Monday, February 23, 2015

Wasting Time at the Oscars Last Night

     I knew better. I was watching the Memphis Grizzlies, but during the commercials I began peeking in at the Academy Awards to see if American Sniper would win all the awards. As a Vietnam Veteran I know I was prejudiced but Sniper really should have swept the Oscars. I really don't know for sure, but I don't think it won a single award.
     I should have known. One look at any of the awards being handed out and it was obvious. The people in attendance were there, not to see, but be seen. Not to glory, but to be glorious. Not to gaze at stars, but to bask in one's own stardom and beauty.
     The scripts prepared for the presenters cleverly skewed to glorify the left's pet ideologies, Homosexuality, cleavage revealing fashion, and non-ending selfies for the beautiful people. At least they have convinced themselves they are beautiful, with the biggest lips, hips, boobs, or bank account.
     Todd Starnes said it best. "  American Sniper doesn't need an Oscar from Hollywood when they already won the heart and respect of the nation."
     So the Grizzlies won and the Academy Awards were a total waste of
time. In the total scheme of things, the Grizzlies are far more important.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Higher Plane than I Have Found

     Pastor Matthew Hagee impressed me last week with an upbeat rendition of the song Higher Ground. Finding a "higher plane" of righteousness should be the central thought of every "man or woman of God". But is it? Certainly not in the Islamic Community. So are Christians on a higher plane that Muslims? Yes! If Heaven is up and Hell is down, Christians are light years higher than Muslims, at least based on their respective Holy Texts the Bible vs. the Qur'an.
     The Qur'an tells Muslims it is OK to marry/rape a 6-9 year old girl, it tells them they can keep a young, prepubescent boy for sexual slavery and sodomy, it tells them they can have sex with a goat or a camel as long as the goat or camel is killed for the offence. Not to worry the farmer won't lose money for the goat, he can sell the meat in the neighboring village, just not his own. Yes! The "holy" Qur'an makes those provisions for sinners.
     Not the Bible. In it, rape, sodomy, and bestiality are all serious sins. Even selling a tainted goat would be sinful. So which is higher ground? Obviously the Bible and Christians stand on higher ground.
     Islam does not mean Peace at all, it means one may obtain a level of Peace ( if you really want to call it that) if you pay a tax or submit and convert to Islam. Islam means submission, not peace.
     Islam and the Qur'an say that infidels who do not submit should be beheaded. Yes! the Qur'an says that. Beheaded, fingers cut off, burned alive; do you recognize anything you have been seeing in the news lately?
     Religious Freedom is NOT permitted in Islam. Only conversion to Islam can be the ultimate situation. One can pay a tax (tribute) for a time, but eventually you must convert to Islam or be beheaded, (your choice of course). Chop!
     Beheading in the Bible is reserved in Revelation to those who worship the Antichrist, and they behead those who will not worship the beast, (not the higher plane).
     I think I will stick to Christianity. I don't know of any Christians who have beheaded anybody this week or burned anyone alive. How high a plane will you and I attain this coming week is the question. You know how I feel about pew sitters, not much of a plane with your butt glued to a pew. Most First Baptist Churches will have about 3 people on a true Higher Plane this Sunday, and 1 or 2 of the 3 will be back on the low ground by Tuesday. But at least they won't be relying on the Evil Qur'an to forgive them for having sex with a goat.
     I thank God for Churches with Pastors who better instill their congregations with the Word. Congregations like the Hagee's Cornerstone where the Holy Spirit is moving, Baptist Churches, Assembly of God Churches, I don't care what the denomination, it is Preaching the Word and The Holy Spirit moving in the congregation that is important. Pray for your Pastor this week. Pray that he will deliver the message both you and your friends in your congregation need, not the one you'd like to hear, but the one you need. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move, Pray for Jesus to be there, Baruch haba b'shem Adonai. 

