Tuesday, November 8, 2016

My Election Prediction

     Back in early August I made a prediction that Donald J. Trump would win the 2016 Election in a huge Landslide. I stick by that Prediction and here is why:

     Donald Trump is gaining daily in the Women's Vote, especially the Black Woman Vote and with the younger women.

     Donald Trump is also gaining daily in the Black Vote. Blacks everywhere are wising up. The Democrat Party has failed them, in fact enslaved them for many years now. They are beginning to see the reality that the Democrat Party wants to only use them and keep them by Poverty in their evil grasp.

     Latinos and other Legal Immigrants Love Donald Trump. They see their Jobs and benefits going to illegal immigrants just like the rest of us do.

     People are beginning to see how dishonest the American Media has been in reporting. Journalism, as I studied it, is dead and gone. The Media of today is so ensnared by Political Correctness, and the Leftist Ideology that it has no eyes and ears of its own. The George Soros owned Media Matters has pushed the Associated Press and normal Media Megastores out of business. The Evening News is read to a waiting U.S. Audience off a Media Matters Approved Propaganda Sheet each evening. Viewers are spoon fed Government and George Soros approved stories no matter what the actual news is, and Americans are sick of it.

     The Polls like the media are biased. Almost uniformly the Polls are constructed with a 7 to 10% Democrat Sample Bias. If you sample 10% more Democrats then of course Hillary is ahead. Worse the questions are biased. My wife had a pollster beg her to change her opinion; and not only the questions are biased, the list of people being called is weighted so that Leftist leaning respondents are in the Majority. Again Voters are sick of it. Polls are alarmingly dishonest and are used by the Crooked Media to warp the election in the Democrat Party's favor. Don't Believe the Polls; at least not until you go inside the data and subtract the Democrat Weighted Bias. eg: Poll says Hillary by 7% go in, subtract excess Democrats Polled say 10% in our example. What you wind up with is a 3% Trump advantage. I say again; Don't Believe the Polls.

     Don't Believe the Pundits either. Remember when Fox News sits two opposing Pundits across from each other for a "Fair and Balanced" Political Discussion, both Pundits are hired guns for their respective parties. They are not only being paid by Fox for the segment, they are paid by their Party and graded on their performance. Paid Political Guns don't say what they believe, most anyway, they say what they are paid to say.

      Many Democrats are voting for Donald Trump. Most people want to Make America Great Again, even those who have called themselves Democrats because their Daddy was a Democrat. Unbiased thinkers can easily see how Dirty Hillary is. They won't Vote for a Crook. Many Bernie Democrats are voting mad. The Bernie crowd may not be very smart or Politically enlightened, but they are rightly mad at Hillary for cheating. But the majority of thinking Democrats will simply Vote for Donald Trump because it is the right thing to do.

     More Christians will Vote this Election. They wrongly sat on their pews the last two elections and didn't vote. They listened to False Teaching about separation of church and State and stayed home because they weren't enthusiastic about McCain or the Mormon Romney. They are now seeing that they should have Voted the Bible and done their Patriotic Duty of Voting. A Thinking Christian can only Vote for one Candidate. Not Hillary. She is pro Abortion, (Premeditated Murder), and Homosexual Marriage, (an Abomination). 

     Conservatives will be faithful. Even the Never Trumpers will come around when the are trying to hold their nose and vote for Hillary or waste their Vote. They will do the right thing when the time comes in the Voting Booth.

     Even so, if you haven't Voted, Get Out and do it. We need your Vote to Make America Great Again.

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