Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Democrat Denial Deceit Deception

     What a visible contrast the 2 National Political Conventions have turned out to be. One, the RNC was a Literal Parade of Patriots, a Celebration of America's Greatness, a heartfelt call for Security and Safety for our Citizens, a call for Truth and Wisdom with all the Flags, Patriotic Music, bells and whistles.
     The other the DNC a collage of clowns, of political shills, cheap hack propaganda, dancing organ grinder monkeys and puppets on political strings. It seemed that most if not all the speakers at the DNC were trying more than anything not to choke getting all the lies out, so embarrassed by the facts they hid all the U.S. Flags behind that ugly dull blue curtain.

     Sure the delegates at the DNC have dreams of what America ought to be. Nothing wrong with that. Dreams are great. Look at Republican Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream. It changed the world. But how to go about achieving a dream is not by electing the very people who got America in this present mess.
     Yes, Trump is right; Leadership in America is a Mess; Obama is a Disaster, Hillary is a Disaster, Obamacare is a Disaster; and yet Obama is holding back an announcement until December (after the election) that Obamacare Premiums are going up 60% over an already unbearable level. More people are without Health Care today than before Obama took office. The "Affordable Health Care Program" is anything but affordable. Add the ridiculous $5,000+ deductibles and the increasingly hostile network of HMO dead ends, guillotines, and running the gauntlet of endless documentation is unbearable. We don't actually have a health care program at all. We have a Health Insurance Nightmare of Confusion, Insurance Companies and HMOs are making millions on Premiums innocent tax payers don't get anything for. All the funds are stolen or taxed away and even the doctors don't make anything. Good Doctors are just leaving the system and leaving patients to face long lines and rationing of care.
     That is just one of the many issues the DNC is hiding and covering up. There are hundreds of hidden scandals and dark secrets the DNC doesn't want their little sleeping sheep to know about. Instead in their convention we got a parade of activists outlining problems. No solutions other than some list Hillary had put them on, no results other than vague studies, no plan other than saying "Hillary has a plan" well NEWS FLASH: Hillary has had many plans, but I have yet to see any of them put into any meaningful action. Empty talk, like $15.00 wages, always remains empty talk. It never accomplishes anything but increasing the confusion, and we all know that Satan is the author of all confusion.
     So Slick Willie, Bill Clinton came out and told the story of how he courted Hillary Rodham? Big deal!
Who cares. At this point what difference does it make? He wasted America's time for an hour to get our mind off all her mistakes. He failed to mention all his mistresses, his and Hillary's Disbarments, his impeachment, Benghazi, Whitewater? Where were all the scandals Bill? Oh yea, all right wing conspiracy theories. All 500 or so of them I guess.
     We had two men and at least one woman come out to endorse Hillary who had marched at one time with Republican Martin Luther King, Jr. How could they stand so close to this great man and not hear a thing he said? MLK would have been so embarrassed at the DNC2016. What ever happened to his dream, it was actively exorcised and demonized at the DNC in Philadelphia. Black Lives Matter would be a joke if it wasn't so sad. It has been rightly said if all lives don't matter none ever will. Black lives matter just as much as white lives matter. That has been true in this white boy's life for 70 years, not just because of MLK Jr. but because it is true. Police lives matter, Veteran's Lives Matter, and boy do Soldier's Lives Matter. Thug's Lives, and thug is a legitimate term, matter too but for a far different reason, a negative reason. Thugs are what caused a lot of the misunderstandings about Police. Trump said it right this morning. 