     I assure you that the Qur'an does in fact teach and condone the acts I have described above. I decided not to even print the terrible things it says. I find even the words there to be offensive, and chose not to repeat them in print. Plenty of sites on the internet have the words well documented.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Utter Stupidity of the Obama Administration

     I realize that Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett are both more manly than President Obama. He isn’t much of a commander by any standard. But two girls throwing darts at a map is not an intelligent way to plan bombing missions. We have no shortage of Four Star Generals able and willing to pick our primary targets. Susan Rice picking targets for bombing missions is stupid, it is childish, and it is totally lacking in wisdom.
     No doubt Rice has a better understanding of military strategy than Obama could ever muster, and no doubt as well that Jarrett could better handle herself in a Chicago bar fight, but millions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted, perhaps a billion, because Obama is too arrogant, inept, and yes stupid to trust a General for advice.
     More important than the dollars is the inefficiency of bombing empty warehouses or bombing them at night when the bad guys are sleeping safely elsewhere. You get more bang for the buck when a real General, with a little bit of battle experience prioritizes the targets. Obama has no taste for really hurting the enemy, a sure course for losing a war. Obama’s heart lies with his Muslim Brothers, his ideologies more in tune with ISIS than the U.S., his love of Islam blinds what little logic he possesses.
      Meanwhile our National Security is at risk. Our borders are leaky sieves, with gaps the size of Arizona. The drug Cartels laugh at us, ISIS laughs at us, Putin and Iran laugh at us, and Obama plays golf. What in the hell kind of a way is that to run a Government? Obama will never change, never has, never will. He has no real talent or experience to fall back on. All he understands is ineptitude and making another campaign speech.
     Valerie Jarrett is even more entrenched in Islam and her loyalty lies with Iran and not the U.S. A veteran of the Chicago Mob, no level of deceptiveness and corruption is beyond her. It was Jarrett who for months and months protected Bin Laden and thwarted any attempt to bring about his capture; (now that is as un-American as anyone can get), yet Leon Panetta had to catch her out of the Whitehouse and Obama on the golf course before he, (Panetta), could order the attack on Bin Laden.
     Are you listening to what I said? Obama DID NOT order the attack on Bin Laden. Obama DID NOT get Osama Bin Laden. Obama was out on the golf course and Leon Panetta gave the order. Jarrett and Obama were called in after the attack was underway, and Jarrett was fuming mad. Obama was only flustered that his golf game had been interrupted.
     So here readers, is the “State of the Union”. Military Strategy in the United States of America is left up to two untrained, non-military, women. The Commander in Chief commands only a golf ball, while Four Star Generals are locked out of the decisions on what targets to bomb, while Susan Rice throws darts at a map. Brave Pilots risk their lives bombing less than the best targets because their Commander in Chief is absent and too untrusting to listen to Generals and Admirals. Makes you feel all warm and comfy inside doesn’t it? Wake Up America!!! We are in imminent Danger.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Difference in Clint Eastwood & Chris Kyle

     First of all, Clint Eastwood shoots make believe holes in make believe bad guys. Chris Kyle the American Sniper shot real holes in over 160 real life bad guys.
     Now I do love me some Clint Eastwood. My old CB handle was Dirty Harry and I must have watched the final gunfight scene in Pale Rider a hundred times; but Clint Eastwood characters are among the tamest of modern day movies, and video games are even worse. On the Walking Dead our kids of today see brains blown out over and over and over and over, with no consequences. No wonder kids who are bullied to the limit go to school with a gun and shoot back. They are conditioned to do so.
     Thank God for men like Chris Kyle who know the value of human life. The other two men who come to mind Sgt. York and Audie Murphy, like Kyle, when asked why they shot so many enemy combatants, said the same thing, "I wanted to protect my men". They shot to save lives, to stop the shooting, to end the suffering; their brains computed what was going on out there on the battlefield and they did what was needed to stop the killing. One man, the enemy, was at fault, while your own men had to be protected.
     When the real Chris Kyle saw a young boy start to pick up a rocket launcher and point it at U.S. Soldiers, he said to himself, "don't do it, don't pick it up". He watched the boy through his rifle scope with the crosshairs right over the boys heart. When the boy pointed the launcher toward our Humvee, Chris had only milliseconds to decide whether to pull the trigger or not. "Don't do it", he said again, then gasped in relief as the boy threw the weapon down. Chris almost threw up, because he had been so close to seeing that young boys blood spattered dead body in his scope. Chris Kyle cared about human life.
     He cared about human life because he had hunted with his dad, and felt the heartbeat of a newly shot rabbit, stop in his hand. He felt the warmth of the rabbit in his hunting pouch as it slowly cooled and he talked about killing with his dad. Kids don't get this opportunity anymore. Absent dads don't take their sons hunting. Absent fathers don't pray at the dinner table with their sons and daughters like Chris's Father did. They don't tuck kids in at night and they don't supervise what they watch on TV.

