Saturday, September 24, 2016

Open Your Eyes Christian Voter

     And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.
2 Kings 6:17 (KJV)

     It does make a difference how we vote. The notion in today's Church that we are supposed to have a wall between us and our Political Ideology and Opinion is a Falsehood straight from Satan. God want's you to Vote the Bible. God wants you to get up off your Pew and Stand Up for Christian Values. He doesn't just want you to sit on a pew one Day a week and act like you're listening to the Preacher. He wants you out on the street Monday sharing with the world in whatever way you are capable The Witness and Saving Knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and ALL His Precepts. That's a huge job that most of us fail miserably at.
     Many of us are out in the world, doing our thing, practicing our own form of being a Christian while mostly forgetting that we are the Only Bible many Lost Souls will ever Read. If they don't see us doing the right thing, how will they know not to do the wrong things? We are the ones who are supposed to have a Personal Relationship with the Living God on a Daily Basis. Why do we forget to show it and march out on paths that God did not Ordain for us. We trounce blindly down our Path like Balaam.

Then the Lord opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way, and his sword drawn in his hand: and he bowed down his head, and fell flat on his face.
Num 22:31 (KJV)

     Like Balaam many Christians ramble down a path to please our Government, our Clubs, our Sports Teams, our Civic Organizations, and our Political Party without ever praying and asking God how He wants us to behave in those endeavors. Even what some Pastors are teaching on Sundays is False to God's Doctrine. The Bible is clear on that. Even Satan Himself will be Preaching from a Pulpit somewhere this very Sunday. It will probably be a Big Congregation somewhere or on TV, but it might be your Church, your Pastor who had fallen for Satan's deception. Open you eyes, look at you path, look at what you are being told and taught. Check it out in the Bible yourself in Prayerful Meditation. The Lord will not fail to show you the lighted path. He will however wait for you to Open Your Spiritual Eyes. Pant for that enlightenment just like it was Water from a Brook.

     Lift up your eyes on high, and behold who hath created these things, that bringeth out their host by number: he calleth them all by names by the greatness of his might, for that he is strong in power; not one faileth.
Isaiah 40:26 (KJV)

      And Jesus said unto them, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.
Mark 4:9 (KJV)

     So just who are we supposed to Vote for? We know from the Bible that whoever wins the Election in Question will be Ordained (for whatever God's Reason) to be our next President. Like Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar God Himself will control His/her actions, OR God will allow Satan to use our new Leader to continue the Evil Path we are currently following.
      Don't just look at the outward man Donald Trump. Sure "if" he is a Christian, he is a baby one. Sure he is sometimes loud and bullheaded. But he is a winner. Look at the Bible. How many times did God install the Greatest Spiritual Warrior in the Country as the King? Not very often. Usually the men and women God chooses for his purposes are the most moldable in His Eyes.
     I cannot see Hillary Clinton as moldable to God's will. She is NOT a practicing Christian. She has called for the Church to allow the Barbaric Practice of Premeditated Murder by Abortion in the place of Birth Control and sensible thinking before a woman gets get Pregnant. You don't kill a Baby because your boyfriend forgot to wear a condom. Our Permissive society passes out condoms in Grade Schools but ignores the Godly Precept of not having sex before Marriage. Then like Canaanites sacrificing live babies on the Molten Hot Arms of Moloch, American women sacrifice their babies to the God of Selfish Escape from Responsibility. Hillary Clinton is the Champion of that mentality.
     Hillary talks falsely about Donald's temperament, but lies to cover up her own. She is known in all her circles as a Mean, Nasty, Vengeful, Crude, foul-mouthed tyrant, and even Ruthless in her treatment of Staff, Security Guards, Secret Service Agents and of course Bill. She is documented as giving Bill a Black Eye, and throwing a blue vase at him at the Whitehouse. She is also documented as cussing Secret Service Agents for just saying "hello". She hates bomb sniffing dogs too and cusses them. She has a violent, wild, and uncontrollable temper. These bad personality traits are further complicated by an all too well reported penchant for Drinking too much.
     That's all for Hillary except to mention carelessness in handling E-mails and classified materials, and of course disregard for truth and Human Lives in Benghazi. Oh!, and dark relationships with Rich Saudi and Iranian donors and even Russia, for dark and dishonest favors, like gun running and uranium deals, from the Whitehouse and the State Department.
     No Christian in their right mind could vote for Hillary, but What else are we supposed to vote against? Here is a list:

* The Democrat Party - Their Platform calls for the Murder of Infants by premeditated Abortion, the sin of Homosexual Marriage and the destruction of the American Family and Godly Marriage Covenant. The Party is also now more properly classified as The Socialist Democrat Party. Hitler was the original Socialist Democrat.