1,000,000 times a day brave Police go out to protect Americans; but if out of one hundred thousand calls, even one goes bad, guess what the Press focuses on? Right, the mistake, the error, the one racist or maybe just stupid reaction out of 1,000,000 or even 1 Million.
     Just before Bill came out at the DNC we saw a victim of Sexual Slavery. Her escape had nothing to do with Hillary of course, as scripted as it was, but it was comical in a spooky kind of way that Bill, has been caught again recently riding down to the Caribbean with a man under investigation for a teen sex slavery ring. Bill likes em young. I know that from personal experience, standing right next to him, while he eyeballed an innocent young lady of my acquaintance.
     Enough of Bill. Hillary just recently won the Margaret Sanger Award. She has stated publically how much she admires Sanger. Who is Sanger? Just the single most racist woman in American History, that's who. Margaret Sanger went to the KKK with the plan to form Planned Parenthood and wipe out the black race. Her own evil words.
     This whole DNC fiasco has urged blacks to fight against the KKK, Jim Crow Laws, and Segregation. Trouble is it was the Democrat Party who formed the KKK, wrote the Jim Crow Laws, and fought for Segregation. Here in Arkansas it was that staunch Democrat Orville Faubus who stood at the School door and refused blacks entry. In Alabama it was George Wallace another Democrat. The Republican party is the Party that supported the 15th Amendment 100% while 34 Democrats voted against it, not one for it. Democrat Lyndon Johnson was one smart racist cookie, he is Quoted as saying, I'll have those niggers eating out of Democrat's hands for years". His words, not mine. He knew that by using Republican votes to push the Voting Rights Act, Democrats could take credit they didn't deserve with blacks. It worked and today blacks blindly still cast votes for the party that keeps them in Slavery to Government handouts and programs designed to keep them poor.
     There is a lot of money, big money, floating around in the hidden pockets of Washington, D.C. Lobbyists. It is there to buy Politicians an votes. The Democrat Party has also been successful in the Lie that the GOP is the Party of the 1%. Not so! The Democrats as a whole are far more corrupt than the GOP. And then comes Donald J. Trump, a man who admits he has bought a few votes himself. Wow imagine that someone telling the Truth. A man who doesn't need the money. Doesn't want big investors who expect big favors. How refreshing!
     Hillary, she stole furniture and dishes out of the Whitehouse, got caught, and quietly returned the stolen loot. She sold a uranium deal between Iran and Russia for what? Big Profit via a Crooked Contribution to the Crooked Clinton Foundation, where far less than 10% ever, ever, ever goes to charity. The Clintons even made money off the Haitian Earthquake Disaster. Millions go into their family coffers, pennies come out.
     We don't need any dynasties in America; George Washington told us that. Hillary has zero qualifications for any Governmental Position, any! She cannot name a single accomplishment because there are no accomplishments. She can't even bake cookies out of a package, or drive a car???? She can't handle a Blackberry or an E-mail account, she can't wake up from a drunken stupor and answer a 3:00 A.M. call from Benghazi? How in the Hell, is she going to run your Country America? And we sure don't need to groom Chelsea for 4-8 years. Puke on that!

