Saturday, November 12, 2016

Why these Idiots are Protesting

     Most Americans are happy with the thought of a Donald J. Trump Presidency. The Stock Market so many wrongly presumed would tank, is more than happy with the Presidential change. So why are these Leftist Idiots protesting? Very simply, they now realize they are about to have to go to work for their living. Gone are the free Food Stamps, Obama Phones, and projected further handouts. Gone is the assurance they can stay in their little corner of Mom's Basement and live off the Government while playing Video Games.
     It suddenly becomes apparent that a Philosophy degree, with a minor in Tree Hugging, won't make Little Johnny a living in the Trump Business World. There has been an abrupt realization that the Leftist Professors have been Lying about all they have said. The Free World after all is built on Capitalism and not Communism. Henry Ford didn't build his empire by hugging a tree, or attending a class on stress. He did it by hard work and Logical Thinking; something sadly absent in the American Educational System.
      So instead of studying why Fruit Flies stress out over the presence of Pesticides, it seems Johnny may have to give up his degree in Fruit Fly Happiness and Security, and go to a Trade School to learn to fix his neighbor's Air Conditioner, or how to Weld a Boxcar.
Welding is hot, and smelly, and not as much fun as blasting Purple Sea Urchins before your Unicorn's Horn implodes into a Blue Plasma Screen. Not as much fun, but far more necessary; Work is a Four Letter Word to Today's Leftist Student.
     With not enough actual Education to flip a burger, these Common Core Communist toddlers are not prepared for a trade school or an actual job. They can barely get their shoes tied and out the door by Nine, much less compete in an actual Job Market.
      They neither understand Capitalism, nor a Logical Work Ethic. Pampered and un-Bullied, they have never had fight and work their way up an Economic Ladder and they don't like the thought of learning how to do so.
      So like any other Spoiled Brat they throw a fit. They drag a mail box or trash can into the street and light it with their Bic Lighter. Instead of waving a Flag to celebrate the Election, they stomp on and Burn Our Stars and Stripes. The Symbol of Freedom becomes their enemy. They no longer Love Freedom they now turn to Anarchy; to Rebellion, and Rioting, and Law Breaking. Everything they suspected Donald J. Trump of representing; they have become. The Puppets of George Soros and the Left have become the very identity of what they protest. Insanity rules in their street. A natural result of Communist thinking.      

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