Thursday, January 28, 2016

Atheism a Cult Fetish on Twitter

noun -  a course of action to which one has an excessive and irrational commitment.       On a beautiful sunny day about 1968, my particular view of the Pacific Ocean was glassy smooth, with a slight swelling roll. With binoculars I noted a small dark object ahead and thought I caught the flutter of wings on the horizon. As we approached the object it turned out to be a Giant Sunfish, Species Mola Mola. The giant beast at least 12- 13 feet in length was resting her head on a bed of seaweed, with a cluttered assortment of floating plastic bottles and ocean trash ensnarled among the stems. About a dozen Sea Gulls were perched upon the giant body prying barnacles off her scales. No doubt this was why she was here basking, so the birds and fish could relieve her body of these pesky parasites. Occasionally a gull would pry too hard, painfully lifting a scale and getting a little too rough in the cleaning process, causing the fish to rise and shake her body like an old coon hound shaking off fleas. Then the gulls would flutter and circle back to resume the cleaning process.
     We sailed within mere feet of the giant beast and I saw a brownish Sea Snake slither into and under her Seaweed pillow. The sight was memorable and one of the reasons I told my Operations Officer I wanted to become a Marine Biologist when I got back to the States from Vietnam. He laughed that a boy from Arkansas wanted to study the Ocean, and truly I did know more about Largemouth Bass and Goggle Eyed Sunfish than I did about Molas, Sea Snakes, and the Flying Fish that sometimes sailed with the wind, and slapped us in the face as we stepped out of the mess deck. There amidships where the sea spray was mere feet from the deck we would laugh at fellow sailors who got a slimy face slap.
     As we sailed on past, I thought how at peace with God were these His happy Creatures. I stopped for a moment and Thanked Him for allowing me to see this wonder of what we call Nature. I loved the still water. It reminded me of mornings on my favorite Oxbow Lake back in Arkansas. A break between the seven full fledged Typhoons I would see during my time in the Navy. My ship was too small and too slow to outrun the giant storms, especially when we had another vessel in tow, and our crew saw, and yes survived, some harrowing times; even more physical evidence of God's Power and Grace.
     An event on Twitter yesterday reminded me of this wonderful memory. Several Atheists Twits had attacked me for a post about the foolishness of atheism. I must have blocked a dozen or more. One of the silliest called herself a Marine Biologist. They sent me a variety of crudely photo shopped memes and cartoonish 5th grade textbook illustrations of Darwinian Evolution as somehow proof that Darwin's Theory did not fail. It did of course by Darwin's very own criteria. A relatively few stubborn researchers are still vainly searching for the Fossil Evidence Darwin said would be necessary if his theory was ever to become fact. He died seeing none, and in fact science saw Piltdown Man Eoanthropus dawsoni , 
Darwin's long hoped for Missing Link turn out to be nothing but a hoax. An orangutan jaw glued to a fully developed, modern, human skull with teeth filed down to make the apes teeth look more human. Someone was indeed desperate enough to try and fake the needed missing link, but the real link has never materialized. Still we have an educationally treasonous effort by unscrupulous textbook publishers, bought off by anti-Christian forces, to push Darwinism as fact and at the same time scrub Science and American History of anything resembling Christian foundations in America and the World.
     No, Atheists are desperately trapped in their Cult Fetish. Feeding off each other, like guppies in a feeding frenzy, because Science is so silent of any real proof of any concept other than Intelligent Design. Afraid to read the Bible or Heaven forbid, Think! They draw crude cartoons, draw upon the same stale rhetoric, and try to laugh at the Creator they know in their hearts is there. Meanwhile it is God that is laughing: He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.
Psalms 2:4

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Obituary of a Good Twitter Friend