     Wake Up! Grow Up! Vote Up! Elect Donald Trump. If American isn't Great Again in four years, we can elect someone else; but one thing is sure, Hillary Clinton has never been the answer to anything!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Both Sides of the Coin

     Once upon a time, I used to think that baby Christians grew up and became Mature Christians. The older I get the more I realize that the vast majority of Christians remain babies most if not all of their Christian Lives. Yes, they have been redeemed by the Blood, but their vision of being a Christian remains sitting on their favorite pew on Sunday, singing "Oh how I Love Jesus," and going out to eat fried chicken. Even those that come back on Sunday night, and come to Pray on Wednesday, pretty much limit their Spiritual Growth to singing in the Choir or helping reheat the chicken in the Fellowship Hall.
     Babies in Christ have a hard time understanding Doctrinal issues, especially Doctrinal Precepts. When I repented and came back to Church, my local Church was soon seeking a new Pastor. I listened intently to the new Preachers being presented. One stood out to me (Brother Rudy) when he said, "The average Southern Baptist has no idea what he or she truly believes, and/or why, and not a clue where that concept is found in Scripture." I prayed that very minute, "Lord don't let me remain that kind of Christian." I started that very night making a concerted effort to read the entire Bible every year. I couldn't put my Bible down, it was cool water to my soul, and meat I wanted to chew on daily. Sure I had some serious issues with my favorite sins, but I had prayed for Spiritual Wisdom as a teen, and verses I had studied came back, magnified and highlighted in my mind. I loved Isaiah and the Old Testament, and I loved finding Jesus everywhere I went in the Old Testament, especially when I found Him in Deuteronomy and Leviticus where I had not really expected Him to be so prominent.
     But to the Baby Christian Jesus is always Love and Grace. "God is Good, all the Time, all the time, God is good". So true but at the same time so misleading. There is another side to the coin. God is also a God of Wrath. We don't like to talk about that side of God's Personality. It isn't so politically correct in Sunday circles.
     A Gideon Friend of mine, Mark Tipton, who was often my partner in Jail Ministry, would always pull a coin out of his pocket to explain the two sides of God. One side is that unlimited, Perfect Love we all value; the other side is Perfect Justice we all deserve, but fear, and fear talking about. God's Wrath is as sure as His Love. Just the other side of the coin. God gets very angry with us, He absolutely Hates sin; yes I said Hates. God talks a lot about Hate in His Holy Word.
Was not Esau Jacob's brother? saith the Lord: yet I loved Jacob, 3 And I hated Esau, and laid his mountains and his heritage waste for the dragons of the wilderness.
Mal 1:2-3
These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: 17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood(abortion), 18 An heart that devises wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, 19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.
Prov 6:16-19 (KJV)
And let none of you imagine evil in your hearts against his neighbor; and love no false oath: for all these are things that I hate, saith the Lord.
Zech 8:17 (KJV)
     Hate is just as absolute a truth as is Love. God hated sin so badly that when His Own Son, actually His Own Body, Jesus was hanging on the Cross in Shame with our sins nailed to the Cross, God the Father was unable to even look upon those sins represented there. Even though Jesus was part of the Godhead and the focus of the Plan of Salvation, God the Father can't stomach or even look upon sin. The only way God the Father can look at us as Children of Adoption is because we are literally covered in the Blood of Christ. Jesus' Blood makes us white with Righteousness.
     The reliability of the coin is represented on its face. That is the Love side. God's Love is so great we can rely completely on every Promise He gave us in the Bible. The Love is the Testament of unquestioned value. But the other side denotes the denomination. The other side calls out for our obedience to God's Commandments. Remember Jesus said, "If you Love me, keep My Commandments." Obedience is God's test of our Love, the more we Obey the more His Coin is worth in our pocket. If you want an old worn out dime, go to Church on Sunday and sit on your favorite pew. If you want a brand new shining silver Dollar, get there early, open the door for the elderly, and usher a stranger into your favorite seat; spread the Gospel, be instant in season, pray, worship, praise, meditate, and study to show yourself approved.
     That coin often gets scratched up and worn as we travel our rocky paths to Sanctification; if we climb that pathway at all. I once owned a 1860-O Seated Dime. The O stands for New Orleans Mint. When the Confederacy took over the Mint in 1860 the retooled the U.S. dies and started minting Confederate dimes. Less than 900 1860-O dimes survived and I got to own one for a short time. It was unevenly worn especially on one side, and I often have imagined who's pocket or hand it traveled it. Did Jefferson Davis, or General Lee, or maybe even Abraham Lincoln spend it for a cigar, if it made it up north?
     I also own a copper Roman coin minted in Alexandria, Egypt during the time of Emperor Hadrian. What famous person from my History Book might have owned it before I? What cities in Egypt did it see before it made it to my house in the USA? Did it buy slaves, or camels, or maybe some special cargo from the Orient? Our Spiritual coin takes on some scratching and wear as we fidget in our pew and rub it through our trousers to see how serious we are about Jesus.
     Get deadly serious. Seek to do exceedingly and abundantly above all you think God would have you to do. Find out what Spiritual Gifts The Holy Spirit has endowed you with, and use them. Use them often, use them wisely and mightily. Make even your little dime shine. But if Possible, pull out a big shiny Silver Dollar and let it spin for everyone to see. Not in a bragging way, but in a conquering way.
     God Hates sin and we have to expose it in a way that will magnify His Love and Grace to overcome it. We have to do that two way. In our own lives daily, and in an unashamed Voice when we rebuke sin in our midst. Tolerance IS NOT a word found in the Bible. We can NEVER tolerate sin, especially in our Churches. God certainly Hates that. We cannot check a box in a voting booth that might support murder of an unborn baby, or "medical marijuana", or the perversion of Homosexuality. God sees you vote. Don't flip a coin to vote, vote the Bible and you'll always do the right thing. God has ordained a candidate for every situation, and He will show you who that Candidate is, if you ask. It is called prayer for those of you who have gotten rusty in what to do.
God always answers sincere and fervent prayer.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Who are the Children of God?

