Sunday, January 22, 2017

Empty Headed Vulgar Anti-Trumpers

      Sure people have the right to Peaceful Protest. That's just a fact. But Peaceful Protest is walking down a street with a Poster. When you lay down your Poster and Pick up a rock that is felony rioting. When you get on a megaphone and threaten to blow up our Whitehouse, that is Terroristic Threatening, and given it is the Whitehouse, again a felony. When you get out matches and burn a flag, a Make America Great Again cap, or a U.S. Flag in a trashcan, or burn a car, this again becomes a Felony Crime. Shouting Vulgar language over a speaker may not be a felony in many cases, but it is gross, vulgar, crude and rude.
      It takes a lot of empty headedness to have never listened to Donald John Trump's ideology. You have to be very uneducated on the issues to not know what he has said his goals are; to not see how he has treated the million or so happy employees he has had over the years. The thousands and thousands of well treated and respected women, Latino, and Black people who have worked for Trump. You have to be extremely close minded to have not garnered an idea of how well Trump respects and genuinely cares for people.
      Even with all the slanted and skewed press, and George Soros/Media Matters Propaganda, and fake reporting and fake polls by CNN, ABC, NBC and MSNBC, Trump's fairness, love of all people, and caring comes through. Yet many have fallen prey to these fake polls and Propaganda and actually believe that Donald Trump talks hatefully. They are so callused by constant barrages of Leftist Propaganda that they can no longer decipher Truth.
      Neither do they any longer possess basic Kindness, or Trust, nor Grace, Mercy, Fairness or the Tolerance they so often talk about. What I saw in these George Soros funded Protests the press called Women's Marches was mean, vulgar, unthinking, uncaring, sick, toxic, putrid behavior. George Soros paid expenses for 50 odd groups of protestors. Most of the women there were protesting to maintain the right to Premeditated Murder of their unborn children. Sad as that is that is why they marched. Others were there to affirm their stand on lesbian, homosexual, and perversion rights pushed by former President Obama. Trump hasn't directly attacked any of these issues other than taking down an LBGT page on Our Whitehouse Website that should have never been there in the first place. Neither has he attacked the Black Lives Matter groups other that stating the Fact that All Lives Matter and that Blue Lives (Police)Matter, a Group they hate with a passion.
      So most of these idiots didn't even bother to Vote yet they think they know all about what Donald John Trump wants to do as President. They don't have a clue in regards to what he has actually said. When you ask them, any given dozen of them, will be hard put to come up with anything resembling an intelligent response.
      The Hollywood crowd who hogged the microphones were Old, washed up, has beens, too old and way too ugly to still make it in Hollywood, bitter, and grumpy old witches or should I say bitches; probably another reason they can no longer find work.
     So what else can I say? These protesters were:  Dishonest, Vulgar, crude, rude, disrespectful, mean, spiteful, venomous, putrid, evil, unread, uneducated, hateful, intolerant, unforgiving, dirty, lying, ungodly, selfish, arrogant, tasteless, crass, tawdry, garish, tacky, impolite, ill-mannered, indecorous, boorish, uncouth, unsophisticated, unrefined, low-minded, unladylike, detestable, deplorable, nasty, loathsome, abhorrent, abominable, reprobate, odious, disgusting, distasteful, obnoxious, heinous, vile, revolting, and stupid. Feminists are some of the least feminine beings on the face of the earth, what do they think they are proving?
      Donald J. Trump is everyone's President. I think he will be the Greatest and Fairest President since Abraham Lincoln. I think all people, Democrats and Republicans are going to admire his as a man and as a World Leader. Finally after 8 Long Years a President who works and has real Values. Not a feckless weakling do nothing like we've been stuck with in Obama's case. Quite a bargain for $1 Dollar per year.



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