Sunday, October 11, 2015

Encyclopedia Britannica Makes Bad Error on Israel

     The Encyclopedia Britannica has made a major mistake about Israel in Jesus' time; stating that Israel was really Palestine when Jesus conducted his ministry? I know it is a stupid claim but apparently their desire to be Politically Correct for readers on the left outweighed their desire to be accurate and truthful.
     Unscrupulous left-wing Ministers such as rev. (yes, I used a small r in Rev.) Jerimiah Wright (former pastor of Barack Hussein Obama, and gay men's Bathhouse Imam; in addition a "former" Muslim) have picked up on the misprint and are unfurling it from the Pulpit, lie or not.
     Such a blatant Lie has no place in the world's once most respected Encyclopedia. Where was  the fact checking, where was the editing, what was the editor thinking?
     The real story is this. When the Romans defeated Israel in A.D. 70 the commanding General thought it would be funny to scratch out the word Israel and relabel the map Philistine, (the name of the Israelis historically most hated military foe). Done on the spot, Philistine was misspelled Palestine by the overly-hurried Latin scribe.
     So why is it still on the map that way today? Pure anti-Semitism by mostly Catholic Bible Historians who seem to have hated Israel. But the clear fact is there has never been a nation of Palestine. It was merely a name on a map, never a real country. Never an elected government or even a single dictator. The Jewish Governors were always there, always in charge, and never relinquished power behind the scenes even to the conquering Romans. In more modern times, Arafat himself was an Egyptian refugee.
     As a child I recall watching the evening news with my father in the 50's. I saw sad refugee camps placed in the west bank and Gaza, with refugees from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. Miserable living conditions, forgotten by their own people they did not call themselves Palestinian, not then. Israel and the U.S. did their best to care for the "Refugee Camps as they were referred to at the time.
     The word Palestine is a bad joke, gone even worse after being used by those who hate the Jewish People. Palestine is incorrect both Politically and Historically. A racial slur.