Thursday, November 19, 2015

Muslims need Salvation

Islam is a Cult that preys on the uneducated, the gullible, the idiots who have no idea who God is. Any 8 year old could figure out that Allah is not a real god if they were allowed to study, but 99% of Muslims have never really even held a Qur'an much less read one. If Muslims knew what the Evil Qur'an really said they would instantly know that no real God could ever condone such EVIL. No god condones having sex with a goat and then blames the Goat, That is what the Qur'an does Worse it goes on so that the owner of the goat doesn't lose money, the goat can be butchered and the meat sold in a different village, just not the village in which the Bestiality took place. The Qur'an says prepubescent boys with no facial hair are not men yet so using them as sex slaves for Sodomy is not homosexuality because they are not men yet. That is what Mohammed said. He said beating wives is good for them. He said groping a six year old girl is not child molestation and raping them at age 9 is not rape. He says if a Christian won't renounce Christ and submit to Islam they should be beheaded. That is what this supposed man of god says. That makes Mohammad a Liar and a Thug, a Bigot and a Barbarian, a rapist and a Murderer, certainly not a Prophet. Muslims are Lost and bound for a sinners hell with Satan. They need our prayers and our Christian Witness. Only Jesus Saves but they are among the most uneducated Spiritually in the entire world and don't know who Jesus is or what He did for sinners at Calvary's Cross. Pray for them and Preach the Gospel. These hopeless slaves to this Evil Cult need Salvation. Help them find it.