     I was hurt very Badly last night on Twitter. A good friend and I were talking/arguing/agreeing in friendship to disagree, on the Book of John in the Bible. He, (a Jewish Patriot who loves The United States of America, The State of Israel, and the Torah); had posted his doubts about just who Jesus was and is, in a reply regarding @DavidLimbaugh 's newest Book. As I said we had agreed to disagree and he said, "no problem".
     I ate supper and had forgotten about the incident, after which I noted some 49 notifications on Twitter. Seems several avid Christians had noticed our conversation, probably because it contained @DavidLimbaugh in the message chain. Trouble was they attacked this fine Jewish Man like wolves attacking a piece of red meat. Yes they were quite sure they knew how to witness to a lost man, but they failed to size up the mindset of the man they wanted to witness to.
     I reentered the conversation trying to do too many things at once on my busy keyboard. One trying to explain what a fine, yet dyed blue in the wool, Jewish Historian my friend was. Two, trying to tone down their attack, and three trying to interject actual Scriptural Quotes. My eyes were getting tired, my fingers were stumbling on the keyboard, and:
     I made a mistake. I tried to do it all on my own. I forgot to Pray for the right words, instead blindly typing my own. Yes, I was saying good things, right things, even scriptural things, but I didn't stop to ask for the help of the Holy Spirit.
     My friend is a genuine Historian with a very strong background in the Torah. He considered the Book of John ahistorical, yet the Christian attackers kept quoting John. Funny I, like they, had always considered John the very 1st Book of Authority on just who this Man Yeshua really was. Seen coming to earth by John the Baptist, and leaving earth by John the Revelator and written by Jesus best friend Disciple; John is the Love Chapter of the entire Bible, the definitive resume of who Jesus was and is. Yet my friend was asking us from a Scholarly standpoint to leave the book of John out of the discussion, and the Christian Attackers were having none of it. They countered with Isaiah 53 but as a practicing Jew my friend had another view of who the suffering Servant was and is. My friend knew the Messiah was supposed to be a Conquering Hero, not die, and he didn't understand how the Crucifixion of a Lamb applied to him as a Jew.
     Somewhere along the line he quoted a PBS video, and I told him that, "PBS has as little understanding of who Jesus is as does a fat Baptist of all things Kosher". He came back and said that the man in the video was the "renowned Scholar" L. Michael White, PHD. When I quickly watched a video of Mr. White, I discovered he was a Professor at Austin, TX and a Homosexual Rights Activist with 5 or so books casting doubt on the accuracy of the Bible, making (to me), his PHD mean:

'Pretty Handsomely Dumb'. Anyone who can doubt what God's Holy Word says about the Abomination of Homosexuality and Bestiality in Leviticus and Romans, is no authority at all to me.
     But I had not Prayed. I was right but for the occasion I was all wrong. My friend mistook one of the others comments for mine, called me stupid, and blocked me. I lost a good friend, and I lost my chance to lead him to Christ. He believed that the Book of John was written in CE 95. What is this CE business? That would make John about 135 years old when he wrote John. It is A.D., for after all our Calendar was dated to reflect the death of the most influential Man/God that ever walked the face of the earth. Whether you believe he was God or Man or both, one has to admit He changed the World forever. None other was ever so influential.
     I reprint now my earlier article on Bible Scholars. Do they or do they not have a better understanding of the Gospel than does an average Born Again Believer? I say not:

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Understanding the Bible

     There is an all too common misconception in Academia, as well as in the general public, that so called Bible Scholars understand more about the Bible than do believers. Well, it ain’t necessarily so Professor. Often it is not the case at all. The Bible is not just another book. The Bible is alive. It is the Living Word of Jesus, our Creator, Lord, and Savior. Only a believer with the indwelling presence of The Holy Spirit can understand what Paul rightly called the mysteries of the Gospel.
     Take the shortest verse in the Bible. Jesus wept. Most Bible Scholars would scoff and say the two words explain all that is needed, all by themselves.  That would be nonsense. First one has to answer the question “who is Jesus?” Just saying He is God or God’s son is far from sufficient. Maybe John Hagee, or say Billy or Franklin Graham, or perhaps the late Adrian Rogers could say it concisely in 15 or 20 words, but even as well as my own mind has a grasp on it, I doubt I could explain it in 20 paragraphs. John said it best:
 “And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not
contain the books that should be written. Amen.” John 21:25 (KJV)
     Next one would have to answer, why would the all-powerful God, the Master and Creator of all universes, the omnipresent, the omnipotent Lord of all, sob and cry? Both questions are so complex a non-believer, even a non-believing Bible Scholar, would be totally incapable of a reasonably complete answer.
     For example; what kind of a Military Scholar would a man or woman be who had never shot a weapon or been shot at; never sought cover in a bunker or foxhole? Would you seek out a Legal Scholar who had never been to court? Many, (far too many), of our Seminary Deans and Professors are unsaved, yes, as lost as a goose in the Sahara. They have never had the indwelling Holy Spirit enlighten their studies, because they have never accepted Jesus as their Personal Savior.
     How could a Professor expound on a Bible concept like Faith if they have never experienced victory in a seemingly hopeless situation as a believer? Make no mistake; God’s Word will still “never return void”, at least not in the Student’s case, and God may even chose to show even non-believers a truth or two. But often the Student of a non-believing Professor learns as much from the Scripture itself and the Professor’s obvious ignorance on the subject, as he does from the misinformation the Professor spits out, and after all the believing student has the indwelling guidance of the Holy Spirit.
     One of the reasons we have hundreds of differing denominations instead of one unified Church is the tares, (false teachers, non-believing Seminary Professors, and so called Bible Scholars who never accepted Christ), pumping out misinformation. Tares are planted in strategic places of authority by Satan and his demons, and Satan’s oldest trick after all is; Yea? hath God Said? (Questioning and misquoting/misinterpreting the Bible).
     So keep your chin up Believers. Pray for the Holy Spirit to enlighten your Bible studies. Your Spiritual eyes and ears will be opened. Compare what your Pastor teaches with the Scriptures. A good Pastor will tell you so and not let his ego get in the way. And next time you hear unsound doctrine, don’t doubt what you read in the Bible, and doubt instead the understanding and or Salvation of the one spouting it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