* Liberalism, Progressivism, and Socialism are just varying degrees of Communism which discourages the Worship of God by replacing it with worship of the State.

* Libertarianism - Freedom is great, Liberty is wonderful; but Freedom from ethical and moral responsibility is Sin. Libertarianism goes too far. Smoking Pot and drug use is not what God wants His Children doing.

* Gambling, Casinos, Lotteries - Every election somewhere each year we hear Politicians, usually rich schemers from outside our own State, tout bringing in the Casinos so other states don't get all the money and it stays within our borders. What a farce. The Money goes to line the Fat Cat's Pockets somewhere else and our schools get a few leftovers while our innocent citizens shell out grocery money for a one in Ten Million chance at nothing.

* Homosexuality - An Abomination in God's Eyes, any venture into Homosexuality is a Sin. No one is Born Homosexual, it is a choice to venture into sexual perversion and eventually leads to a reprobate mind. The word Transsexual is a manufactured concept to deceive and cover sin. It has been said that God would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah if he fails to punish the United States for the evil road into Homosexuality they are following.

* Never Trump Movement - I refuse to pull any punches here. Never Trump is Stupid. I believe that Donald J. Trump is in this race to Make America Great Again. God Himself knows we need someone to do exactly that. Unemployed coal miners and people forced to work 2 or 3 part time jobs know that. You as a voter should know that. Only two people on the ballot have a possibility of winning the election. A vote for the Green or Libertarian Party is a wasted vote, but worse, far worse, it might be the one vote taken away from Donald Trump that might allow Hillary and her Evil Cohorts to steal the election. So Stupid. So Wasted. So uneducated. As stated earlier, God Ordains all Governmental Officials. God will direct the path of Donald J. Trump. Timidity on our part in voting is counterproductive. You Vote, let God do the Leading. He can and will use Donald Trump. 

     So go Vote. It is not too late for most people to register for the November Elections. Study the Ballot. But Vote the Bible. Don't vote for Democrats, don't vote for homosexuals. Don't vote for drug and gambling advocates. Vote for Judges who will oppose Abortion. Vote for local School Board members who will get rid of Common Core Curriculum which is really Communist Indoctrination. Think what would Jesus do and vote. Vote the Bible. Act Like a Christian. Be one. Vote like one.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

America's Status in understanding Islamic Ideology

What is America’s Status in understanding Islamic Ideology?