     Often you hear people, especially baby Christians, say "we all are Children of God". Not true. We are all created in the image of God, but we are NOT His Children until we are Born Again, (accept Jesus the Christ as our Personal Savior and Lord). Yes, He wants us all as His Children, but until we make the personal commitment we don't attain that status.
     The word Image, Tselem tseh-lem in Hebrew, means Shadow. When people see other people, (each other), they see a shadow or phantom image of God represented. We are a daily imprint of God's work, his fingerprint. We are in a sense representative of God.  

      Unfortunately the word is often also used in the Bible as Idol. An empty dead shell, a lifeless, powerless, image that no matter how earnestly worshipped cannot act or react. A False god. We all have our idols. Even our Church is often our idol. We spend a lot of time playing church without ever knowing who Jesus is. Even Music Leaders, Deacons, and Preachers only play church. TV can be our idol. Hobbies and video games are idols. Whatever soaks up your time to keep you away from daily interaction with Jesus becomes an idol.
     So if we are not born again, who are we? We are children of perdition, children of Satan, children of the Devil, Jesus described them as tares, some lost sheep, who will at some point accept Christ, some are goats who will never be saved. In God's eyes perdition means we are already in a state of eternal punishment. He sees children of perdition as souls already lost in damnation. (He knows our final outcome.) Even if we attend Church every Sunday, sing in the Choir or even Preach from behind a Pulpit, if our soul is not Born Again and committed to the Lord's Service; we are tares and not Saints; our tabernacles (bodies) are empty without the Oil or Holy Spirit as in the five foolish Virgins. All ten virgins were members of the Church but only five were found faithful and eligible for the Wedding supper. The other five were locked out just like it will be at the Lord's Second Coming.
     There are more people who are not going to Heaven than those who will find the straight and narrow path to Jesus' Side. Jesus said so. He said the pathway to destruction is wide.
Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in that way: 14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
Matt 7:13-14
     Yes, Jesus said it. Many of our friends, neighbors, and family members are going to Hell. Their choice, not His. We all decide our own fate by the very simple decision of what we do with Jesus. Is Jesus just a word in the dictionary or Bible, or is Jesus your Lord, Savior, and daily Friend and Brother? Do you study about Jesus on Sunday, or talk to Him daily? (or maybe once every year or two?) Do you really know Jesus personally, or merely think you do? Do you understand God's Word and know who Jesus really is? Jesus is our Creator. Jesus is the Heavenly Father. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Yes, the Heavenly Father, as Jesus, came to earth personally, as a baby in a manger (meaning feed trough, not a barn {that's another sermon}). God separated His three parts, Mind, Body and Holy Spirit, so that his Body (Jesus) could come to earth as a Sacrificial Lamb to die for the sins of Mankind.
     Jesus did his work on Earth. What we do with Jesus determines what God does with us on Judgment Day. Faithful Virgins, (Born again Believers) have the indwelling Oil of the Holy Spirit and are filled with the Oil of The Holy Spirit and ready to enter in for the Wedding Supper. Those unprepared who never allowed the Holy Spirit to enter, never said "Jesus come into my heart", are locked out of the Ark of Forgiveness, forever to suffer for their failure to listen to God's call. He has called. What are you doing with that call?
     You can be a Child of God this very day. Just ask Him to come into your heart, ask His forgiveness, tell Him you want to make Him your Lord and Master. That's all there is to it. He is always faithful to accept you as His Child. Amen! and Amen!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Satan's Favorite Tricks