     We have a whole generation of kids out there, with little or no human values. They have seen so many real looking brains blown out and spattered on walls that they can't separate real from fiction anymore. Pulling a trigger on a video game, over and over, makes it easy to believe you can do the same in real life. American History is no longer properly taught in U.S. Schools. Kids don't learn about the character and Spiritual beliefs of American Patriots. They don't think of our heroes as real men and women like I did when I read my History Text in the 50's.
     One of the actual shooters in the Jonesboro, Arkansas School shooting several years ago, was a participant in a Nature Program I did at the School earlier that year. It was a bat program and I remember the young boy well. He was up close watching the bat I had brought to class. When I asked the class what they should do if they found a nocturnal animal like a bat out on the playground in the daylight, (the proper answer would be leave it alone, it might be rabid). But this boy shouted almost evilly, "Shoot it!!!". The incident stood out in my mind as I watched in tears as, my Friend Trey Stafford did the live coverage of the breaking story on National TV. Somehow I almost knew that that very boy was one of the two involved. He was.
     What do we do? How do we instill values in a generation of young people who were never taught them at home? Our churches need to step up. Let me say that again; the people in our Churches need to step up. The pew sitters need to get off their butts and out in the Community.
     Let me ask you a personal question Mr. or Mrs. American Christian. How many people have you led to Christ this year? Last year then? Ever? Do you even know what a great feeling it is to see the tears flowing on someone who just heard the plan of Salvation from your lips, and fell to their knees in front of you? Is it even something you have ever experienced?

     Our American Kids and even men and women in their late 20's need Christian mentoring to teach them the compassion for others they never learned about at home. We have millions of Lost and needy out their and at the same time millions of butts glued to their favorite pew at Church.
     A Pastor Friend of mine was once in the middle of a sermon at a certain First Baptist Church. He actually had people sitting on the edge of their seats as he taught about the importance of soul winning. People who hadn't been Spiritually roused in decades were thinking about soul winning. Then near the end of his sermon he said, "Now I'm not saying you need to go out on a street corner and start preaching." My soul cried out, "WHY????" He had given the Congregation an out. They didn't have to commit to anything. At the invitation call only a couple of duty led deacons came forward and prayed at the altar. It should have been so full a double or triple row had to be formed.

     Now some say my particular form of street preaching is a little harsh here on my blog, Twitter, and Facebook, (I am limited by MS and a wheelchair now to how I can witness). Those who notice my posts calling for repentance on for instance the Rachel Maddow page, call me arrogant, rude, crude, a smart a**, and lots of names not so nice. They don't appreciate Bible verses being posted where they read and post. They scream "Get Out". Some people would question my methodology. So what does the Bible say about witnessing?
     We find the answer in the little book of Jude, written by Jesus' half Brother Judas. It says, " And of some have compassion, making a difference: 23 And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh."
Jude 1:22-23 (KJV)
     Here clearly, some lost people need a gentle, compassionate approach. It will 'make a difference' in their lives and they will respond to the Holy Spirit's call. But the 'others'. Others have to be saved by fear, literally jerked by their necks out of Satan's grasp and then shaken, (by the Truth and the Scripture), till their nasty, leprosy stained, sin stained, 'filthy' clothes are shaken away, and they are clothed anew in God's Own Righteousness. These people in my own experience have to be shocked into the realization that they are sinners, they are Lost, they are needy for Truth and the Gospel.
     My method may come off as arrogant, but it gets their attention. I do turn to compassion later when they are broken.
    However the Word of God is used it will never return void, people do listen, even when they try not to. The point is, no matter what your style of Evangelism, get out there and do it. God has Commissioned you to do so:
"And he said unto them, (that is You), Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15 (KJV)