster, and took what I thought might me the final gasp of my life, and some how said: "Heavenly Father unto you and your Holy Spirit, I commit my Soul." Later she told my wife, "don't worry about your husband, he has great faith."
     Suddenly they were putting some kind of a BPAC mask over my head that sounded like a vacuum cleaner on steroids. Cool Oxygen-filled was gushing in, and whether you opened your mouth or relaxed your nose the slightest, air was forced in, then sucked out and immediately the process was repeated. I was seeing double, and it seemed like there were about 50 paramedics. I had calmed down but was still hallucinating when they got me inside a transport.
I thought I was going through some sort of warehouse but it was intensive care dialysis. Then there stood what looked like a Muslim Doctor with a scalpel in his hand about to place dialysis ports in my jugular. If you are familiar with my posts on Islam you know that was not my most comfortable situation, but God was in control, and I turned my head to allow his access to my throat, and heard his first word: "Oops! I'll have to put a stich in that."
Now after three days of dialysis there in intensive care and two days back home here in a much more modern dialysis clinic, I am getting stronger slowly, today is the first time I really felt like blogging and facing the twitter sphere.  God is Good.