Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Great Social Media Experiment

     I may be a small fish on Twitter and Facebook, but I get my opinion passed around pretty well. With a little over 6,000 followers on Twitter and another 600 followers on my 3 Facebook pages I reach what I consider a lot of people. My posts are shared by a wide variety of other people including several Radio Hosts with a considerably larger viewership than I can garner.
     Last week I inadvertently started a major firestorm as far as my little page goes, when I shared a post calling for Prayer for Donald Trump. The post included information about Mr. Trump fairly recently accepting Christ as his Personal Savior. Quoted was Dr. James Dobson, a generally well noted Christian Leader. It seems a friend of Dobson led Mr. Trump in his Salvation Prayer and personally vouched to Dr. Dobson that he/she believed the conversion was genuine and heartfelt. Good news, I thought, a nice uplifting story that could calm the fears of the doubters out there.
     Little did I imagine the vulgarity of personal  attacks that myself, Mr. Trump, and Dr. Dobson would receive regarding my simple post. All three of us were called names, cussed, and ridiculed. And not only us; Christianity itself was challenged and derided. The Bible was also targeted for ridicule, and I was chided for even thinking of quoting what Jesus really said.
      The next morning while undergoing a dialysis  treatment I passed the time watching Congressman Trey Goudy and his Committer deliver the Republican report on Benghazi. I had kept up with this issue in the media and online, and though I was aghast, and appalled by their findings I was not at all surprised. I knew from other reports I had studied that Obama and Hillary were running confiscated weaponry to the Libyan Army and probably illegally to the Syrian Army as well, (that was the whole point of the Benghazi attack) the attack came in a long line of U.S. supplied trucks with mounted 50 caliber guns. Where did they get the keys to our trucks if not from traitors within our own ranks? The weaponry was stored in the Annex for the express purpose of letting the raiders carry them off to enemy forces. Our forces were kept at a minimum on purpose so the Embassy and Annex could not be adequately defended. Yes I am talking about TREASON at the highest levels of the Obama Administration and with the complicity of Sec. of State Clinton. Just one of dozens of evil plots by Obama to destabilize the U.S. and aid his Muslim Brotherhood allies, in this case the precursor of ISIS itself.
     Immediately in the News Conference the Liberal media viciously attacked Goudy and questioned the Committee findings as both Political and nothing new. They were of course wrong on both points, wanting to question months of hard works in support of the Democrat Political Candidate, without ever reading much less considering the actual report. Again I was appalled. A well prepared, well worded and yes, Fair report with just clear facts, completely ignored by the Media again.
     I looked over from my dialysis chair to the TV of the lady seated next to me. Guess what she was watching? Sickeningly it was "The View" on ABC. That is were she was getting her news, her view of the world; from that sick, post estrogenic gaggle of Mad-Hatter Liberal hags.
     Young people are no better. They get their news from late night 'comedy' hosts. I used the word comedy lightly, since after the departure of Letterman and Leno, none of these newbie evening comedians has hardly been able to maintain a time slot, much less actually entertain anyone. These idiots are certainly not Journalists and can't even broadly be considered news reporters, they are hack comedians trying to host a late night variety show.
     No our general public, and especially our Millennials, read and research very little or nothing and recall very little Civics and American History from School; Hell, our kids are not even taught the truth anymore with our scrubbed, Politically Correct, Liberal Biased Textbooks devoid of any reference to our Founding Fathers or Patriotism. Millennials are far more likely to watch Sponge Bob Squarepants than the Evening News; and if they do, it has been pre-scrubbed of any and all Conservative truths by the George Soros funded Media Matters. All evening news goes through their Propaganda Machine before being delivered to the Networks. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and all major Newspapers read or print their daily news right off the George Soros/Obama Administration Propaganda Sheet. This most definitely includes my own Region 8 News on ABC and my local Newspaper the Paragould Daily Press.
     No wonder Twitter and Facebook are such a vast non-intellectual wasteland. There are 65,000,000 people on Twitter every month. Of that number only 38% are Conservative. (24,700,000) Most of these will keep their mouth shut politically; posting or reposting mostly breaking stories or cute animal videos and such. Only perhaps 1/3 or about 9 Million openly post their Political Positions. Although Conservatives should actually outnumber Liberals and progressives on all Social Media, their presence is somewhat negated by the sly and dishonest behavior of Liberal trolls. It has been estimated that the Obama Administration had a million or more fake Twitter Accounts chiming in on the Democrat side on polls, reposting Propaganda, and trolling Conservative Accounts, previous to the last election. There is absolutely no reason not to believe the Clinton Foundation is not following suit for the Clinton campaign and pulling the same dirty tricks. It is well know that Anti-American and Communist George Soros openly paid Protestors at Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD to increase racial and political unrest. It would be foolish to believe he doesn't have a fund to pay Liberal, Progressive, and Communist trolls on Facebook and Twitter. He funds thousands of Anti-American activities every month along with openly supporting Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration. Russia has recently put out a warrant for his arrest for international crimes. Pretty bad man when even the Russies want you arrested.
      In short I made a positive post that day, asking people to pray for Donald Trump. Sadly I was attacked by trolls from the Left: homosexuals, Clinton Supporters, atheists, religious/anti-religious nuts, and just plain rude and obnoxious Democrat/Socialists. They used every trick in the book, name calling, anti-Semitic and racist comments. Not one of them was well read and politically informed. It is a sad day in America when mean spirited people try to bully well meaning honest people at every turn, and worse when they know nothing of the facts.
     Friends we have to do our part and keep Social Media informed of the Truth. Our 2016 election will decide the very survival of our Constitutional Republic. Hillary Clinton wants to continue in the feckless, anti-American ideology of the Obama Administration. We have to get out the truth about her and stop her. Our only choice is to vote for and support Donald Trump, staying home is a vote for Hillary because Democrats are too dumb to stay home and not vote for her. They will be voting blindly. Make sure you vote the Bible (against murdering babies, and sexual perversion) and vote for Donald Trump a man God can use to Make America Great Again. 

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