      America is not at a Crossroad in its relations to Islam. America is sound asleep. The average American Citizen has no idea, even a wild idea, of what the Koran says, who Muslims worship, or what their risks are as this huge Army of Islamic Invaders March on Europe and the United States. Even our Christian Churches, which should know better, tout the old stale Lie that Islam is a “Religion of Peace”. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If that is being taught in your Church you Pastors are victims of false teaching.
      First of all the word Islam DOES NOT mean Peace and never has. It means Submission. Either you submit and convert to Islam or you are an infidel and must be eliminated. The Koran allows one to pay taxes and live in peace temporarily but only temporarily. Eventually you either convert to Islam, or lose your head quite literally. There is no tolerance of other Religions in Islam; they kill all other faiths equally, with the exception of specifically Hating Christianity.
      To understand Islam one must go back to the reason for the Crusades. Far from being a mistake by the early Christian (Catholic) Church the Crusades began as a desperate attempt to drive back an overwhelming Muslim Invasion of Europe, the Mideast, and Northern Africa. Muslim barbarians were everywhere, burning, looting, raping, and brutally taking anything in their path they wanted. Crusades were organized to drive back these armies of thugs, thieves, and rapists. Sure there were evil things the Crusaders did especially their treatment of innocent Jewish People who should have been protected instead of persecuted, but the Crusades began as a defensive push to rid Europe of Barbaric Invaders.
      The entire 1,400 year history of Islam has been one of Hate and Persecution of all people not worshiping the moon god allah. Let’s get this one Fact Straight! Mohammed was NOT a Religious man. He was a common thug with his sole mission to grab all the Power, wealth, and influence he could to build his own fortune. He took the Torah and the early Epistles of Christ, plagiarized them, and took what he wanted as he reorganized it into an ideology to fit his own very Political needs. He picked one Idol, out of hundreds of Bedouin Pagan Idols, to be the god of his new religion. Bedouins had long prayed to the Black Meteorite Cornerstone in the Kaaba, so he kept that ritualistic custom as part of his new Religious Cult. Islam was never about Religion, it was all about Controlling Masses of People. Whole verses of the Bible were turned around, twisted, rewritten, and reversed. Abraham’s illegitimate son was turned into the primary heir and so on. Jesus, the Creator of the Universe, was relegated to the lowly status of just a Prophet; while Mohammed the thug himself became his own great prophet. In common language the entire Koran is a bunch of barbaric Phooey and Pork Baloney. Mohammed told so may Lies he had to make up new verses to cover it. Now, if you want to Lie to promote Islam, it is called Taqaayi. Supposedly, A verse from god to cover a sin? Sad!
      Now the average Muslim out there has never even read the Koran (Qur’an). He or she has no idea of what it says inside. They just know they are expected to pray to a supreme god at appointed times, bow toward Mecca, and do what the Imams and other leaders tell them. So where do these extremists and terrorists come from?
      Some people, for whatever reason, are more spiritual than others. Some search for God and begin to read and study Religion. Muslims who search for God, have only the Koran where there is only a paper and ink god; a pagan idol. But in the Koran, the Evil mind of Satan is revealed. The reader looking for god, finds greed, power, satisfaction for lusts, along with all the ritualistic devices he needs to make them a reality in his own life. Islamic Power is absolute, it steamrolls over everything and every person who stands in the way.
      ISIS, not incorrectly pronounced ISIL as Obama says, is busy on the internet recruiting these souls in the early stages of adulthood; redirecting their search for god into enlistment in Satan’s Army of Islamic Terror. Other recruiting groups call themselves Al Qaeda, or a dozen other names all trying to fill their niche in the world of Terrorism. Children are taught to murder, slash, and hate from the age of three. Mock Executions of Christians and other infidels are practiced in preschools on a daily basis. Children are taught to hate and kill and conquer.
      Sharia Schools don’t teach factual history, they don’t teach love thy neighbor, they don’t teach many actual events even denying the Holocaust. Young Muslims have no concept of Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Equality, Absolute Truth, or even Love. They don’t even think about those things, to the point of being totally or almost totally uncivilized as a people. But they are raised to know how to kill infidels. (That is You). The one thing a Muslim understands is how to kill.
      Right now we have thousands upon thousands of Syrian and other Refugees marching in waves into Europe. Fleeing from their own intolerances, hate, and violence. No one other than God Himself knows who these individuals are. They have no records, just their clothing and a bedroll. (and of course cell phone and/or burn phones). If they have a Passport, Visa, or ID chances are it is fake or stolen. Any Bureaucrat claiming these ratty throngs can be Vetted is an idiot. Other than facial recognition software picking up the faces of known terrorists and fingerprint records for some convicts, there is no data base for 99.9% of unknown refugees. No such data base yet exists.
      Hillary Clinton and the Progressive (communist) Left want to usher thousands of completely unknown and non-vetted refugees into our country, thinking (not thinking actually) that the refugees will automatically be Democrat Voters. The left should know there is no democracy in Islam, Never! Islam and Sharia Law is incompatible with any other form of government. Islam must rule over all other laws and precepts. Sharia is Supreme.
      American Immigration used to be by peoples who were coming to America to become Americans, to live the American Dream, to enjoy and celebrate American Values and Freedom. Immigrants used to come to America with the understanding that they had to learn the Language, the Customs, and the basics of the Constitution to assimilate into the general Population. We should not encourage any immigration that does not fit into these parameters.  We, not a bunch of Imams, have the right to decide who comes to our Country and under what circumstances. If an immigrant cannot contribute to the Economy and Society in a beneficial manor we don’t need them. If they cannot fully assimilate, we don’t need them or want them.
      Sure we need to be compassionate for those displaced by Middle Eastern Warfare. We need to select a section of territory in Syria, build a refugee camp, and supply the residents with food, water, shelter, and medical supplies. Herd them in till their compatriots stop fighting and take care of them. Not import them and all the troubles they bring with them. If they can’t get along with each other, how are they supposed to get along in a country they can’t understand?
     Until every single Muslim can be identified, vetted and certified sane and non-terrorist, we need to prohibit all Muslim immigration to the United States. Further all travel to Muslim Countries should be one way, with no return. Too many kids travel to Muslim Countries and are radicalized. Once they are infected we don’t need them back. Islamic Doctrine is a disease of the mind that always ends in violence and terrorism. It is written into the Koran that way. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. Moderates just wait patiently for the radicals to do their dirty work. Sadly the only way a Muslim can contribute to the vitality of the United States is to cease being a Muslim and their own cultish religion even forbids that.