     We are in a constant battle with Satan and his Demons, whether you and I want to recognize it and battle it or not. Fail to battle? You and your family lose. We lose a lot. We Christians as a whole never reach near our potential. Even the best of us fail miserably at times, nay often times. We lose our focus, drop the ball, trip over the net, pull out our hair, bite the apple, and let Satan win. Satan is more intelligent than is ANY human, though we don't want to admit it. None of us are as smart as we think we are. It is even hard to say, but absolutely true.
     What are these tricks? Satan's oldest trick is to challenge God's Word and make us wonder if God would really write a particular Word in His Holy Word the Bible? "Yea, hath God said?", began Satan's list of tricks in Genesis.
      I have a cousin who is sure there is no hell. He says a good god, couldn't send good meaning people to hell. Now that is pretty foolish cuz. Jesus talked twice as much about Hell as He did Heaven. Hell is a basic concept of the Bible. Throw Hell out of your mind and Satan has won. Game over. Chalk one up for Satan's Army. I hate that; Satan won that one too easy. Pray for my cousin.
      Let's list some more of Satan's tricks. Number one, He wants to keep us confused. That's pretty much the same trick as his first one with a few added nuances. Satan the Bible says is "the author of confusion". He wants to keep us off stride, focused on problems rather than solutions, on trouble rather than God's Precepts. It is a pretty slick plan actually. My wife often tells me, "get your mind off Twitter, and Fox News, they keep you focused on trouble". True they do, but I am engaged in the Battle, and I have to know what Satan is up to in order to stay ahead in the fray, I say. I spend all my time fighting from a wheelchair. A keyboard is my legs and my fists. I face Satan's Army via the written word. Literally. I share God's written Word, to conquer Satan's cheap substitute from Media Matters, MSNBC, CNN, and yes Fox News itself. What Satan offers up as the "fairest" is often the most skewed and deceptive.
     Watch out for good news as well as bad news. A lot of good people just ignore bad news, turn off the TV News, and just play or think whatever. We hear that someone in Indiana just one the Lottery and think Wow! What I could do with all those millions. A complete waste of our time, not to mention how the poor Lottery winners ruin their own lives. More money just means more folly if you didn't learn life's lessons working for it. You don't respect what you didn't work for, but Satan will never remind you of that.
     Vacation, video games, hobbies, reality shows (did you ever notice they have the very least of any reality), sports, NASCAR, music, parties, sex, drugs, alcohol. We recognize those latter ones as Satan's tricks, but they are still all too easy to get involved in. Even a good book can keep you away from the real Good Book. Idle time, even at a good preoccupation, can keep your mind enslaved to this present world and off focus for God's Kingdom.
     This week America has been focused on Elections and Election scandals, on Protests and Police Shootings, and oddly enough on a silly new Cell Phone App involving Pokémon cartoons. Now Pokémon in Japanese means Monster or Demon. Actually it is the only word they have for Satan's Demons. Isn't it ironic that Satan's Demons can so successfully cause Church Members Children to play games involving Demonic Challenges. Too silly and harmless to be Satanic? That's what Satan wants us to think; just a harmless little cartoon.
     I was told online last night, what a well-meaning Arkansas Church Member and their Youth Minister were planning, "
We are talking about using the poke gym and Pokestop at our church as an outreach tool for the community. The youth pastor and I are looking at ways to reach all ages playing". Here was a supposedly Born Again Christian, playing Pokémon with his kids at home, and plotting with a Youth Minister to teach innocent minds to chase Demons around and collect them for fun? In God's own House? Jesus warned us that Satan had planted Tares in the Church, and here is a perfect example. As I write this, yes at this very second, Region 8 News is broadcasting how much fun the new Pokémon App is and showing some kids, one with purple hair, running around the streets of my home town collecting Demons. How sickening and sad. 6:27 A.M. and Satan is on the airwaves recruiting.
     How will you spend your time today? Will you be focused for the battle? Or will you be confused and distracted by the buzz around you? Pray, that focuses the mind, the soul. Read God's Word, not just the cross word. Get a devotional to make yourself think, but focus most on the Bible. Drink in goodness, wisdom, grace and mercy, and "think on the good things". Keep your Spiritual Eyes and Spiritual Ears open to watch for Satan's tricks. Don't let him get you angry at all the confusion around you. Focus and meditate on God's Word. This is your day to Win!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

And a Cry went out!

And a Cry went out!
This cause for which Freedom Still Stands
A Plea for Truth,
which the few righteous men still seek.
How long Oh Lord shall the Wicked Prevail?
the twisted words of Evil, to what avail?
For Country Oh Lord my Heart Yearns.
May Truth Oh Lord be our main concern.
May the folly of unfruitful words,
be dissipated for lack of righteous worth.
May Truth and Substance be the desire,
in the pursuit of our most treasured American Freedom.
(C) Vera Clifford
On the occasion of the Hillary Clinton/#ComeyHearing
July, 7 2016

Monday, July 4, 2016

And My Thoughts Higher than your Thoughts

      For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. 9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. 10 For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater: 11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.
Isaiah 55:8-11