@POTUS Obama's Sad, Sad Legacy

     Poor Barry; His News Conference today was so stressful for him and yet such a waste of everyone's time and energies. The Problem is not guns; it is Family Values, Biblical values, gun Safety, kids joining gangs instead of Sunday School classes & Vacation Bible Schools. The Problem is Fathers missing from the home, single mothers trying to raise children while working two jobs, little boys with two mothers or two daddies instead of a traditional marriage household. These are the problems.
     Obama missed the whole Problem. A gun no more kills on its own than an empty plastic bag smothers someone on its own. A bullet doesn't enter a chamber on its own and a knife doesn't come out of its scabbard on its own. It is a problem of the HEART, not of any weapon. Cain after all used a rock to kill Abel. If man had outlawed rocks would we still have murders today? Of course we would, because it is men's hearts that are either good or evil. Do we teach gangs or Sunday School? My contention is Mr. President that your Policies are teaching gangs and violence.
      Where are the full time Jobs young black men need to overcome the 21-25% Unemployment they are faced with each morning? Instead of lessening regulation to create jobs, you have cooked the books to make it look like we have 5.1% unemployment. Shame on you. Instead of Town Hall Meetings to end Gangs you are calling for mindless & meaningless gun control Executive Orders that wouldn't have stopped one single death. You are talking about one thing while doing absolutely nothing about the real problem.
     Gangs aren't murdering hundreds of innocent people on the streets of Chicago because they have too many guns, they are doing so because they are gangs and that's what gangs do for recreation. Thugs aren't burning CVS's in Baltimore because they have too many matches, they are rioting because they are thugs and want free Sports Shoes and liquor and even toilet paper. Why? Because thugs like Sporty ?Shoes when they are wasting time on street corners, they like to drink and party, and they don't have a job so they can afford toilet paper.
     Look at the news broadcasts Mr. President and see what you are doing to once proud America. See the riots you caused, see the poverty you created, see the racial divide you have recreated and the work of Martin Luther King, Jr. that you have set back 20 years. See the homes hopelessly broken by the sin of Homosexual Marriage that you and the LGBT community have generated.  Imagine the embarrassment of a young child with two mommies or two daddies having to go to Grade School with kids from normal families. Kids that have been taught family values instead of how to live in sin.
     No, limiting gun sales won't change a single evil heart. Mental health screening will only catch a small fraction of evil hearts. Jealousy, greed, selfishness, lust, and human ugliness will create all the anger needed for a human who has not Biblical Values to murder another without warning. Limiting guns won't help, but helping others find Jesus in their lives will. Town halls to end Gangs will. Christian education centers will. Ending Common Core Communist Indoctrination and teaching Patriotism and American History instead will.
     Throw away, better yet burn your Koran; there is nothing in it that will make a better world. Instead pick up your Bible. Find the Jesus you have never found Mr. President. Find the Values you have forsaken and ignored. Teach American children to love each other like Martin Luther King, Jr. taught. Stop the racial division you have initiated. Tell kids to stay out of gangs. And tell the NRA to initiate Gun Safety Classes for kids in every neighborhood, which they will happily do without a single dollar of taxpayer funding.

     You still have a few months to create a new legacy. Don't waste it. Repent. Clean up some of the damaging mistakes you have made. Become a new man in Christ and do some good for a change. That's Change we can live with. Get with the NRA ( the leading gun safety organization in the world) and change American Neighborhoods for the better. Stop fighting righteousness and fight sin.