Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Do You Want to Talk Black or get a Job

     If I were a small business owner looking for bright new employees what would I look for? Enthusiasm, neat appearance, training potential, and language skills. Pretty simple. I was raised in the era of MLK Jr.
    My generation of white folks was about the least racist that had come along in many generation. Paragould was almost a white town back then. I didn't have much experience with blacks, but I sheltered no hidden animosity. How I dealt with blacks in the Navy and later in life is a long story and not the subject here, but suffice it to say I learned blacks sometimes had that hidden animosity towards me. Today I have a whole host of black friends on Twitter and Facebook. But what do I see in the outside black community today?
     The Picture isn't good. Enthusiasm in the black community is low if not missing. I see, (mind you this is my minds picture and I am not there among them), young black men hanging out on street corners, or basketball courts, having given up going out and looking for a job. That is what I see on TV; that is my mind's picture of what daily black life is like, but I hope it isn't true.
     As far as neat appearance goes, some blacks are neat dressers, some dress for black community acceptance. I see some who dress for approval in the business community ridiculed by blacks in that other community. That is unfortunate.
Training potential is low based on education. Blacks from many neighborhoods don't do well in school. This is not just my opinion, it is based on well published testing.
     Now to a main point regarding language skills. If I were interviewing a young black man or woman and they pronounced the word ask as axe, would I hire them? Sadly no! My personal opinion is that if they do not care enough to learn to enunciate the English Language properly, they probably won't take any more care in learning job tasks.
     When I see video of rioters in Milwaukee, Chicago, Baltimore, or Ferguson I see angry protesters who have apparently given up hope of being heard in traditional political channels. I also see community members practically illiterate when trying to communicate in the English Language. No wonder they feel hopeless at being heard. I don't see stay at home mammas overseeing kids homework and correcting their hanging participles. The mammas are not there because they are out working as single mothers. Daddies are not there at night reading a newspaper and/or Bible around the fireplace. Grandma may go to Church on Sunday and take the Grandkids, but Church isn't the Family Institute it used to be in America. No, kids do homework on their own if they do it at all. They get dressed for bed on their own and are fortunate if they see mamma fix breakfast. They see their dad pointed out by mom on a street corner once or twice a month. No wonder the do poorly in a Common Core School with regimented tests. They were left behind before the school year even started.
     One of the main talking points for Black Lives Matter is their bullet against Charter Schools, even though Black Students have proven to excel in Charter Schools and test far above those taught by the prepackaged, Teacher Union Taught, students in public school. Black Lives Matter is ironically doing all it can to make sure that Black Kids don't matter. BLM is teaching kids all the wrong things. Common Core Curriculum, which is nothing more than Communist Indoctrination, is doing the same, dumbing down our kids, black and white. We need Parents helping kids with homework daily. We need after School Church led study hall tutoring programs. We need the Bible taught in school like our first Congress of this United States dictated it be taught; In the English Language our kids need to succeed in business and in daily life.