     Have you got stinkin thinkin? If you think you've got things figured out better than God you certainly do. Oh! Wait, Wait! No, No, No, I'd never do that you say. But your actions, your behavior, your voting history, your character as judged by your friends and acquaintances say more about where you and God disagree than does your personal opinion of yourself. Have you ever said or thought, 'this just isn't fair'? Only God Himself has His Finger on what is really fair and just. We can't see the whole picture, only God can.
     As I write this essay this morning it is July 4th. People are thinking about Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and shooting off fireworks to startle old Vietnam Veterans like me at the most unexpected times. Hot Dogs and Flags are OK I guess, but Americans need to be thinking about Higher things, about How George Washington knelt and fervently Prayed for God's Providential Aid in our quest for Freedom. How 81 year old Ben Franklin stopped the confused hubbub of the First Continental Congress and led a fervent Prayer for God's Wisdom to complete our Constitution. About how bravely men with frozen, bloody, cracked feet fervently stood their ground against better equipped and paid military forces in 1775. And about how our brave Military has unselfishly preformed in every War since. Some like my fellow 1965 Paragould Graduate Tim Clark gave it all, some like Greene County Tech Graduate Robert Moore who fought in Tim's same Company gave their legs up, for in Robert's case, 49 years since in a wheelchair. What are you thinking about today?
     I have spent almost 3 years in a wheelchair myself. I have certainly asked why more than a few times. Severe Diabetic Neuropathy they say? Or was it the Agent Orange of Vietnam? Truth be told perhaps God put me down so I could look up? If that is the case, He certainly knew what He was doing. I have written more, thought more, studied the Bible more, and I hope Listened more. Losing your legs makes your ears grow.
     I have spent a lot of my life focused on big ears. Seems my Father's grade school friends made fun of his big ears. It troubled my dad greatly, but he used his great sense of humor to remedy the situation. With the aid of a little bubble gum for glue, he fastened strings run secretly through his belt loops and shirt, to his ears. When the children began to stare and laugh, he carefully manipulated the strings to make his ears flap. They got in trouble for disrupting class and Dad got the last laugh. Later on he even figured out how to wiggle his ears with his own facial musculature and could still do so in his 80's.
     But making you ears grow is important in other ways. We have to train ourselves to listen to God. His "still small voice" is extremely difficult to hear; one misses hearing it more often than not. It isn't always what we want to hear, it's easier to ignore than heed. Word from God is easier to not mention, it's easier to go the other direction, easier to cross the street and circle around it somehow than it is to confront and acknowledge it. God has wisdom waiting, but we have to train ourselves to listen.
     Eyes are important too. God is doing all sorts of things around us daily, even hourly; if you are truly waiting and watching it happens second by second. But, are we looking? Are we really watching? Are we watching through the eyes of the Bible, and what we know is everlasting truth about God, or are we allowing the Media Pundits to mold our opinion of what we see on the TV?
     But God? A good God? If God was Good He wouldn't let children starve in Bangladesh? Would He? He wouldn't let 50,000,000 unborn be butchered in Planned Parenthood chop shops? There is an answer: No! He doesn't approve of it, but He does allow it to happen. Actually he allows us, you and I, to allow Satan and his underworld forces to promote and execute Evil. God says in the Bible that He created Evil. Why? So we could see better. Think! If we had never seen the evil of War, how would we know the value of Peace? If we had never known suffering, how would we value calm and success?  If we don't understand the depth of Hate, how can we understand the heights of Love? One has to look on both sides of a coin to understand its value. God has given us eyes and let us taste from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We have to taste carefully, and make good choices, or get chased out of the garden into the briars.
     There is also a higher level of understanding. It comes not by sight or sound but through the enlightenment of The Holy Spirit, and the Gift of Spiritual Discernment. You have to look and listen on a Spiritual Level. You have to Pray and sometimes Fast, and ask God very Personally to show you the answer. It isn't easy, it comes with a price of trust and Faith. It sometimes, yea offtimes, leads you into areas you didn't think you wanted to go. People will be telling you to go the other way. You have to keep your spiritual eyes and ears focused on what God is telling you and off the TV and the newspaper. You have to turn your big ears away from the gossip where they naturally reach out. Itchy ears are always searching for false teaching. Scratch your ears. Stick gum in them if someone besides God is whispering in them. But open them wide for God's tiny whisper.