Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Duty of the Christian Vote

     What follows is a short Sermon from Dr. Jimmy A. Millikin. Dr. Millikin is a former Pastor and Friend. Like myself and as a Christian Jimmy finds himself in the same pickle as the rest of us; how to vote for a loudmouthed, hardheaded, candidate who is only our choice because he is the only logical choice. As Christians we have a duty to never vote for Abortion which is Premeditated Murder. We have a duty to vote against Sexual Immorality which is exhibited in the Democrat Party platform which supports not only homosexuality itself, but the destruction of God's Marriage Covenant and the Abomination of Homosexual Marriage. We have a duty to elect someone who will select Conservative Supreme Court Judges to prevent the current downward spiral of out Supreme Court into the cesspool of Progressivism. Donald Trump has released a list of very suitable Judges he promises to appoint, while Clinton has sworn to select Judges that would support Abortion and further sexual immorality.
     As Christians, our task is clear. Support the lesser of two seemingly bad choices and let God protect us. That after all is what we have to do every day in any daily situation. Trust God. I do, and I will be voting for Donald Trump. God used Pharaoh, and He used Nebuchadnezzar. Both were strong willed, and overly proud men. Yet when the time came for their decisions they did what God's Will dictated. Our trust is as always in God, not in Trump.
Here is what Dr. Jimmy said:

"I preached tonight on "The Cure for a Troubled Heart" (Jn. 14). I really needed to me reminded of that myself, for my heart has been particularly troubled today. I was troubled at the barrage of anti Trump comments from evangelicals, some in high places of influence. But more particularly I am troubled by some of my close and cherished friends, friends with whom I have stood, and in some cases at personal costs, who have joined the chorus with charges against those of us who
...have decided to vote for the lesser of two evils with hypocrisy. The plain fact of life is that there are times when one is faced with having to chose between two goods and must chose the better one, and in this fallen world one is faced with a choice between two wrongs and must chose the lesser one. In living out biblical principles there are times when a Christian is faced with two duties or commandments but cannot keep both of them. To keep one, one will be broken. For example a Christian wife is instructed to be in subjection to her husband as the head of the family (Eph 5:22), but as a Christian she is instructed to forsake not the assembling of herself with the church body (Heb 10:25). If her husband forbids her to attend church, which is she to obey? If she obeys her husband, then she disobeys the command to assembly herself. She must decided which has the priority. So, I am not happy with Trump but I am more displeased with Hillary. I deeply resent the implication that I am rejecting my Christian principles by choosing the lesser of two evils, especially since I believe the choice will eventually result in the most good.
So today I have had that troubled heart, and needed to be reminded of Jesus's instruction: "Let not your heart be troubled." I can actually claim, I was helped by my own sermon. I can now lay me down to sleep comforted with Jesus's words: "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth...Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid" (Jn 14:27). So with a clear conscience I will go on supporting Trump against Hillary and will rejoice with great joy if he is victorious. That joy may turn to weeping before four years are over, but at this moment I cast my vote for Trump and would like to invite all who may read this to join me."

     Join myself and Dr. Millikin. Please get out the Vote for Donald Trump. Our Republic depends on it. The current discussions about Donald are disgusting. But the revelations about Hillary and the Clinton Foundation are far worse. Your Country and your Church needs your Vote. Vote Donald Trump. We can work to rebuild a Conservative Party after the Election. Right now
we need to save a country.